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Tactical Eyewear

Tactical Eyewear

Tactical Eyewear

When facing dangerous jobs and hazardous adventures, protective eyewear is a must. We offer many options of tactically advanced sunglasses and goggles that provide a comfortable fit, meet or exceed safety ratings for impact and provide protection from UV rays. There also are options that are adaptable to different situations with lenses that can be changed out, tactical straps for securing the eyewear in place when you’re on the move and facial cavity seals for blocking debris, wind and other peripheral dangers. Whether you’re shielding your eyes from the sun, projectiles, or dirt and debris, you can find a sturdy pair of eyewear at TacticalGear.com.

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Recent Eyewear Reviews

    • Oakley SI Ballistic DET CORD

    • 5.0 star rating
    • best SI oakleys
      Reviewer: jesse


      I think these DET CORDS are the best oakleys i have ever bought to date they are light weight great in the brightest of days and have 2 of the styles if DET CORDS and I have the black cerakote DET CORDS on order i love these style of oakley SI to date and wear them from the time I leave home till I get home which I usually right around sundown

    • Oakley SI Ballistic Det Cord Daniel Defense

    • 5.0 star rating
    • this product is great
      Reviewer: jesse


      there the first pair of oakleys I have bought 2 pairs of black and the grey Daniel defense model I wear them from the time I leave home till I come home at the end of the day. they are so comfortable I almost never take them off which is rare because having manners to where I take them off when I come inside of any building plus I forget I have them on they're just so comfortable the light outside is no longer an issue I have to wear sunglasses because I'm a diabetic my eyes hurt and I have floaters the set cord model are the best oakley has made since 2003-4 I have the gas can, crankshaft style oakleys and as long as oakley keeps making this style I'll keep buying oakley I thought of Costa but they're more expensive then oakley and not really stylish like I like I am also am avid shooter and for the set cord to have a safety rating on the lenses is a big deal for me I don't have to go and buy a pair of oakley M frames for shooting i can pick out one of the 2 de5 co4d I have hell I may just buy a 3rd pair of dwt cords but in all my OAKLEY SET CORDS are the bet OAKLEYS I HAVE EVET BOUGHT