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Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt

Item Number: 4332

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    • 24-7 Series men's polo shirt provides a perfect solution for around-the-clock comfort. It's constructed from a Tru-Dri plaited polyester / cotton micro knit pique fabric that creates a soft, comfortable feel that works hard wicking away moisture. And if you're on the move, look to the gusseted sleeves to provide a full range of motion. While rugged enough for duty, the 24-7 Series polo shirt easily shifts to casual, off-the-clock wear. But with a mic / sunglasses holder and a two-pencil sleeve, it is evident this shirt is much more than an ordinary polo. Additionally, there are side vents with extended back length for easy movement and to assist in keeping the shirt tucked.


      • Moisture-wicking poly-cotton fabric blend
      • Gusseted sleeves for greater range of motion
      • Taped neck
      • Reinforced half moon neck yolk
      • Durable dye to match Melamine buttons
      • Mic / sunglass holder
      • Two-pencil sleeve pocket
      • Comfortable soft knit collar With no-curl  inserts
      • Tone on tone embroidery
      • Imported

    Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Range Red

    Available Colors

    • Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Black
    • Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Navy
    • Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - White
    • Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Academy Blue
    • Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Range Red
    • Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Silver Tan
    • Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Heather Gray
    • Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Classic Green

    • NPS - ALL 24-7 Series Original AND Performance Polos

    About 24-7 Series

    24-7 Series collage Created with the needs of the tactical professional in mind, Tru-Spec by Atlanco manufactures military-styled apparel and accessories. Specifically, the 24-7 Series line addresses the needs of law enforcement officers, EMTs, firefighters, police and military personnel. As a direct result of customer feedback, it emphasizes the ideal of functionality in its clothing—whether it's a vest, shirt, jacket or a pair of tactical pants or shorts. Many of its product reviews highlight the comfortable "roomy" fit of the clothing. In particular, its pants are cut for heavier men, which allows for better maneuverability, which every operator requires for getting the job done right.

    Reviews: Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt

    4 out of 5

    Reviewed by 5 customers

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    • Great, Comfortable Shirts

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/10/2011
      Reviewer: | Marion, IA
    • 4 out of 5 These are great shirts, I have five of them. My only complaint is the color variety.

    • Excellent Product

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/1/2011
      Reviewer: | Dallas, Texas
    • 5 out of 5 To be honest, because of the durability and design, I have always used 5.11 gear. But, I have to say that I would now be glad to use and recommend Tru-Spec gear as well. I have used the shirt and had it cleaned as well. Excellent product!

    • No curl up

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 5/27/2011
      Reviewer: | Pennsylvania
    • 5 out of 5 Very nice shirts, I purchased the long sleeve Polo Shirts this past winter and was pleased to see them in a short sleeve. They truly are comfortable and they do not curl up as you stated. Thank you!

    • Great product

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 5/12/2011
      Reviewer: | Virginia
    • 4 out of 5 Great product, very comfortable.

    • good and bad

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 4/6/2011
      Reviewer: | n/a
    • 2 out of 5 I love the shirts themselves, but they are the worst items of clothing I have ever owned as far as being colorfast goes. The shirts just do not hold up to washing. It's odd, but the fabric on the inside of the shirt holds its color, while the outside fabric loses color quickly. And yes, I have tried washing inside out and in cold water. Nothing works.

    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Black Black, Small Regular
    SKU: 4328003
    In Stock $29.95
    Black, Medium Regular
    SKU: 4328004
    In Stock $29.95
    Black, Large Regular
    SKU: 4328005
    In Stock $29.95
    Black, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 4328006
    In Stock $29.95
    Black, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 4328007
    Backorder $34.95
    Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Navy Navy, Small Regular
    SKU: 4331003
    In Stock $29.95
    Navy, Medium Regular
    SKU: 4331004
    In Stock $29.95
    Navy, Large Regular
    SKU: 4331005
    In Stock $29.95
    Navy, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 4331006
    In Stock $29.95
    Navy, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 4331007
    In Stock $34.95
    Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - White White, Small Regular
    SKU: 4326003
    In Stock $29.95
    White, Medium Regular
    SKU: 4326004
    In Stock $29.95
    White, Large Regular
    SKU: 4326005
    In Stock $29.95
    White, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 4326006
    In Stock $29.95
    White, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 4326007
    In Stock $34.95
    Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Academy Blue Academy Blue, Small Regular
    SKU: 4330003
    In Stock $29.95
    Academy Blue, Medium Regular
    SKU: 4330004
    In Stock $29.95
    Academy Blue, Large Regular
    SKU: 4330005
    In Stock $29.95
    Academy Blue, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 4330006
    In Stock $29.95
    Academy Blue, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 4330007
    In Stock $34.95
    Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Range Red Range Red, Small Regular
    SKU: 4332003
    In Stock $29.95
    Range Red, Medium Regular
    SKU: 4332004
    In Stock $29.95
    Range Red, Large Regular
    SKU: 4332005
    In Stock $29.95
    Range Red, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 4332006
    In Stock $29.95
    Range Red, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 4332007
    In Stock $34.95
    Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Silver Tan Silver Tan, Small Regular
    SKU: 4333003
    In Stock $29.95
    Silver Tan, Medium Regular
    SKU: 4333004
    In Stock $29.95
    Silver Tan, Large Regular
    SKU: 4333005
    In Stock $29.95
    Silver Tan, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 4333006
    In Stock $29.95
    Silver Tan, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 4333007
    In Stock $34.95
    Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Heather Gray Heather Gray, Small Regular
    SKU: 4338003
    In Stock $29.95
    Heather Gray, Medium Regular
    SKU: 4338004
    In Stock $29.95
    Heather Gray, Large Regular
    SKU: 4338005
    In Stock $29.95
    Heather Gray, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 4338006
    In Stock $29.95
    Heather Gray, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 4338007
    In Stock $34.95
    Men's 24-7 Series Polo Shirt - Classic Green Classic Green, Small Regular
    SKU: 4339003
    In Stock $29.95
    Classic Green, Medium Regular
    SKU: 4339004
    In Stock $29.95
    Classic Green, Large Regular
    SKU: 4339005
    In Stock $29.95
    Classic Green, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 4339006
    In Stock $29.95
    Classic Green, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 4339007
    In Stock $34.95 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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