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Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Tactical Entry Kit #2

Item Number: DE-EK2

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  • Bringing together the best that Dynamic Entry® has to offer, the Tactical Entry Kit #3 features the non-sparking, electrically non-conductive Monoshock, with the now standard Tactical Backpack Kit and the revolutionary Break-N-Rake for less than conventional manual tactical entries. In addition, the kit also features the new Mobile Home Breacher, the first tool designed specifically to tackle every breacher's worst nightmare - the outward opening door. The easily deployable Dynamic Duo is also included. With this kit, Nothing Shall Stand in Your Way!™ Blackhawk ® Dynamic Entry® Entry Kit #3 featuring: DE-MS MonoShock Ram, DE-MHB Mobile Home Breacher, DE-TBK Tactical BackPack Kit (includes DE-SOHT, DE-TM, DE-BM and 60ME00BK, DE-BR Break-N-Rake, DE-DD Dynamic Duo (includes DE-TS, DE-TB and Dynamic Duo Quiver Entry Kit #3 (complete)

    • Note: This is a restricted item. You must have valid identification proving you are a military, law enforcement, or security professional to purchase.
    • Kit Features:
    • MonoShock Ram (DE-MS)
    • Break - N - Rake (DE-BR)
    • Special Operations Hallagan Tool (DE-SOHT)
    • ThunderMaul (DE-TM)
    • BoltMaster (DE-BM)
    • Manual Entry Tool Pack (60ME00BK)

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Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Tactical Entry Kit #2 Black

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  • Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Tactical Entry Kit #2 Black

About Blackhawk

Blackhawk collage With its inception in 1993, Blackhawk has quickly become one of the most sought-after brands in the tactical and military industry. Blackhawk founder Mike Noell draws from his experience as a Navy SEAL to produce the quality gear that is the top choice of many special operations units around the globe. Known for its deep roots in tactical appeal, Blackhawk features aggressive styling that has undergone extreme stress testing, winning over tactical operators and soldiers alike. With a goal to bring the world the finest tactical gear, Blackhawk's meticulous attention to detail is apparent in every piece of equipment stamped with its brand.
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