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Bates Tora Bora Alpine

Item Number: 3600

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      • 7" Soft Toe Waterproof Insulated Boots
      • Wolverine Warrior Leather and Super Fabric Upper
      • GORE-TEX Waterproof Lining
      • 200g Thinsulate Insulation
      • Removable Insole
      • Slip Resistant Vibram Rubber Alpine Outsole
      • Crampon Compatible
      • Cement Construction

    Reviews: Bates Tora Bora Alpine

    4 out of 5

    Reviewed by 6 customers

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    • Real Issue??

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/2/2012
      Reviewer: | Sunny South Carolina
    • 4 out of 5 The boots are some of the best I've ever seen! Made right, fit right, comfortable as all get out, keeps bad things away from your feet! When you use walking as your only means of travel after the six or twelve of you are dropped off, the boots on your feet MUST be among the best or you are looking at ruined feet, not being able to walk, much less run, if the "Bad Boys" get on your six can be very bad for your health!! Has anyone seen the NSN number on/for these? Anything at all that lets you know for sure that these are REAL US MILITARY ISSUE?? We go with Real Military issue for the most part but when something is needed & has a really good proven track record, we go there!! Bates is one firm that has proven itself to fill that requirement time & time again!! I'm still looking for that NSN & it is still hiding from me!! Take care

    • Combat boot for all terrain and climates...

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/1/2012
      Reviewer: | Rocky Mountains West Coast
    • 5 out of 5 boots for ALL terrain and climates...except maybe when it gets over 100 degrees F for longer than part of the day. These boots are Alpine level boots and the only one of its kind. Quality is on par with the best boots made but the design and function is much much more than a basic combat boot. Its a complex boot in terms of technology integration, overall design, construction and capability. You get what you pay for and Bates shows that it can turn a combat boot into a piece of military hardware that can take on the most difficult of terrain and climates. In extreme situations your feet and ankles will feel like its in your own living room, nice and safe. It's an investment in your health, no doubt.

    • content

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 5/20/2011
      Reviewer: | Washington
    • 3 out of 5 this boot is made for icy mountains, on the ground other softer boots are better. a stiff boot gives more stability,control and are safer to use up and down steep climbs.

    • Unbelievably shoddy construction

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 5/18/2011
      Reviewer: | California
    • 1 out of 5 I just ordered these and tried them on and when I pulled up on the laces, the shoddy mechanism them held the laces in the eyes fell apart. The mechanism is made of a thin piece of plastic and is the same thing you see on $5 watch bands. I've worn a lot of different boots and prefer boots. I've never come across anything that was made so poorly.

    • put to the test

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 4/20/2011
      Reviewer: | North Dakota
    • 4 out of 5 The feeling you get when you first fit Bates “Alpine” boots is of a very warm and sturdy shoes, even if we have found some difficulty in closing them properly due to the rigidity of the upper. The “abundant” size of the flap promote the comfort of the ankle. Very good the Vibram sole, and the drainage of mud and snow is always excellent. The black color of the sole is good for military use. Uphill, the shoe is comfortable and precise despite the stiffness. The heel is firmly and tightly closed. Lacing wraps the foot without creating uncomfortable pressure points. The shoe is very comfortable even on rough terrains and the absorption of bumps is optimal. After using them in wet environments, the shoes takes about 24 hours at 20 degrees centigrade to dry completely.

    • needs a little bit of work

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 4/8/2011
      Reviewer: | OR
    • 4 out of 5 I love these boots, except for one thing, that stupid plastic board they put in the there to make it stiff, now I understand that they need that for use with crampons and scaling rock walls and such, but I would use this boot to do regular walking and hiking so I would want it to be very flexible and comfortable.

    Bates Tora Bora Alpine Sage Green

    Available Colors

    • Bates Tora Bora Alpine Sage Green

    About Bates Tora Bora Alpine

    • When you need a boot that puts up a hearty fight against the elements, the Tora Bora stands above the rest. Built with GORE-TEX waterproof lining, Wolverine Warrior leather and 200 g of Thinsulate insulation, you can stay warm and dry to get your work done no matter the conditions. Tora Bora boots have a slip-resistant Vibram outsole and are crampon-compatible so that you never have to sacrifice your safety for a job well done.

    About Bates

    Bates collage It all started with men's dress shoes. In 1885 Bates Shoe Company was just a tiny dress footwear manufacturer. More than seven decades later, the company narrowed its focus to create a uniform dress shoe specifically for the U.S. Navy. From there, its uniform footwear line exploded onto the market. With 1.5 million pairs of military boots sold each year in 60 countries, it's no surprise that Bates remains a major player in the world of military footwear. With a reputation like Bates', it's easy to see why so many uniformed men and women wear these military boots with pride.
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    D Medium
    E Wide
    EEE (3E) Extra Wide
    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Bates Tora Bora Alpine Sage Green Sage Green, Medium, 7
    SKU: 3600-7M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 7.5
    SKU: 3600-75M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 8
    SKU: 3600-8M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 8.5
    SKU: 3600-85M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 9
    SKU: 3600-9M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 9.5
    SKU: 3600-95M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 10
    SKU: 3600-10M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 10.5
    SKU: 3600-105M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 11
    SKU: 3600-11M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 11.5
    SKU: 3600-115M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 12
    SKU: 3600-12M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 13
    SKU: 3600-13M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 14
    SKU: 3600-14M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Medium, 15
    SKU: 3600-15M
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 7
    SKU: 3600-7W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 7.5
    SKU: 3600-75W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 8
    SKU: 3600-8W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 8.5
    SKU: 3600-85W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 9
    SKU: 3600-9W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 9.5
    SKU: 3600-95W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 10
    SKU: 3600-10W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 10.5
    SKU: 3600-105W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 11
    SKU: 3600-11W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 11.5
    SKU: 3600-115W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 12
    SKU: 3600-12W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 13
    SKU: 3600-13W
    In Stock $410.99
    Sage Green, Wide, 14
    SKU: 3600-14W
    In Stock $410.99

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