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Belleville 610Z ST

Item Number: 610ZST

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    • PLEASE NOTE: Belleville boots are about ½ to 1 full size larger in fit than your normal shoe size depending on the type of boot you choose (hot weather vs. waterproof/insulated). In many cases, we have found our hot weather boots run about 1 size larger than your normal shoe size; however, boots containing a GORE-TEX® bootie may require only ½ size smaller than your normal size for a proper fit. This does not apply to Women's boots.


    • A side zip tactical boot in design, this steel toe boot uses a breakthrough polyurethane MeraMax® outsole specifically designed for the high performance demands of military boots. This tough and durable outsole not only reduces the weight of the boots, but is also long-wearing, slip resistant, flexible, shock absorbing, energy returning, heat and flame resistant, oil /solvent resistant, and hydrolytically stable.


      • 8" height
      • Full grain cowhide leather & nylon fabric upper
      • MeraMax® polyurethane midsole & outsole
      • Steel toe is ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 certified and EH rated
      • YKK coil zipper with auto lock slider
      • Vents for increased breathability and drainage to keep boots cool and dry
      • Polyurethane removable insole
      • 8" height
      • Made in USA & Berry Compliant

    Reviews: Belleville 610Z ST

    3 out of 5

    Reviewed by 10 customers

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    • Very good but ZIPPER.

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 10/6/2013
      Reviewer: | Nefteyugansk, Siberia
    • 4 out of 5 Have been wearing these for almost 5 years. Like them very much. My best pair of boots. Temperature range is from -25 Celcius (Active wear with good socks) to +30 Celsius (Good socks accordingly). The sole is not a bit slippery on the ice. The only problem was the zippers. I changed both of them in less then half a year. Now use them as workboots in oilfields. Anyway the boots are great and still my favourite.

    • Great boots...zipper is the limiting factor

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 5/9/2013
      Reviewer: | Altus AFB OK
    • 4 out of 5 Awesome boot! Love the quick zip option; however, after about 3 1/2 years, a couple zipper teeth broke and 4 years 2 months, zipper became disengaged and boots no longer wearable. debating on whether to take chances with another pair of the 610Z ST's. Love the boot....just don't want to have zipper break prematurely.

    • Great boots with a few kinks

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 4/3/2013
      Reviewer: | Wichita Falls
    • 4 out of 5 The boots weren't for me, but my girlfriend. From what she tells me, she loves the boots. The only problem she had with the boots is that there is a backing that was causing some chaffing against her ankles and creating more than a little discomfort. Maybe the boots need to offer some kind of option for removing the backing or including some extra padding.

    • Zipper+Sand&Dust= Disaster

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/18/2012
      Reviewer: | Lajes Field
    • 2 out of 5 Boots are fine its the zipper that will quit on you. Its a real nice concept being able to zip them on and off, but when the zipper fails you in afghanistan its really bad. Luckily sent me a new pair w/out the zipper and ive been wearing them now for 2 years not problem

    • Very Nice Product

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 12/2/2011
      Reviewer: | Clackamas, or
    • 5 out of 5 Wore for 1+ year. Very comfortable, all parts held together well.Zipper held up great. Replaced for worn out soles. Keep feet at a very comfortable temperature despite outside conditions (Heat/Snow)

    • Zipper again

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 9/14/2011
      Reviewer: | CONUS
    • 2 out of 5 just like the others...and company wouldnt do a thing

    • Durable, semi comfortable but...

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 9/12/2011
      Reviewer: | San Antonio, TX
    • 2 out of 5 Zipper broke after only owning them for about 3 months.

    • Weak zipper

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/29/2011
      Reviewer: | NY
    • 1 out of 5 Zipper broke in just a few weeks.

    • Not great but not bad

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 11/28/2010
      Reviewer: | Afghanistan
    • 3 out of 5 I've worn Belleville boots before, so I knew that these wouldn't be the most comfortable things in the world when I got them. I did add some insoles, which helped. Been wearing them for a few months now and no problems. They've taken a beating and held up well.

    • don't get the zipper

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 11/7/2010
      Reviewer: | Minot, ND
    • 1 out of 5 zipper broke in 6 months

    Belleville 610Z ST Sage Green

    Available Colors

    • Belleville 610Z ST Sage Green

    About Belleville 610Z ST

    • Belleville 610 boots inspire confidence and courage. Uniform approved by the U.S. Air Force, these boots feature a durable sole system able to withstand extremely high abrasion. Slip-resistant and padded in the collar and tongue for extra comfort, they are a lighter weight than other combat zip boots. They also include a drainage vent to maximize ventilation when needed. Made in the United States, these shock absorbent, high quality boots represent the best in functional and protective footwear. Get the boots designed to surpass a soldier's expectations by keeping feet comfortable in all types of situations with these sturdy and reliable Belleville boots.

    About Belleville

    Belleville collage Belleville military boots have been in production since 1904, when Belleville Shoe commenced operations across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. Its first military boots contract was awarded during World War I, and Belleville has been outfitting the troops with some of the finest footwear ever since. In the beginning, it manufactured straightforward, uncomplicated shoes and boots. However, committed to furnishing breakthrough footwear to the nation's armed forces, it continually improves upon the technology that goes into the renowned boots. Producing over a million pairs of boots every year, Belleville is repeatedly honored by the government for its quality and performance.
    Standard Width Belleville Width
    B Narrow (N)
    D Regular (R)
    EE Wide (W)
    EEEE Extra Wide (XW)

    Belleville boots tend to run a full size large. We recommend ordering a full size down. This means if you wear a size 10, you should order a size 9. Women's boots run true to size.

    Belleville does offer many boot styles that are specifically manufactured for women. If a particular style of boot is not available in women’s sizes, we recommend ordering the boot 2 full sizes smaller.
    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Belleville 610Z ST Sage Green Sage Green, 3, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-3M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 3, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-3W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 3.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-35M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 3.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-35W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 4, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-4M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 4, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-4W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 4.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-45M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 4.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-45W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-5M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-5W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 5.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-55M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 5.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-55W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 6, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-6M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 6, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-6W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 6.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-65M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 6.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-65W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 7, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-7M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 7, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-7W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 7.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-75M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 7.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-75W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 8, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-8M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 8, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-8W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 8.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-85M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 8.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-85W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 9, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-9M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 9, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-9W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 9.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-95M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 9.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-95W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 10, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-10M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 10, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-10W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 10.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-105M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 10.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-105W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 11, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-11M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 11, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-11W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 11.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-115M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 11.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-115W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 12, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-12M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 12, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-12W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 12.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-125M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 12.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-125W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 13, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-13M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 13, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-13W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 13.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-135M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 13.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-135W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 14, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-14M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 14, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-14W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 14.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-145M
    Backorder $147.99
    Sage Green, 14.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-145W
    Backorder $147.99
    Sage Green, 15, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-15M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 15, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-15W
    Backorder $147.99
    Sage Green, 15.5, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-155M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 15.5, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-155W
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 16, Medium
    SKU: 610ZST-16M
    In Stock $147.99
    Sage Green, 16, Wide
    SKU: 610ZST-16W
    In Stock $147.99 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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