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Belleville 700

Item Number: 700

  • Our Price: $189.99
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  • PLEASE NOTE: Belleville boots are about ½ to 1 full size larger in fit than your normal shoe size depending on the type of boot you choose (hot weather vs. waterproof/insulated). In many cases, we have found our hot weather boots run about 1 size larger than your normal shoe size; however, boots containing a GORE-TEX® bootie may require only ½ size smaller than your normal size for a proper fit. This does not apply to Women's boots.


  • This waterproof duty boot is constructed with the VANGUARD® premium cushioning sole system built to feel like a running shoe. For added protection, the GORE-TEX® lining that is used not only makes this boot waterproof, but also petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) resistant.


    • 8" height
    • Full grain cowhide leather & nylon fabric upper
    • VANGUARD® sole construction combining a cushioned polyurethane midsole with a 100% rubber VIBRAM® Sierra outsole
    • GORE-TEX® waterproof fabric bootie
    • Polyurethane removable insole
    • Made in USA & Berry Compliant

Reviews: Belleville 700

5 out of 5

Reviewed by 24 customers

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  • Just wonderful

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 8/21/2015
    Reviewer: | New Milford, CT
  • 5 out of 5 I wear 8" boots every day for work. I was a little worried that these boots would be heavy, but they are no heavier than the 5.11 boots I have been wearing for years. These boots felt great from day one, didn't kill the budget, and are USA made. I'll be back for more someday.

  • Just right

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 1/7/2015
    Reviewer: | Guymon
  • 5 out of 5 The break in period is a little ruff due to there being so much material in the tongue of the boot but it softens up over time. My feet do not get hot like gortex lined boots I've worn in the past. They seem to be built pretty tough. Belleville hasn't let me down yet. I wouldn't go a whole size smaller when ordering another pair maybe a half size. I ordered the same size as my desert steel toed Bellevilles, and they seem to be breaking in just right. At first I was worried they would be too tight but the are now a little bit more roomy.

  • Belleville Boot Sizing

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 10/1/2014
    Reviewer: | Jamestown NY
  • 3 out of 5 I was a little mis led about sizing and fit of this boot the right boot is to tight. hopefully they will break in. Shipping and communication with tacticalgear.com was good.

  • Good Boot

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 8/5/2014
    Reviewer: | Hereford AZ
  • 5 out of 5 I had a air of Bates like these. the biggest difference was that the Belleville 700 boots can be fitted snug and stable better, and the outsole can hold up to abuse better than the tri-layer sole that Bates uses which could peel away with out notice if worn down. Bates do fine if they are your only boots, but if you had the option to get some Belleville boots, i would definitely recommend getting some Bellevilles.

  • very satisfied

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 3/7/2014
    Reviewer: | Richfield WI
  • 5 out of 5 I purchased these boots for my boyfriend whom is a mechanic and he loves them. No more back or feet pain. Best purchase we've made by far! Definitely will be a returning customer!

  • Big Foot

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 1/23/2014
    Reviewer: | Baltimore
  • 5 out of 5 Great shoe. I first purchased a 13 X wide several years ago when I was in security. I knew that was to large; so, I then purchased a 12.5 XW. I quit security work & dropped 20 lbs. Then the 12.5 felt too long and loose. So, I recently purchased this pair of 12.0 W. They are too loose also. Since they have a wide toe box there also is plenty across the toes. The toe box appears to be wider than the previous ones I purchased. Since my foot truly measures a 2E width, I am going to stay with W width and just a few minutes ago I ordered my forth pair trying to get the fit right. I ordered size 11.5 W this time. I am hoping the ankle is just a little tighter. Order#404567. It would be nice if you would give a discount credit towards this recent purchase of my forth pair. Your original question was do I like the shoe? YES! I take it to the gym to do my squats. It is well balanced with excellent support. It is good on pavement and in the snow. I think that once I the size correct this is the boot for me because it does not squeeze my toes like other boots do. Hopefully I will be good on the size 11.5 W. If so, I will probably buy a summer boot. Would you kindly send a discount code certificate. 13XW given to charity, so there is one happy camper. The 12.5 is next to go to charity, there will be another happy camper soon. I have to wear a thick sock to make the 12W sort of work. that's good for cold weather. I said to myself, you know these shoes are cut big so I wonder if the D medium width is really a single E width? If I purchased a 11.5 medium would that do the trick or would that bind my toes up. Would you comment on that. The shoes looks smart. Wide feet/narrow ankles, 5'-10", 200 lb. Army Vet.
    "Rob, we're glad your new boots are working out so well for you. In the future, we would certainly be happy to return items for up to a year as long as they are in new condition. If you have questions regarding your order, you may contact our customer relations department, and we'd be happy to help. - TacticalGear.com

  • Good Boots

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 12/21/2013
    Reviewer: | Huntersville,NC
  • 5 out of 5 Figureing the correct size is the only problem. The first pair i kept for a Alaska trip were a little large so two pairs of sox made for a better fit. Start with one full smaller size and width for the first try. I wear these every day with great comfort.

  • Best Military Boot

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 10/4/2013
    Reviewer: | Huntsville, TX
  • 5 out of 5 I served on active duty in the Infantry and in the Reserves as an MP, 13 years total, been a cop for the past 14 years. A year before getting off of active duty a friend recommended Bellevilles. I had been through about six different brands of boots before trying Bellevilles. I have a long narrow foot and these boots were sent from God. As God sent Gortex to the Light Infantry, I figured these boots must have also come from on high. I have several pair of Bellevilles, 390 DES, 700, 770, and one pair of 775s all have served me well and lasted forever. I still have my first pair of 700s, been resoled at least three times. It never gets cold in Texas and the 700s keep my feet dry in the summer and comfortable when it is 40 degrees out. I have recommended these boots several times and will continue to buy them in the future. Great Boot!!

  • great boot

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 9/13/2013
    Reviewer: | lubbock
  • 5 out of 5 I have been wearing these for years, and wear them every day. they're break-in time is nil and they are comfortable right out of the box. I have a narrow foot and the wide range of widths is most helpful. these are the only boots i wear.

  • Great Boots

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 9/10/2013
    Reviewer: | Irving
  • 5 out of 5 These boot arrived on time, Were beyond my expactions in quality.

  • The boots were defective

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/14/2013
    Reviewer: | San Diego
  • 1 out of 5 I had to send them back because of workmanship defects. Good boots, but this pair slipped through the cracks. I ordered another pair. Hope they are better.

  • Great Boot!!!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/2/2013
    Reviewer: | Yankton, SD
  • 5 out of 5 I want to say this is probably the best boot I've worn in a long time and I've worn a lot of boots! I was in the Army for 10.5 yrs and have been a correctional officer for 12. I spend many hours on my feet (12 hr shifts), on hard surfaces. I must say these were very comfortable right out of the box! A little break in required, but only amounted to about 1 day. A little on the pricey side, but I would definitely recommend them. Great boot!!!

  • excellent boot

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 3/24/2013
    Reviewer: | hazard ky.
  • 5 out of 5 These are very comfortable and not overly heavy , they are a little stiffer then my belleville 790s and seem to need a short break in however i have never had a blister when wearing these and they are much more comfy then other boots out of the box , they are very well made and best of all dont say ( made in china ) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

  • 8 years and going strong

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 3/11/2013
    Reviewer: | Douglas Co. IL
  • 5 out of 5 I picked up this same model in 2005 as a brand new EMT/FF. (Only cost $100 back then)Between now and then, I have become a paramedic doing 24 hour shifts and have had the tread on my boots replaced three times...I wore it completely off. Also had to replace the laces once. Color has held up very well. I fully expect to be wearing these when I retire.

  • My Favorite Footwear

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 12/5/2012
    Reviewer: | W. Virginia/S. Florida
  • 5 out of 5 I bought a pair of these boots 6 years ago and am still wearing them These are my primary footwear and have been the entire time i've had them, outside of my boots for the Marine Corps. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, even more comfortable now, with six years of wear, than other new shoes I've tried on. I have worn them out, logging approximately 2500+ miles on them, and they still keep me going in my Security job. And this is all with my feet having no arches and am on them for 10+ hours a day.

  • Best and confortable boots I ever had

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 11/18/2012
    Reviewer: | Hialeah, FL
  • 5 out of 5 I have been wearing my Belleville's for quite some time and they are the most confortable boots I could find. They fit like a pair of tennis shoes. Besides they are american made (very important).

  • they might last some time

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 10/7/2012
    Reviewer: | Minnesota
  • 5 out of 5 I don't know if my boots are this model but they fit the description spot on. Maybe my boots are a fluke or maybe they are still good boots because I don't wear them everyday but I'm guessing that my boots are a testament to the quality of Belleville boots in general? I was issued my boots while I was serving in the Marine Corps in 1998. All I've had to do is change the insoles a few times and they are still going strong. I don't think poor quality boots would still be holding together for this long. When the sole wears away I plan on resoling them and keep wearing them. I've had my expensive gore-tex boots fall apart and start leaking after 2 years of wear. My Belleville boots don't leak and are not falling apart and I have had them about 14 years. Keep in mind I wore them from 1998 to when I got out in late 1999 everyday serving in Marine Corps Infantry and then here and there for 13 years. I don't plan on replacing them any time soon.

  • be careful of what your buying

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 1/21/2012
    Reviewer: | belleville il
  • 1 out of 5 i worked at belleville shoe. you would not believe the piss pour quality of boots that are made there. some of these boots are held together with superglue. yes, superglue. i could go on and on. shame on the miltary for buying these overpriced boots.

  • Buy this boot!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 11/23/2011
    Reviewer: | seattle wa
  • 5 out of 5 I work in heavy industry, and I used to buy cheap boots because they lasted no less time than other more expensive boots made in China. An Air Force buddy of mine harped on me for 6 months to buy a pair of bellville boots and i wouldn't listen, so he bought them for me. One year later they are still waterproof and the shell is holding up well. I'm actually starting to wear the sole completely off at around 2500 miles according to my pedometer! 3-4 months out of a competitors boot, or 1yr plus out of these. you choose. Oh, by the way, my first thought when I put them on the first time: Holy arch support, batman! These things are comfortable!

  • Over 4 years of use from one pair of boots

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 9/24/2011
    Reviewer: | Dubberly Louisiana
  • 5 out of 5 Your not gonna find a better pair of boots. I work in law enforcement and work a twelve hour shift. Twelve often turns into 16 or 18 hour days. These boots are just as comfortable as they were when i first put them on over 4 years ago. Other than a few deep cuts, with a lil polish they look good as new and have held their color well.

  • Best Boots I Have Ever Owned

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 8/24/2011
    Reviewer: | New Trenton IN
  • 5 out of 5 Made in the USA! I quit buying Redwings cause they started making the ones I liked in china! That's OK in the transition I found these and they are far superior! Mine are a 1.5 years old worn everyday and still waterproof and working everyday. If I can wear these out I will definately buy more!!

  • Made In The USA

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 7/17/2011
    Reviewer: | Greensboro NC
  • 5 out of 5 Excellent work boot and you should make a big deal of the fact it is made in the USA

  • Right Out Of The Box : READY

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 7/13/2011
    Reviewer: | Texas
  • 5 out of 5 The Best Boot Ever,Ordering Another Pair Very Comfortable And Smooth.

  • best work boot ever

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 12/3/2010
    Reviewer: | Brockton
  • 5 out of 5 Just ordered my third pair if that tell you anything !! These are the bomb!! Comfortable ,durable nothing else to say !! :)

Belleville 700 Black

Available Colors

  • Belleville 700 Black

About Belleville 700

  • Belleville 700 boots are waterproof flight boots approved for use by the United States Air Force and United States Army. Due to their nature as military footwear, they are only available in black. These heavy-duty boots include a polyurethane midsole and rubber outsole. They feature Gore-Tex fabric bootie that keeps feet dry. The upper material is a leather and nylon combination fabric, designed for a standard military height of eight inches. The boots are the right choice for any individual looking for flight approved boots for use in the military or for those who frequently participate in rugged, all-terrain adventures.

About Belleville

Belleville collage Belleville military boots have been in production since 1904, when Belleville Shoe commenced operations across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. Its first military boots contract was awarded during World War I, and Belleville has been outfitting the troops with some of the finest footwear ever since. In the beginning, it manufactured straightforward, uncomplicated shoes and boots. However, committed to furnishing breakthrough footwear to the nation's armed forces, it continually improves upon the technology that goes into the renowned boots. Producing over a million pairs of boots every year, Belleville is repeatedly honored by the government for its quality and performance.
Standard Width Belleville Width
B Narrow (N)
D Regular (R)
EE Wide (W)
EEEE Extra Wide (XW)

Belleville boots tend to run a full size large. We recommend ordering a full size down. This means if you wear a size 10, you should order a size 9. Women's boots run true to size.

Belleville does offer many boot styles that are specifically manufactured for women. If a particular style of boot is not available in women’s sizes, we recommend ordering the boot 2 full sizes smaller.
Styles Availability Price/Each
Belleville 700 Black Black, Narrow, 3
SKU: 700-3N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 3.5
SKU: 700-35N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 4
SKU: 700-4N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 4.5
SKU: 700-45N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 5
SKU: 700-5N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 5.5
SKU: 700-55N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 6
SKU: 700-6N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 6.5
SKU: 700-65N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 7
SKU: 700-7N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 7.5
SKU: 700-75N
Backorder $189.99
Black, Narrow, 8
SKU: 700-8N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 8.5
SKU: 700-85N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 9
SKU: 700-9N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 9.5
SKU: 700-95N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 10
SKU: 700-10N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 10.5
SKU: 700-105N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 11
SKU: 700-11N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 11.5
SKU: 700-115N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 12
SKU: 700-12N
Backorder $189.99
Black, Narrow, 12.5
SKU: 700-125N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 13
SKU: 700-13N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 13.5
SKU: 700-135N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 14
SKU: 700-14N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 14.5
SKU: 700-145N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 15
SKU: 700-15N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 15.5
SKU: 700-155N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Narrow, 16
SKU: 700-16N
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 3
SKU: 700-3M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 3.5
SKU: 700-35M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 4
SKU: 700-4M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 4.5
SKU: 700-45M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 5
SKU: 700-5M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 5.5
SKU: 700-55M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 6
SKU: 700-6M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 6.5
SKU: 700-65M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 7
SKU: 700-7M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 7.5
SKU: 700-75M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 8
SKU: 700-8M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 8.5
SKU: 700-85M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 9
SKU: 700-9M
Backorder $189.99
Black, Medium, 9.5
SKU: 700-95M
Backorder $189.99
Black, Medium, 10
SKU: 700-10M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 10.5
SKU: 700-105M
Backorder $189.99
Black, Medium, 11
SKU: 700-11M
Backorder $189.99
Black, Medium, 11.5
SKU: 700-115M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 12
SKU: 700-12M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 12.5
SKU: 700-125M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 13
SKU: 700-13M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 13.5
SKU: 700-135M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 14
SKU: 700-14M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 14.5
SKU: 700-145M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 15
SKU: 700-15M
Backorder $189.99
Black, Medium, 15.5
SKU: 700-155M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Medium, 16
SKU: 700-16M
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 3
SKU: 700-3W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 3.5
SKU: 700-35W
Backorder $189.99
Black, Wide, 4
SKU: 700-4W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 4.5
SKU: 700-45W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 5
SKU: 700-5W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 5.5
SKU: 700-55W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 6
SKU: 700-6W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 6.5
SKU: 700-65W
Backorder $189.99
Black, Wide, 7
SKU: 700-7W
Backorder $189.99
Black, Wide, 7.5
SKU: 700-75W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 8
SKU: 700-8W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 8.5
SKU: 700-85W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 9
SKU: 700-9W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 9.5
SKU: 700-95W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 10
SKU: 700-10W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 10.5
SKU: 700-105W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 11
SKU: 700-11W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 11.5
SKU: 700-115W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 12
SKU: 700-12W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 12.5
SKU: 700-125W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 13
SKU: 700-13W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 13.5
SKU: 700-135W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 14
SKU: 700-14W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 14.5
SKU: 700-145W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 15
SKU: 700-15W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 15.5
SKU: 700-155W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Wide, 16
SKU: 700-16W
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 3
SKU: 700-3XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 3.5
SKU: 700-35XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 4
SKU: 700-4XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 4.5
SKU: 700-45XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 5
SKU: 700-5XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 5.5
SKU: 700-55XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 6
SKU: 700-6XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 6.5
SKU: 700-65XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 7
SKU: 700-7XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 7.5
SKU: 700-75XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 8
SKU: 700-8XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 8.5
SKU: 700-85XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 9
SKU: 700-9XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 9.5
SKU: 700-95XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 10
SKU: 700-10XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 10.5
SKU: 700-105XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 11
SKU: 700-11XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 11.5
SKU: 700-115XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 12
SKU: 700-12XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 12.5
SKU: 700-125XW
Backorder $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 13
SKU: 700-13XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 13.5
SKU: 700-135XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 14
SKU: 700-14XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 14.5
SKU: 700-145XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 15
SKU: 700-15XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 15.5
SKU: 700-155XW
In Stock $189.99
Black, Extra Wide, 16
SKU: 700-16XW
In Stock $189.99