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Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats

Item Number: F545014250

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    • Genuine Gear BDUs are manufactured to the same standards as Propper's regular BDUs and are available at a lower price. The coat features drain holes in Bellows pockets, fused pocket flaps and collar, chest pencil pocket, two-piece, double-reinforced elbow and adjustable sleeve buttons.


      • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Twill
      • Same fit as military specification MIL-C-44048G
      • Drain holes in bellows pockets
      • Chest pencil pocket
      • Two-piece, double-reinforced elbows
      • Felled side seams and sleeves
      • Adjustable sleeve buttons
    Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats - Khaki

    Available Colors

    • Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats - Black
    • Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats - Khaki
    • Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats - Olive
    • Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats - LAPD Navy

    About Genuine Gear

    Genuine Gear collage Tactical clothing can be costly. Workers, like those in the public safety sector, often have to make sacrifices to purchase the pants, shirts and jackets they wear to the office every day. With these price-conscious consumers in mind, Propper International released the Genuine Gear brand. Made to the same exacting standards as Propper's original line, the apparel is touted as the best value in the industry. Supremely focused on functionality, Genuine Gear products are durable and have many of the same characteristics as other higher-priced brands. Genuine Gear delivers a similar fit and performance but at half the cost for those operators on a budget.

    Reviews: Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats

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    • Excellent Jacket

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 12/9/2012
      Reviewer: | New York
    • 5 out of 5 Very authentic and could be possibly used for WWII reenacting because the Olive Drab one looks like an M1943 Field Jacket

    SIZE Chest Height Sleeve
    Extra Small Regular 29 - 32 67 - 71 24.25
    Small Regular 33 - 36 67 - 71 24.75
    Small Long 33 - 36 71 - 75 25.75
    Medium Regular 37 - 40 67 - 71 25.25
    Medium Long 37 - 40 71 - 75 26.25
    Large Regular 41 - 44 67 - 71 25.75
    Large Long 41 - 44 71 - 75 26.75
    Extra Large Regular 45 - 48 67 - 71 26.25
    Extra Large Long 45 - 48 71 - 75 27.25
    2X Large Regular 49 - 52 67 - 71 26.75
    3X Large Regular 53 - 56 67 - 71 27.25
    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats - Black Black, Extra Small Regular
    SKU: F545014001XS2
    Backorder $24.99
    Black, Small Regular
    SKU: F545014001S2
    Backorder $24.99
    Black, Small Long
    SKU: F545014001S3
    Backorder $24.99
    Black, Medium Regular
    SKU: F545014001M2
    Backorder $24.99
    Black, Medium Long
    SKU: F545014001M3
    Backorder $24.99
    Black, Large Regular
    SKU: F545014001L2
    Backorder $24.99
    Black, Large Long
    SKU: F545014001L3
    Backorder $24.99
    Black, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: F545014001XL2
    Backorder $24.99
    Black, Extra Large Long
    SKU: F545014001XL3
    Backorder $24.99
    Black, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: F545014001XXL2
    Backorder $24.99
    Black, 3X Large Regular
    SKU: F5450140013XL2
    Backorder $24.99
    Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats - Khaki Khaki, Extra Small Regular
    SKU: F545014250XS2
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, Small Regular
    SKU: F545014250S2
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, Small Long
    SKU: F545014250S3
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, Medium Regular
    SKU: F545014250M2
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, Medium Long
    SKU: F545014250M3
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, Large Regular
    SKU: F545014250L2
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, Large Long
    SKU: F545014250L3
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: F545014250XL2
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, Extra Large Long
    SKU: F545014250XL3
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: F545014250XXL2
    Backorder $24.99
    Khaki, 3X Large Regular
    SKU: F5450142503XL2
    Backorder $24.99
    Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats - Olive Olive, Extra Small Regular
    SKU: F545014330XS2
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, Small Regular
    SKU: F545014330S2
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, Small Long
    SKU: F545014330S3
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, Medium Regular
    SKU: F545014330M2
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, Medium Long
    SKU: F545014330M3
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, Large Regular
    SKU: F545014330L2
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, Large Long
    SKU: F545014330L3
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: F545014330XL2
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, Extra Large Long
    SKU: F545014330XL3
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: F545014330XXL2
    Backorder $24.99
    Olive, 3X Large Regular
    SKU: F5450143303XL2
    Backorder $24.99
    Genuine Gear Poly / Cotton Twill BDU Coats - LAPD Navy LAPD Navy, Extra Small Regular
    SKU: F545014450XS2
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, Small Regular
    SKU: F545014450S2
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, Small Long
    SKU: F545014450S3
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, Medium Regular
    SKU: F545014450M2
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, Medium Long
    SKU: F545014450M3
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, Large Regular
    SKU: F545014450L2
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, Large Long
    SKU: F545014450L3
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: F545014450XL2
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, Extra Large Long
    SKU: F545014450XL3
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: F545014450XXL2
    Backorder $24.99
    LAPD Navy, 3X Large Regular
    SKU: F5450144503XL2
    Backorder $24.99 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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