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Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 Duty Holster

Item Number: 44H0

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  • Based on Blackhawk's popular SERPA Tactical Holster, this jacket-slot belt-loop version gives both the tactical operative and patrol officer the option of SERPA’s retention and speed in a duty-style holster. Whether worn as part of your duty rig or as a belt-mounted holster for tactical use, you get the same great SERPA technology with this Level 2 duty holster.

    • Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA® Auto Lock™ release
    • Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
    • Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security
    • Full-length holster body protects rear sights
    • Reduced gun profile supports community friendly look
    • Same drawing technique for undercover, tactical, and duty
    • Includes angle-adjustable jacket-slot belt loop
    • Mid-ride and high-ride belt loops also available

Reviews: Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 Duty Holster

5 out of 5

Reviewed by 9 customers

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  • Great Holster!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 9/16/2014
    Reviewer: | Springfield
  • 5 out of 5 I love this holster! The retention is passive yet more secure than anything else out there. Holstering is a breeze as the locking mechanism is automatic, there are no thumb breaks to get in the way. This is the best holster I've owned and I've owned a lot.

  • A Little Higher Please

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/23/2014
    Reviewer: | Worthington
  • 4 out of 5 The Blackhawk Serpa is a fine holster and is what I am used to and trained with, so when I chose to go back to the patrol unit I opted for this. I do wish it was slightly more of a high ride holster.

  • Blackhawk

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 4/11/2014
    Reviewer: | Philly
  • 5 out of 5 Awesome peice

  • fast and reliable shooting

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 8/8/2011
    Reviewer: | Akron, Ohio
  • 5 out of 5 This holster after using and experiment with a lot of other brands and types meets my expectation for a good and fast shooting with a nice button that locks the gun from it>just the best.

  • BlackHawk Serpa 2

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 7/28/2011
    Reviewer: | Sebastopol, CA
  • 5 out of 5 Easy to insert/remove gun, very secure. Leaves slight marking on slide when inserted. Overall, satisfied with holster.

  • Good open carry holster

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 7/13/2011
    Reviewer: | Fairfax
  • 5 out of 5 Comfy holster. If you are going to open carry low rise is the way to go

  • Great holster but a litte difficult to set up

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 7/1/2011
    Reviewer: | Chicago
  • 5 out of 5 This is another excellent holster from black hawk. It fits the G19 like a glove right out of the packaging (no need to mess with the tension), which is great. The only problem I had with it was getting it to clip on. The instructions that came with it were cryptic at best.

  • Way to go

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/23/2011
    Reviewer: | Northern CA
  • 5 out of 5 I've been a police officer since 1982 and I've owned many styles and types of holsters. I must tell you that this holster is one of the finest holsters I've ever owned. From weapon security to ease of draw angle, it's top notch. Thank you for a terrific product.

  • Excellent Product!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/8/2011
    Reviewer: | n/a
  • 5 out of 5 Shortly after taking delivery of first Serpa II duty holsters, the patrol division was so impressed they requested its adoption as our standard issue. It's natural indexing release provides for a clean, quick draw. By simply reholstering, your weapon is immediatley secure. Awesome is an understatement when describing this product. It's everything desired from a holster, simple and quick, yet extremely secure.

Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 Duty Holster Black Matte

Available Colors

  • Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 Duty Holster Black Matte

  • Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 Duty Holster

About Blackhawk

Blackhawk collage With its inception in 1993, Blackhawk has quickly become one of the most sought-after brands in the tactical and military industry. Blackhawk founder Mike Noell draws from his experience as a Navy SEAL to produce the quality gear that is the top choice of many special operations units around the globe. Known for its deep roots in tactical appeal, Blackhawk features aggressive styling that has undergone extreme stress testing, winning over tactical operators and soldiers alike. With a goal to bring the world the finest tactical gear, Blackhawk's meticulous attention to detail is apparent in every piece of equipment stamped with its brand.
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Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 Duty Holster Black Matte Black, Beretta 92, Beretta 96, Left, Matte
SKU: 44H004BK-L
In Stock $67.99
Black, Beretta 92, Beretta 96, Right, Matte
SKU: 44H004BK-R
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Black, Colt 1911 Gov't, Colt 1911 Gov't Clones, Left, Matte
SKU: 44H003BK-L
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Black, Colt 1911 Gov't, Colt 1911 Gov't Clones, Right, Matte
SKU: 44H003BK-R
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Black, Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 20, Glock 21, Glock 22, Glock 23, Glock 31, Glock 32, S&W M&P .40, S&W M&P .45, S&W M&P .9, Left, Matte
SKU: 44H000BK-L
Backorder $67.99
Black, Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 22, Glock 23, Glock 31, Glock 32, Right, Matte
SKU: 44H000BK-R
Backorder $67.99
Black, Glock 20, Glock 21, Glock 37, Glock 38, S&W M&P all models, Right, Matte
SKU: 44H013BK-R
Backorder $67.99
Black, Glock 21SF with 1913 Rail Only, Right, Matte
SKU: 44H026BK-R
In Stock $67.99
Black, Sig 220, Sig 225, Sig 226, Sig 228, Sig 229, Left, Matte
SKU: 44H006BK-L
In Stock $67.99
Black, Sig 220, Sig 225, Sig 226, Sig 228, Sig 229, Right, Matte
SKU: 44H006BK-R
Backorder $67.99
Black, SigPro 2022, Right, Matte
SKU: 44H008BK-R
Backorder $67.99