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Blackhawk Videos

  • SERPA Level 2 Holster with Todd Jarrett
  • The SERPA Quick Disconnect System
  • Blackhawk A.R.C. Holster at SHOT Show 2016
  • BLACKHAWK! Bedside Holster

Blackhawk Reviews

    • Blackhawk Advanced Tactical Knee Pad V2

    • 1.0 star rating
    • Looked good felt good originally,NOT GOOD.
      Reviewer: Austin


      At first these need pads looked and felt awesome, they conform to your knee nicely when you bend. i agreed with everything i saw on the comments at first. However i used these bad boys for a two day trial run at paintball and when i play paintball i play harder then most, sliding, sprinting constantly, transitioning positions the works and after at least 14 hours of constant heavy use over a two day time span i noticed they where abrasivly rubbing and chaffing on the back of my knees. They only seemed to get worse the more i played(i will not slow done my pace because of a little chaffing) now I'm not saying this can't be overlooked as they still will protect your knees from direct impact on hard surfaces that coupled with adrenaline you won't even notice but, if your planning on being deployed and taking these bad boys with you i advise you reconsider as you may end up having to use them in a longer constant time spand then i did and by the end of 14+ hours of paintball i found myself not really caring to wear them at all, looks and first impressions aside trust me when i tell you i put them to the ultimate test and I'm currently looking for a new pair to test out because these knee pads suck if your wearing them for anything more then to look pretty in my personal experience with them.

    • Thanks for the review, Austin. We're so sorry to hear that you weren't happy with your purchase. If you have any questions about our return policy, or if you would like some recommendations on a different product, please contact our customer relations team. Someone would be happy to help!

    • Blackhawk Omega 6 Universal Modular Light Holster

    • 5.0 star rating
    • Excellent quality holster for my XD45 with light!
      Reviewer: Andrew Hernandez


      This holster fitted excellent to me and for my XD45 service with a TRL3 light attached. The adjustment of this holster was very easy to manipulate to my leg, both how high I wanted it and firmness to my leg without slipping and being loose.

The Blackhawk Headquarters

Blackhawk founder Mike Noell built his business around one vow: build a better backpack. It sounds small, but as a former Navy SEAL, he understood the magnitude of well-built gear. While serving in Iraq in 1990, Noell’s issued backpack failed and his gear scattered as he navigated a minefield. After he survived this harrowing experience, he swore to create gear that would be strong enough for SEAL missions. Noell founded his company in 1993, starting with backpacks and expanding to cover nearly everything a serviceman could need in combat from headwear to holsters to boots. Blackhawk’s durable designs serve tactical operators and enthusiasts as well. At TacticalGear.com, we’ve made it easy for you to navigate our extensive catalog of Blackhawk merchandise. For combat-ready gear that won’t buckle under pressure, tactical operators can rely on Blackhawk.