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Blackhawk Light Assault

Item Number: 83BT00CT

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      • 8" Soft Toe Boots
      • Gross weight: 3.65 lbs.
      • Lightweight, breathable, nylon mesh and high-abrasion, quick-dry, synthetic microfiber upper
      • Long-wearing water-friendly polyurethane midsole
      • Vibram "Trail Run" oil-resistant rubber outsole
      • Waterproof recycled molded insole board with built-in shank
      • Washable, Anti-Microbial, Ortholite custom molded footbed
      • Durable, rubberized toe and heel reinforcements
      • Injection Molded Lace Lock
      • Quick no-tie method is secure, and prevents laces from catching on objects
      • Lace ends stow away neatly in lace pocket on tongue

    Reviews: Blackhawk Light Assault

    5 out of 5

    Reviewed by 5 customers

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    • Could have been a great boot

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/15/2014
      Reviewer: | Gallatin
    • 3 out of 5 I really wanted these boots to do the job. I was looking for a water boot that would quickly drain and also be light so as not to drag me down in water. These could have done the job from the feel of them. Unfortunately, the boot is not Wide when I ordered Wide and in fact felt like a normal width boot. On the right foot I could barely get it on with all of the laces as loose as possible, and a seem inside the boot pressed down on my joint that is arthritic making it a painful boot to wear. Had to return them. I still gave them 3 stars because they would have been GREAT if they only fit my wide feet.

    • Fantastic

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/3/2012
      Reviewer: | Africa
    • 5 out of 5 Put the boots on and went to work. Virtually no break in period other than the first day. I can run in these like I do my tennis shoes. I'm in rough terrain, mountains, sand and the tread on these boots are great for gripping whatever you're walking on. Love the quick no tie and lace tuck at the top. Boot breathes well, can feel the air move through the boot when walking.Will buy again.

    • Awesome

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 2/3/2012
      Reviewer: | Pentagon
    • 5 out of 5 I’ve had these boots for 1.5 years and they are awesome! No complaints at all. The heel wore a little on the inside, but it did not affect the comfort or the function. They were awesome for hot-weather. When you took a step you could feel the wind blow through the boot and underneath your foot. Cold weather exposure would require a cold weather insulated sock, but the boot would probably accommodate this with no problem. No wear on the outside at all. Durable boot and fantastic lace lock and tuck compartment at the top of the tongue. No break-in! Can’t say enough about these boots! Haters would give me funny looks sometimes, but these boots look great and feel great on your feet! You can run in these no problem! I like a change, but with these boots I would honestly buy a new pair and I am only buying boots now because I have to wear Sage Green :(

    • 5stars

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 12/11/2011
      Reviewer: | portugal
    • 5 out of 5 best boots ever...

    • Excellent for hot weather

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 2/9/2011
      Reviewer: | Hampton Roads, VA
    • 5 out of 5 Bought a pair of these about a year ago from the old I've worn them in Africa (right on the equator), Cambodia, and South America. They are super lightweight, like wearing athletic shoes. The mesh is awesome, you can actually feel the wind blowing through the boot when you get a good breeze. Also great for water ops, as they drain easily. They are just now starting to wear out a bit, mostly just at the toe, which is starting to detach. I'll probably just glue it back and wear them until they're destroyed, then buy another pair. For the price, these boots are an outstanding combination of comfort and durability.

    Blackhawk Light Assault Coyote Tan

    Available Colors

    • Blackhawk Light Assault Coyote Tan
    • Blackhawk Light Assault Black

    About Blackhawk Light Assault

    • The Blackhawk Light Assault boots help operators strike silently and quickly. For today's warrior, these boots are constructed of lightweight materials that promote effortless movement. The breathable nylon mesh in these boots provides comfort and the anti-microbial OrthoLite insole helps fight germs and odor. When one travels through wet or damp areas, the boots provide quick ventilation. Water-friendly synthetic microfibers, Dri-Lex inner lining and polyurethane midsoles promote quick drying. The boots offer a quick-tie method to easily secure and tighten them; lace pockets on the tongue store the lace ends to prevent them from catching on nearby objects. Finally, Vibram "Trail-Run" rubber outsoles provide oil-resistant materials to prevent one from slipping when moving quickly on slippery surfaces. For functional yet comfortable boots, turn to these tactical boots.

    About Blackhawk

    Blackhawk collage With its inception in 1993, Blackhawk has quickly become one of the most sought-after brands in the tactical and military industry. Blackhawk founder Mike Noell draws from his experience as a Navy SEAL to produce the quality gear that is the top choice of many special operations units around the globe. Known for its deep roots in tactical appeal, Blackhawk features aggressive styling that has undergone extreme stress testing, winning over tactical operators and soldiers alike. With a goal to bring the world the finest tactical gear, Blackhawk's meticulous attention to detail is apparent in every piece of equipment stamped with its brand.

    NOTE: Warrior Wear "W" (wide) boots are the equivalent of "EE" width.

    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Blackhawk Light Assault Coyote Tan Coyote Tan, 6, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-6M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 6.5, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-65M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 7, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-7M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 7, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-7W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 7.5, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-75M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 7.5, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-75W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 8, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-8M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 8, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-8W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 8.5, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-85M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 8.5, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-85W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 9, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-9M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 9, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-9W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 9.5, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-95M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 9.5, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-95W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 10, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-10M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 10, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-10W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 10.5, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-105M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 10.5, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-105W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 11, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-11M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 11, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-11W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 11.5, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-115M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 11.5, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-115W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 12, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-12M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 12, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-12W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 13, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-13M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 13, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-13W
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 14, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-14M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 14, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-14W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 15, Medium
    SKU: 83BT00CT-15M
    In Stock $125.99
    Coyote Tan, 15, Wide
    SKU: 83BT00CT-15W
    In Stock $125.99
    Blackhawk Light Assault Black Black, Medium, 6
    SKU: 83BT00BK-6M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 6.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-65M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 7
    SKU: 83BT00BK-7M
    In Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 7.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-75M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 8
    SKU: 83BT00BK-8M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 8.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-85M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 9
    SKU: 83BT00BK-9M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 9.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-95M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 10
    SKU: 83BT00BK-10M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 10.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-105M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 11
    SKU: 83BT00BK-11M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 11.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-115M
    In Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 12
    SKU: 83BT00BK-12M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 13
    SKU: 83BT00BK-13M
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 14
    SKU: 83BT00BK-14M
    In Stock $125.99
    Black, Medium, 15
    SKU: 83BT00BK-15M
    In Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 7
    SKU: 83BT00BK-7W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 7.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-75W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 8
    SKU: 83BT00BK-8W
    In Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 8.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-85W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 9
    SKU: 83BT00BK-9W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 9.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-95W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 10
    SKU: 83BT00BK-10W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 10.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-105W
    In Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 11
    SKU: 83BT00BK-11W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 11.5
    SKU: 83BT00BK-115W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 12
    SKU: 83BT00BK-12W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 13
    SKU: 83BT00BK-13W
    Out of Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 14
    SKU: 83BT00BK-14W
    In Stock $125.99
    Black, Wide, 15
    SKU: 83BT00BK-15W
    Out of Stock $125.99 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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