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Blackhawk Videos

  • SERPA Level 2 Holster with Todd Jarrett
  • The SERPA® Quick Disconnect System
  • More than 150 pistols, one holster -- the BLACKHAWK!® OMNIVORE™
  • BLACKHAWK! Bedside Holster

Blackhawk Reviews

    • Blackhawk Molded Handcuff Case

    • 5.0 star rating
    • Good Quality
      Reviewer: Brenden Saccardo


      The case is well built. I am a fan of Blackhawk so I thought I'd give these a chance. The cases are worth the money but are on the bigger side. My normal cuffs move around quite a bit. These are more for ASP cuffs. I carry a pair ASP cuffs and they are a perfect fit. Normal cuffs make a good amount of sound but even with that flaw.... These cases are still good and I'm glad I purchased them.

The Blackhawk Headquarters

Blackhawk founder Mike Noell built his business around one vow: build a better backpack. It sounds small, but as a former Navy SEAL, he understood the magnitude of well-built gear. While serving in Iraq in 1990, Noell’s issued backpack failed and his gear scattered as he navigated a minefield. After he survived this harrowing experience, he swore to create gear that would be strong enough for SEAL missions. Noell founded his company in 1993, starting with backpacks and expanding to cover nearly everything a serviceman could need in combat from headwear to holsters to boots. Blackhawk’s durable designs serve tactical operators and enthusiasts as well. At TacticalGear.com, we’ve made it easy for you to navigate our extensive catalog of Blackhawk merchandise. For combat-ready gear that won’t buckle under pressure, tactical operators can rely on Blackhawk.