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Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants

Item Number: F525125250

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    • Genuine Gear lightweight tactical pants boast massive amounts of functionality without the sky-high price tag. Propper's discount brand utilizes a similar cut and pocket configuration as Propper tactical pants so you know you're getting a high-end design. However, Genuine Gear tactical pants are made from an affordable 40% polyester / 60% cotton fabric. They boast a tear-resistant ripstop weave and the fabric weight is a mere 6.25 oz., perfect for hot and humid environments. Need space for all your equipment? Not a problem. These pants feature an impressive 10-pocket configuration, including a cell pocket, coin pocket and large pleated cargo pockets for maximum storage. The handsome mid-rise style tends to fit less baggy than other tactical trousers while still providing the flexibility of an elastic waistband—ideal for those who intend to conceal and carry. The perfect combination of affordable and tactical, Genuine Gear lightweight tactical pants are ready to meet any challenge.

      Pocket Breakdown

      • Two front slash pockets with reinforced bottom
      • Two back pockets with hook-and-loop flap closures
      • Two pleated cargo pockets with hook-and-loop flap closures
      • Open-top stash pockets located behind the cargo pockets
      • One coin pocket in the front slash pocket on the righthand side
      • One cell pocket (iPhone and Blackberry compatible) with hook-and-loop flap closure on the left-hand side
      • Knee-pad pockets
      • 40% Polyester / 60% Cotton Ripstop
      • 10-pocket configuration
      • Mid-rise, straight fit
      • Six sturdy belt loops
      • Zipper fly with button closure
      • Elastic waistband

      Featured Review from Mil-Spec Monkey
      Source: Genuine Gear Tactical Pants Review

      For more bargain tac pants options, the Genuine Gear brand has popped up semi recently. With a little research, it appears the pants are actually made by Propper, which I consider a good thing as they have been making solid uniform items for a while. The core material is overall lightweight (6.25-ounce) consisting of a 60% cotton / 40% poly blend. Upon first look, the layout certainly has that 5.11 original tac-pant vibe, but there are plenty of differences to make the Genuine Gear pants unique.

      For an improved fit while not using a belt, there are elastic zones built into the upper waist sides. Not too much, just enough to give some elastic flexibility. The fly area uses a simple button and YKK zipper. The zipper has a fabric pull cord that is a small yet useful detail. I'd say the side hand pockets are about medium size. It would be nice to have them slightly bigger, but I didn't run into crowding issues until I had my wallet and ZT knife in the same pocket. The pocket openings have some extra binding tape to increase the durability with any clip items such as knives, but I wish more material was used to give further coverage. Something is certainly better than nothing, however I know the pant will eventually wear a hole just a little further down the pocket. On the right hand side pocket, a bonus coin pocket is integrated, which I have mixed feelings about. Despite working well for coins, hence the name, the pocket also can be a bit of a snag point when inserting larger items such as a wallet in the main pocket. The coin area can potentially hold smaller folder knives, which I think the raised position makes for an easy grab. I'd recommend making the pocket slightly deeper as you can see it is a little short for my ZT 0350, which is not a huge knife. This would require a careful balance as a pocket too deep will make the user look like a chump requiring a finger bang session to retrieve coins.

      The rear pockets utilize velcro flaps and are of decent size able to fit a 30 round magazine. The velcro spacing and strength makes for a solid hold without being a pain to open. Further down the legs are the cargo pockets which unlike the old 5.11s are also able to hold 30 round magazines. Velcro flaps are used again as well and billows are incorporated so these pockets have good expansion. What makes this area unique is definitely the extra pocket space behind these pockets which have no closure. This is where user preference comes to a fork in the road as they are really convenient for quick storage and access, yet not so good for security and make the closed cargo pockets a little more floppy. Examples of ease of use would be being able to quickly store a pair of gloves without having to open anything up, while on the flip-side going prone or heavy movement will cause a general retention issue with any items inside. As long as you are standing up, they make for pretty nice dump pouches. Not to be overlooked is the upper left frontal thigh pocket. Using a velcro flap, the sizing is great for many phones and can hold most pistol mags as well. The only downside to this pocket is I wish there was another one on the right side. This pocket placement is handy to still be accessible while sitting down (vehicle ops).

      Overall I like the fit and the Genuine Gear pants can handle my best ninja impression without a crotch blowout. The main thing I look for is leg freedom and that is delivered. So far durability has been solid so I'll continue to keep an eye on them in the long run. That tends to be the main concern on budget priced pants, but these appear to be a good bang for the buck for the time being. The most unique feature is definitely the open compartments behind the cargo pockets so I suggest potential buyers put in some consideration if they think it will be more useful to them then a hindrance.

    Reviews: Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants

    4 out of 5

    Reviewed by 50 customers

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    • Great pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 9/2/2014
      Reviewer: | HASTINGS
    • 5 out of 5 waist, great fit, love the cell pocket, love the cargo pockets, plenty of pockets to keep your needed supplies.

    • Slightly Tight

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 8/28/2014
      Reviewer: | Buffalo
    • 4 out of 5 These pants are top-notch for quality and utility. I highly recommend them to anyone considering tactical pants. The cost alone means you could get two of these for any one of the other brands. My only criticism is that the waist is just a little tight for the size. I think this is due to the "action flex waistband". They still fit...they're just a bit snug compared to other pants of the same size.

    • The Best BDU's EVER

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 8/27/2014
      Reviewer: | Powder Springs, Ga
    • 5 out of 5 I have had many brand of BDU pants. These by far are 3000x better. The main thing that I struggled with was the baggy pant legs, they would make my leg look almost 3x their original size. But, with these that was not a problem. They surprised me with their price, therefore that I was extremely hesitant on the price. In the end... I am so glad I bought them. They are extremely lightweight and breathe well. They have plenty of pockets and they even have a magazine pouch such as the 511 pants do. I love these pants very much and can't say much bad about, besides ORDER A SIZE UP THEY SHRINK. These are awesome pants and I will defiantly buy more.

    • Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 8/23/2014
      Reviewer: | Springfield Tn.
    • 5 out of 5 Great Price and Quality.

    • Will buy more

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/24/2014
      Reviewer: | Harrisburg
    • 4 out of 5 Can't beat'em for the price! Sizing is small like they tell you on the website. And they do shrink a bit in wash, order one or possible two sizes larger than you usually wear

    • Best Value "tactical pants"

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/25/2014
      Reviewer: | Orange County
    • 4 out of 5 These are great pants. I bought 5 pair over a year ago. They are still holding up well. I feel for what you pat these are the best value. I owned these as well as LAPG operator pants. The LAPG pants do cost less they are typically in the $19.99 range. But for the extra $5 I feel you get much more. Nothing to say bad about the LAPG pants but they do feel thinner and slightly flimsy at the waist. The Genuine Gear feel more solid and very sturdy at the waist. The 3 features I enjoy most are the hook and loop flap closures(faster access than buttons), the dedicated cell pocket, and Open-top stash pockets behind the pleated cargo pocket(very useful if you need to stow something in a hurry and or quickly take it out again like tools etc). I bought the LAPG pants because of a coupon I received but I do wish I would have bough more of these. The Genuine Gear pants do take 2 small hits. One is they do tend to fade not a big deal as I use these for pants. Two is as the description says they do tend to shrink so for the wait I would say at least one size up and if you have them hemmed I suggest 1-1 1/4 longer than normal on the inseam. Great pants over all.

    • As advertised

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/2/2014
      Reviewer: | Texas
    • 4 out of 5 Ordered these a couple of months ago. Should have followed the advice on the page and ordered up a size. Only ordered up in the waist and now I have "tactical high waters". Other than that they perform as expected and I have had no durability issues.

    • Great Pants for the money

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 2/13/2014
      Reviewer: | Wichita, KS
    • 4 out of 5 These have tons of pockets and Good constriction. They do shrink after washing so get the next size up. Dump pockets work great for IDPA, 3-Gun, and USPSA. The front button could use some more stitching. Easy fix though. Hence the 4 stars.

    • Great Pants and Fast Shipping

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 11/27/2013
      Reviewer: | Jamestown, TN
    • 5 out of 5 First off I gotta say amazing shipping. I ordered these pants last night at 1 AM, they were here by 6 PM, no extra shipping cost! I ordered 5 pairs a year or so ago and decided to get 5 more pair. I love the pants, they are lightweight so they feel nice and loose, they are not like the 5.11 or proper where they feel so tight and stiff, they are actually really nice. The only problem I have had is with the button above the zipper coming off. I've had to sew mine back on several times. But they are great pants, great company. Will continue to do business with for many years!

    • nice pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/11/2013
      Reviewer: | So ILL
    • 4 out of 5 just bought two pairs of these pants little darker blue than my uniform but im hoping they fade a little when i wash them. Fitting is spot on, they are very light weight and not overly baggy like most cargo pants, shipping was ridiculous quick, ordered on a sun received them on a wed!!!!

    • Semi Tactical

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 5/1/2013
      Reviewer: | Fort Mill
    • 2 out of 5 Nice pant with restrictions. The material is nice, light and durable. The side pockets are way too shallow. The side pockets are unable to handle a small pistol, one of the reasons I wanted these pants.The zipper is too short as well. They are cut pretty close so I recommend choosing you up the waist size if you do buy these. These are at best a semi-Tactical pant.

    • Very Nice!

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 4/8/2013
      Reviewer: | St Pete
    • 5 out of 5 I was looking for tac pants that werent over priced like 5.11 but would still be comfortable and not overly baggy. These pants are dead on. Very functional, yet still present a "professional" image. Shipping was FAST as well. Ordered on Thursday, and received on Monday. Will for sure be buying more.

    • Awsome pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 4/8/2013
      Reviewer: | Wheat Ridge
    • 5 out of 5 Purchased 2 pair for work. Yes they shrink. The advice to order a size up was very true. I normally wear a 32x30 and ordered 34x32. They shrank to my exact size after the first wash. These pants are the most comfortable ones I have ever purchased. Great fit, great feel, great look. Going to order 2 more pair. Thanks Tactical Gear.

    • Update

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 2/4/2013
      Reviewer: | Eustis Florida
    • 5 out of 5 Ok, had these a few months now. Thought I would do an update. I really love these pants. Shrinkage was not very much at this point and they have been washed many times. Of course, I wouldnt throw cotton in the dryer unless it was a towel due to shrinking. As long as you let them drip dry you should be ok. I didn't but the next size up like they recommend but I don't regret it. Waist has elastic which compensates for the little shrinkage that you might expect. Due to the 60% cotton part of the equation, I think fading may have already begun. If fading doesnt bother you then, I still recommend these pants. No ties on the bottom of the legs, these are strictly over the boot pants. Again these are normal jean cut kind of pants no baggie. like dickie work

    • 6'3" 175 lbs 36x36 You've been served!

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 11/28/2012
      Reviewer: | Eustis FL
    • 4 out of 5 Fast delivery as always. Bought these with couple of other styles to experiment. These are the least baggie of the four I have purchased. Rise to the waste is slightly shorter than the others. Cargo pockets are actually two pockets. One has flap and velcro closure the other is behind the cargo pocket. Contrary to description there are only velcro closures on all pockets. Belt loops are 5/8". Zip is nylon and works very nicely. Pull strap on zipper tab. As in some of the others I bought, the zipper flap is fairly narrow. Depending on your abdomen, zipper might be exposed under certain circumstances. Take note that material is 60% cotton. Most others are 60% polyester. This will probably translate into some shrinkage. I probably should have taken the advice of the seller and bought one size up.......but time will tell. If I dont throw them in the dryer, I might be alright. Buy these if you don't like baggie pants. I would have given it 5 stars if they threw in a surprise in the pockets, and I'm don't mean a dead roach.

    • Great pants that work as they should

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/12/2012
      Reviewer: | Florida
    • 5 out of 5 I have never owned tactical pants before but a buddy of mine bought some Propper tactical pants locally for $50 so I decided to give the internet a try to find some deals. Found the Propper brand at first but then upon more researching found these that are made by Propper for Genuine Gear. I ordered one size up and they seemed to shrink as said before, in the first wash and dry cycle. All in and all a great value for a good product. I will be buying more of these, I just wish they came in more colors

    • Good Value

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/19/2012
      Reviewer: | Athens, Ga
    • 5 out of 5 These pants are a really good value. They have really good pocket locations and size. They do shrink just like the warning says, one size up was perfect. Sturdy and lightweight. Will order again.

    • Light weight Tactical Pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 10/6/2011
      Reviewer: | Texas
    • 2 out of 5 Although the pants have worn well for the last 6 months, I have an issue about the pocket and the clip location for the right side pocket. Getting in and out of the vehicle with a knife clipped in has caused scratches on the steering wheels of several patrol units. Would be nice if they changed that setup to the left side pocket.

    • Lightweight Tactical Pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 9/14/2011
      Reviewer: | Albemarle, NC
    • 5 out of 5 I have been wearing these for approximately 6 months now. They are great! Much more comfortable than more expensive pants my employer purchased. The lightweight makes them much easier to maneuver in (not stiff) and are great for summer use. The extra open cargo pockets on the thigh have proved to be very handy to me, however, they may not suit everyone's need. They are slightly undersized, so take that in mind when ordering. Shipping is fast.

    • great work pant for the price

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 9/8/2011
      Reviewer: | Central IL
    • 4 out of 5 great pants for the price. they do shrink a size from washing them so i did order them 1 size larger then what i normally wear. i got mine for 29.99 each i wouldn't pay more then 35 for them cause then i would go with 5.11's you can find for 39.99. the pocket set-up out great for me total of 4 cargo pockets,(one behind the Velcro cargo is a nice touch) cell pocket on left front fits droid with hard case,(my 5.11's i would have to take the case off and my droid still be on the tight side) rear pockets with flap and Velcro, and deep front pockets with a coin pocket on right side. only thing that would make this a 5 star product would be a gusted crotch like the 5.11's have, but for the price point it's a great pant for the price. i would definitely recommend and buy more for 30-35 dollars.

    • I am coming back for more

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 8/11/2011
      Reviewer: | Amarillo, TX
    • 5 out of 5 For my purposes these pants are the best bargain I can find. I have worn them many times. I find them comfortable and durable. As I said I am coming back for more

    • 3 months and still love these pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 8/8/2011
      Reviewer: | San Tan Valley, AZ
    • 5 out of 5 This is a follow-up post from my original in May. I've now worn these pants more than a dozen times now and I like them more every time. No quality issues noted and other than the original small size (I suggest ordering 1 size larger), they've very well maintained their fit and appearance. A great purchase.

    • great

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 8/7/2011
      Reviewer: | Las Vegs
    • 4 out of 5 well, after trying different brands and styles regardless of price, I have concluded the these pants are worth the money,overall I'm satisfied with their performance and price,just a note of advice order them one size bigger specially the inseam.

    • Superb product

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/7/2011
      Reviewer: | Texas
    • 5 out of 5 No complaints with these pants, as far as I am concerned. Given the thinness of the material, they are quite durable. The lightweight material makes them quite comfortable out in the Texas summer heat. The pocket is a good fit for my iPhone 3G with Otter box. I've ordered these pants twice now, in several colors.


      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/2/2011
      Reviewer: | LA

    • Great pants for the price

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/16/2011
      Reviewer: | GA
    • 5 out of 5 Great fit, light weight, well made. Exactly what I wanted.

    • Not so good

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/14/2011
      Reviewer: | San Diego
    • 1 out of 5 Bought 5 pairs. Good price poor quality. Should of known. They fit small especially in the crotch, the front of trouser (zipper) seems too short. After 2 uses on range I tore open stash pocket. 1 use in mat room also tore pocket. This trouser is more show than go. Not a ding on no issues with order or service

    • Love These Pants!

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/7/2011
      Reviewer: | Rathdrum, ID.
    • 5 out of 5 My department issued me pants that were really weirdly cut and seemed to only fit a non-human; too baggy and very uncomfortable. I decided to buy my own and these pants from BDU fit great! They feel great and I love all the pockets. They look nice enough to wear as your uniform but comfortable enough to wear everyday. You absolutely can't beat the price and I plan to by more so I can wear them casually as a civilian too.

    • Good and bad

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/3/2011
      Reviewer: | Arkansas
    • 3 out of 5 I ordered 2 pair of these pants, and have had an opportunity to run them through the paces. When I ordered them, my initial concern was the quality. I am happy with the quality of these pants. They are lightweight, with adequate stitching throughout the pant. Pockets are nice and sized right. I do like the open pocket behind the thigh pockets. Upper pocket on left leg will easily fit a iPhone 4 with an Otterbox case. Fabric is of good quality. Overall I am very happy with the materials and build quality of this pant. Where I do have an issue is the design. I had read all the reviews and knew to order a size bigger. I did, and the pants do fit, kind of. I think they are too short waisted. If I wear them on my natural waist, I get a bad "wedgie". When I try to wear them down were it is fairly comfortable in the crotch, I feel like they sit about 2" too low on the waist. Even though I ordered longer than I typically need, they are none too long. My suggestion would be to lengthen the legs by about an inch and give more room in the seat and raise the waist. You had better wear a long tail shirt with this pant. I don't think it is my build because other tactical pants (5.11) don't do this. I may try the Propper to see if they are the same.

    • Shrink, shrink, shrink

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 5/22/2011
      Reviewer: | Texas
    • 3 out of 5 I bought 3 pairs of Men's Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants. While I didn't expect the same level of quality as in the regular Tactical pants, I have been disappointed by how much they have shrunk over 3 washings. The legs are about 1-1/2 inch shorter, and the waist is very tight now. They were washed in only cold water and perm press dryer settings.

    Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants Khaki

    Available Colors

    • Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants Black
    • Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants Khaki
    • Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants Olive
    • Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants LAPD Navy

    About Genuine Gear

    Genuine Gear collage Tactical clothing can be costly. Workers, like those in the public safety sector, often have to make sacrifices to purchase the pants, shirts and jackets they wear to the office every day. With these price-conscious consumers in mind, Propper International released the Genuine Gear brand. Made to the same exacting standards as Propper's original line, the apparel is touted as the best value in the industry. Supremely focused on functionality, Genuine Gear products are durable and have many of the same characteristics as other higher-priced brands. Genuine Gear delivers a similar fit and performance but at half the cost for those operators on a budget.
    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants Black Black, 28 x 37
    SKU: F52512500128X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 30 x 30
    SKU: F52512500130X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 30 x 32
    SKU: F52512500130X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 30 x 34
    SKU: F52512500130X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 30 x 36
    SKU: F52512500130X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 32 x 30
    SKU: F52512500132X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 32 x 32
    SKU: F52512500132X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 32 x 34
    SKU: F52512500132X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 32 x 36
    SKU: F52512500132X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 34 x 30
    SKU: F52512500134X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 34 x 32
    SKU: F52512500134X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 34 x 34
    SKU: F52512500134X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 34 x 36
    SKU: F52512500134X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 36 x 30
    SKU: F52512500136X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 36 x 32
    SKU: F52512500136X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 36 x 34
    SKU: F52512500136X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 36 x 36
    SKU: F52512500136X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 38 x 30
    SKU: F52512500138X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 38 x 32
    SKU: F52512500138X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 38 x 34
    SKU: F52512500138X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 38 x 36
    SKU: F52512500138X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 40 x 30
    SKU: F52512500140X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 40 x 32
    SKU: F52512500140X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 40 x 34
    SKU: F52512500140X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 40 x 36
    SKU: F52512500140X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 42 x 30
    SKU: F52512500142X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 42 x 32
    SKU: F52512500142X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 42 x 34
    SKU: F52512500142X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 42 x 36
    SKU: F52512500142X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 44 x 30
    SKU: F52512500144X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 44 x 32
    SKU: F52512500144X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 44 x 34
    SKU: F52512500144X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 44 x 36
    SKU: F52512500144X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 46 x 37
    SKU: F52512500146X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 48 x 37
    SKU: F52512500148X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 50 x 37
    SKU: F52512500150X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 52 x 37
    SKU: F52512500152X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Black, 54 x 37
    SKU: F52512500154X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants Khaki Khaki, 28 x 37
    SKU: F52512525028X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 30 x 30
    SKU: F52512525030X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 30 x 32
    SKU: F52512525030X32
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, 30 x 34
    SKU: F52512525030X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 30 x 36
    SKU: F52512525030X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 32 x 30
    SKU: F52512525032X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 32 x 32
    SKU: F52512525032X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 32 x 34
    SKU: F52512525032X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 32 x 36
    SKU: F52512525032X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 34 x 30
    SKU: F52512525034X30
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, 34 x 32
    SKU: F52512525034X32
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, 34 x 34
    SKU: F52512525034X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 34 x 36
    SKU: F52512525034X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 36 x 30
    SKU: F52512525036X30
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, 36 x 32
    SKU: F52512525036X32
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, 36 x 34
    SKU: F52512525036X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 36 x 36
    SKU: F52512525036X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 38 x 30
    SKU: F52512525038X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 38 x 32
    SKU: F52512525038X32
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, 38 x 34
    SKU: F52512525038X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 38 x 36
    SKU: F52512525038X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 40 x 30
    SKU: F52512525040X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 40 x 32
    SKU: F52512525040X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 40 x 34
    SKU: F52512525040X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 40 x 36
    SKU: F52512525040X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 42 x 30
    SKU: F52512525042X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 42 x 32
    SKU: F52512525042X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 42 x 34
    SKU: F52512525042X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 42 x 36
    SKU: F52512525042X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 44 x 30
    SKU: F52512525044X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 44 x 32
    SKU: F52512525044X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 44 x 34
    SKU: F52512525044X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 44 x 36
    SKU: F52512525044X36
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, 46 x 37
    SKU: F52512525046X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 48 x 37
    SKU: F52512525048X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 50 x 37
    SKU: F52512525050X37
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, 52 x 37
    SKU: F52512525052X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Khaki, 54 x 37
    SKU: F52512525054X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants Olive Olive, 28 x 37
    SKU: F52512533028X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 30 x 30
    SKU: F52512533030X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 30 x 32
    SKU: F52512533030X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 30 x 34
    SKU: F52512533030X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 30 x 36
    SKU: F52512533030X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 32 x 30
    SKU: F52512533032X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 32 x 32
    SKU: F52512533032X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 32 x 34
    SKU: F52512533032X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 32 x 36
    SKU: F52512533032X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 34 x 30
    SKU: F52512533034X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 34 x 32
    SKU: F52512533034X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 34 x 34
    SKU: F52512533034X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 34 x 36
    SKU: F52512533034X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 36 x 30
    SKU: F52512533036X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 36 x 32
    SKU: F52512533036X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 36 x 34
    SKU: F52512533036X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 36 x 36
    SKU: F52512533036X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 38 x 30
    SKU: F52512533038X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 38 x 32
    SKU: F52512533038X32
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, 38 x 34
    SKU: F52512533038X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 38 x 36
    SKU: F52512533038X36
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, 40 x 30
    SKU: F52512533040X30
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, 40 x 32
    SKU: F52512533040X32
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, 40 x 34
    SKU: F52512533040X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 40 x 36
    SKU: F52512533040X36
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, 42 x 30
    SKU: F52512533042X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 42 x 32
    SKU: F52512533042X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 42 x 34
    SKU: F52512533042X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 42 x 36
    SKU: F52512533042X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 44 x 30
    SKU: F52512533044X30
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 44 x 32
    SKU: F52512533044X32
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 44 x 34
    SKU: F52512533044X34
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 44 x 36
    SKU: F52512533044X36
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 46 x 37
    SKU: F52512533046X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 48 x 37
    SKU: F52512533048X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 50 x 37
    SKU: F52512533050X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 52 x 37
    SKU: F52512533052X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Olive, 54 x 37
    SKU: F52512533054X37
    In Stock $24.99
    Genuine Gear Lightweight Tactical Pants LAPD Navy LAPD Navy, 28 x 37
    SKU: F52512545028X37
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 30 x 30
    SKU: F52512545030X30
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 30 x 32
    SKU: F52512545030X32
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 30 x 34
    SKU: F52512545030X34
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 30 x 36
    SKU: F52512545030X36
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 32 x 30
    SKU: F52512545032X30
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 32 x 32
    SKU: F52512545032X32
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 32 x 34
    SKU: F52512545032X34
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 32 x 36
    SKU: F52512545032X36
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 34 x 30
    SKU: F52512545034X30
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 34 x 32
    SKU: F52512545034X32
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 34 x 34
    SKU: F52512545034X34
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 34 x 36
    SKU: F52512545034X36
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 36 x 30
    SKU: F52512545036X30
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 36 x 32
    SKU: F52512545036X32
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 36 x 34
    SKU: F52512545036X34
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 36 x 36
    SKU: F52512545036X36
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 38 x 30
    SKU: F52512545038X30
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 38 x 32
    SKU: F52512545038X32
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 38 x 34
    SKU: F52512545038X34
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 38 x 36
    SKU: F52512545038X36
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 40 x 30
    SKU: F52512545040X30
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 40 x 32
    SKU: F52512545040X32
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 40 x 34
    SKU: F52512545040X34
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 40 x 36
    SKU: F52512545040X36
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 42 x 30
    SKU: F52512545042X30
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 42 x 32
    SKU: F52512545042X32
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 42 x 34
    SKU: F52512545042X34
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 42 x 36
    SKU: F52512545042X36
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 44 x 30
    SKU: F52512545044X30
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 44 x 32
    SKU: F52512545044X32
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 44 x 34
    SKU: F52512545044X34
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 44 x 36
    SKU: F52512545044X36
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 46 x 37
    SKU: F52512545046X37
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 48 x 37
    SKU: F52512545048X37
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 50 x 37
    SKU: F52512545050X37
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 52 x 37
    SKU: F52512545052X37
    In Stock $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 54 x 37
    SKU: F52512545054X37
    In Stock $24.99 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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