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Bates High Gloss Uniform Oxford

Item Number: 941

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    • Breathable Lining
    • Cushioned Removable Insole
    • Long Wearing Vibram Rubber Outsole
    • Goodyear Welt Construction
    • High Gloss Poromeric
    • Made in USA

Reviews: Bates High Gloss Uniform Oxford

5 out of 5

Reviewed by 7 customers

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  • Just like my USMC dress shoes

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 2/28/2015
    Reviewer: | Chandler
  • 5 out of 5 These Bates shoes are even better than the pair I had in the Corps, as the soles are a solid neoprene and much more comfortable

  • good military dress shews

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 11/29/2014
    Reviewer: | absecon
  • 5 out of 5 i love these there really good shews and there durible

  • Nice Shoes

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 9/27/2012
    Reviewer: | St. Louis, MO
  • 4 out of 5 First time wearing those, nice fit, fantastic look, great design. Though might be problem when wearing them through airport security as some nails are in them.

  • Not bad for a dress shoe, surprisingly comfortabl

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 9/12/2012
    Reviewer: | Tampa, FL
  • 5 out of 5 Not bad for a dress shoe, surprisingly comfortable and easy to keep clean and shined.

  • I've needed a high gloss shine shoe for...

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 8/16/2012
    Reviewer: | Indianapolis, IN
  • 5 out of 5 I've needed a high gloss shine shoe for ages and I just could not find one till now and what a magnificent shoe it is.

  • An unreal and amazing shine!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 8/5/2012
    Reviewer: | Fort Irwin, CA
  • 5 out of 5 As a former Reservist , these shoes double great for a day at the office. You will be the envy of every male co-worker when you wear these high gloss shoes. The combination of the high gloss corofram uppers along with the sponge like rubber sole, make for the perfect chemistry. A damp cloth is all that it takes to shine this footwear to a high gloss that some of my co-workers have even commented as almost surreal. Perfect with a pair of khaki pants or a suit, put your best foot forward and add that extra bit of professionalism to your wardrobe. Thanks Bates for your stellar version of a corofram classic and masterpiece!

  • I've needed these shoes for parades, funerals...

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 7/28/2012
    Reviewer: | Chicago, IL
  • 5 out of 5 I've needed these shoes for parades, funerals, awards, graduations, etc. I have recommended these shoes to my crew members and they have good luck with the shoes and the company.

Bates High Gloss Uniform Oxford Black

Available Colors

  • Bates High Gloss Uniform Oxford Black

About Bates High Gloss Uniform Oxford

  • Step into a pair of Uniform shoes for complete comfort, durability and style. Bates created this shoe for all your formal occasions. Made with a cushioned insole and Vibram outsole, this shoe is as reliable as any of your daily work boots. The Uniform dress shoes are Goodyear welt construction produced in the good ol’ US of A. The boot is available in leather or high gloss, so you can now last the whole evening while looking sharp and feeling great.

About Bates

Bates collage It all started with men's dress shoes. In 1885 Bates Shoe Company was just a tiny dress footwear manufacturer. More than seven decades later, the company narrowed its focus to create a uniform dress shoe specifically for the U.S. Navy. From there, its uniform footwear line exploded onto the market. With 1.5 million pairs of military boots sold each year in 60 countries, it's no surprise that Bates remains a major player in the world of military footwear. With a reputation like Bates', it's easy to see why so many uniformed men and women wear these military boots with pride.
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Bates High Gloss Uniform Oxford Black Black, 3, Medium
SKU: BT941-3M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 3, Wide
SKU: BT941-3W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 3.5, Medium
SKU: BT941-35M
Backorder $114.95
Black, 3.5, Wide
SKU: BT941-35W
Backorder $114.95
Black, 4, Medium
SKU: BT941-4M
Backorder $114.95
Black, 4, Wide
SKU: BT941-4W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 4.5, Medium
SKU: BT941-45M
Backorder $114.95
Black, 4.5, Wide
SKU: BT941-45W
Backorder $114.95
Black, 5, Medium
SKU: BT941-5M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 5, Wide
SKU: BT941-5W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 5, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-5XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 5.5, Medium
SKU: BT941-55M
Backorder $114.95
Black, 5.5, Wide
SKU: BT941-55W
Backorder $114.95
Black, 5.5, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-55XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 6, Medium
SKU: BT941-6M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 6, Wide
SKU: BT941-6W
Backorder $114.95
Black, 6, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-6XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 6.5, Medium
SKU: BT941-65M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 6.5, Wide
SKU: BT941-65W
Backorder $114.95
Black, 6.5, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-65XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 7, Medium
SKU: BT941-7M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 7, Wide
SKU: BT941-7W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 7, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-7XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 7.5, Medium
SKU: BT941-75M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 7.5, Wide
SKU: BT941-75W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 7.5, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-75XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 8, Medium
SKU: BT941-8M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 8, Wide
SKU: BT941-8W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 8, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-8XW
Backorder $114.95
Black, 8.5, Medium
SKU: BT941-85M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 8.5, Wide
SKU: BT941-85W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 8.5, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-85XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 9, Medium
SKU: BT941-9M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 9, Wide
SKU: BT941-9W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 9, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-9XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 9.5, Medium
SKU: BT941-95M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 9.5, Wide
SKU: BT941-95W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 9.5, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-95XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 10, Medium
SKU: BT941-10M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 10, Wide
SKU: BT941-10W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 10, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-10XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 10.5, Medium
SKU: BT941-105M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 10.5, Wide
SKU: BT941-105W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 10.5, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-105XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 11, Medium
SKU: BT941-11M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 11, Wide
SKU: BT941-11W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 11, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-11XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 11.5, Medium
SKU: BT941-115M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 11.5, Wide
SKU: BT941-115W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 11.5, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-115XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 12, Medium
SKU: BT941-12M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 12, Wide
SKU: BT941-12W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 12, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-12XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 13, Medium
SKU: BT941-13M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 13, Wide
SKU: BT941-13W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 13, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-13XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 13.5, Medium
SKU: BT941-135M
Backorder $114.95
Black, 14, Medium
SKU: BT941-14M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 14, Wide
SKU: BT941-14W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 14, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-14XW
In Stock $114.95
Black, 15, Medium
SKU: BT941-15M
In Stock $114.95
Black, 15, Wide
SKU: BT941-15W
In Stock $114.95
Black, 15, Extra Wide
SKU: BT941-15XW
In Stock $114.95