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Elite Survival Systems Elite Pocket Holster

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    • Constructed of ToughtekTM non-slip material with soft nylon lining
    • Non-slip outer layer helps keep holster in place while gun is removed
    • Available in five sizes, fits right or left hand

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Elite Survival Systems Elite Pocket Holster Black

Available Colors

  • Elite Survival Systems Elite Pocket Holster Black

About Elite Survival Systems

Elite Survival Systems collage Elite Survival Systems has a clear mission—to provide customers with the technology and latest survival gear. A division of US Tactical Systems, it is based in Washington, Mo. Law enforcement officers, members of the military and shooting enthusiasts trust Elite Survival Systems to meet their nylon tactical equipment needs. Its product line includes a range of tactical gear, such as rifle cases, discreet carry cases, holsters, rifle slings, vests, packs and drag bags. It has also been known to hold a government agency contract or two as well. Have a tactical carry dilemma? Elite Survival Systems can solve it.
PH-1 Kel-Tec P32, P-3AT; Ruger LCP; Taurus PT22; Diamondback DB380; NAA Guardian 380
PH-1L FITS Ruger LCP with Laser; Kel-Tec P32,P3AT with Laser. Also FITS Beretta 950, 3032 Tomcat; Taurus PT738; Kahr P380; Micro Desert Eagle 380
PH-2 S&W BG380 with laser; Kahr MK, K, P9, 40, CW9, 40; Kahr PM9, 40; Kel-Tec PF9, PF11; Walther P22; Ruger LC9 without laser; 1911 frame pistols with 3" barrel
PH-2L Sig Sauer P238 with laser; Kahr 9/40 with laser; Kel-Tec PF9 with laser
PH-3 2” J Frame Revolvers; Ruger LCR
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Elite Survival Systems Elite Pocket Holster Black Black, PH-1
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Black, PH-1L
Please Call $13.99
Black, PH-2
Please Call $13.99
Black, PH-2L
Please Call $13.99
Black, PH-3
Please Call $13.99