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The ACU Destination

Gear up in the official uniform worn by the United States Army. In 2004, the Army Combat Uniform replaced the Battle Dress Uniform as the official combat garment. The military- grade coats, pants and caps are designed by our top brands and are available in multiple fabric types, including cotton, NYCO and poly-cotton blends. Built for rigorous operations, these battle-ready options won’t let you down.

  • Propper ACUs
  • Tru-Spec ACUs

ACU Resources

  • Uniform FAQ
    What are the differences between an ABU, ACU and BDU?

  • Uniform Fabric Guide
    With so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide which to select!

  • How To Care For Your Uniform
    These uniforms are tough garments. As a result, caring for them is relatively simple.

  • Uniform Comparison
    Discover what fit, design and fabric is available for your uniform with just a glance.

  • Military Uniform Guide
    Guide to Military Uniforms and Insignia

  • History of the ACU
    The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and its flame-retardant variant, the Flame-Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FRACU), are the current battle uniforms worn by the United States Army.

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Recent ACU Reviews

    • Propper Poly / Cotton Ripstop ACU Pants

    • 5 star rating
    • Replacing my old woodland urban camo with these.
      Reviewer: RH South Florida

      I like these just fine, very well made. I only picked up one pair to try out. For work, I wear the dark grey Propper BDU ripstop - they are just fantastic pants. For NON work, I loved - I mean LOVED - the Urban Woodland black, white, grey pants, but Propper stopped making those. Genuine Gear has a version, ripstop at that, which is nice, but I am kind of nervous about trying those... maybe I will get a pair to see if they work out. Anyway, if I end up going with this pattern, I am sure they will hold up to my expectations of Propper's main line of clothing - which has been wonderful so far! If I do pick up a pair of the Woodland Urban Camo from Genuine Gear, I'll review those as well... just not feeling too confident about a "lesser" version of what I already had.

    • Propper Nylon / Cotton Ripstop ACU Pants

    • 4 star rating
    • These are really good pants
      Reviewer: Jordan Adams

      They are really nice! I got a large regular and they are a little tight but still fits. It would be nice for them to have snaps and zippers and also would be good if there was the ability for them to stretch at the waist. But over all a very good product.