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Altama Domestic Jungle Vulcanized

Item Number: 6853

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      • Height – 8"
      • Sole Pattern – Panama
      • Collar – Nylon Webbing
      • Outsole – Vulcanized Rubber
      • Midsole – Injection PVC
      • Removable Cushion Insole
      • Coated Brass Speedhook/Eyelet Lacing System
      • In-Step Drainage Vents
      • Made in USA

    Reviews: Altama Domestic Jungle Vulcanized

    4 out of 5

    Reviewed by 4 customers

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    • Not real Happy

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/22/2013
      Reviewer: | Rosamond, CA
    • 3 out of 5 I bought these boots because I love the leather GI boots they make. Though the overall quality of the boot was decent, the real killer was the "wire brush"-like seams on the back of the heel. They not only ripped up my heel, but began to rip up my socks too. Not cool

    • Not happy

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 1/31/2013
      Reviewer: | United States, Indiana
    • 2 out of 5 Pros: they look nice, thats about as far as I got. Cons: where to start... 1) i wear size 10 R in shoes and boots. so I ordered a size 10 R.. these shoes are clown shoes! they dont even come close to fitting my feet! 2) made in America...These feel like cheep plastic. 3) seems are poor cut when arived. threads hanging out everywhere. 4) NOT CONFERTABLE! mostly due to size issue, but I could not see my self hiking more than a mile before my feet blistered. 5) Just seem CHEAP!

    • Jungles are the way to go

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 8/4/2011
      Reviewer: | Colorado Springs
    • 5 out of 5 This is the only pair of boots that I wore while I was in the military; and now that I'm out, I still wear them. And when these pair die in about 7 or 8 years, I'll be looking for another pair.

    • Top notch boot

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/1/2011
      Reviewer: | Illinois
    • 5 out of 5 I have a pair of Altama jungle boots that are eleven years old. They are both rugged and easy to maintain. I have worn them in creeks, swamps and mud on numerous occasions and they are still going strong. To clean them I just pull out the insoles and use the garden hose and laundry detergent, then let them dry in the sun. I polish them regularly and they still look good. If you buy a pair, you should get many miles out of them.

    Altama Domestic Jungle Vulcanized Black

    Available Colors

    • Altama Domestic Jungle Vulcanized Black

    About Altama Domestic Jungle Vulcanized

    • It is easy to find classic combat style in a pair of Altama Vulcanized boots. These boots measure a full ten inches in height and feature a padded collar to prevent pressure around the calf. All-leather construction makes these boots both durable and handsome, delivering long-lasting wear and water-resistant performance. Thanks to the speed-lace system, a simple tug is all it takes to secure these boots. When a job entails extreme conditions the wearer can count on the tough vulcanized outsole to resist cracking, and also on the lug tread design to grip any surface. With a pair of Vulcanized boots, the wearer is always combat ready.

    About Altama

    Altama collage Altama is a leading provider of Mil-Spec boots for the U.S. Department of Defense. Founded in 1969, the Georgia-based company got its start by equipping soldiers with olive drab jungle boots during the Vietnam War. Four decades later, it continues to supply U.S. Military, federal, state and local agencies, military schools, police and Special Forces with aggressive, top-of-the-line footwear. In 2003, Altama gained more fans when it was the first to introduce its Original Ripple Sole Boots for civilian use. These combined elements provide the versatile support soldiers require when on duty in various types of environments.
    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Altama Domestic Jungle Vulcanized Black Black, 4, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-4M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 4, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-4W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 4.5, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-45M
    In Stock $70.00
    Black, 4.5, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-45W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 5, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-5M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 5, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-5W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 5.5, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-55M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 5.5, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-55W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 6, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-6M
    In Stock $70.00
    Black, 6, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-6W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 6.5, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-65M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 6.5, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-65W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 7, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-7M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 7, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-7W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 7.5, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-75M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 7.5, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-75W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 8, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-8M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 8, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-8W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 8.5, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-85M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 8.5, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-85W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 9, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-9M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 9, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-9W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 9.5, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-95M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 9.5, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-95W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 10, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-10M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 10, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-10W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 10.5, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-105M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 10.5, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-105W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 11, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-11M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 11, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-11W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 11.5, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-115M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 11.5, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-115W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 12, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-12M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 12, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-12W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 12.5, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-125M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 12.5, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-125W
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 13, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-13M
    Out of Stock $70.00
    Black, 13, Wide
    SKU: AT6853-13W
    In Stock $70.00
    Black, 14, Medium
    SKU: AT6853-14M
    Out of Stock $70.00 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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