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Men's Altama Original Ripple USA

Item Number: 5777

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      • Height – 10”
      • Weight per pair: 4.30 lbs.
      • Sole Pattern – Vibram® Ripple
      • Collar – Nylon Webbing
      • Outsole – Rubber, Vibram® Ripple Design
      • Midsole – Cushioned Polyurethane
      • Removable Innersole – Cambrelle® Covered Molded Polyurethane
      • Nylon Coated Brass Speedhook/Eyelet Lacing
      • Made in USA
    Men's Altama Original Ripple USA - Desert Tan

    Available Colors

    • Men's Altama Original Ripple USA - Sage
    • Men's Altama Original Ripple USA - Desert Tan

    About Altama

    Altama collage Altama is a leading provider of Mil-Spec boots for the U.S. Department of Defense. Founded in 1969, the Georgia-based company got its start by equipping soldiers with olive drab jungle boots during the Vietnam War. Four decades later, it continues to supply U.S. Military, federal, state and local agencies, military schools, police and Special Forces with aggressive, top-of-the-line footwear. In 2003, Altama gained more fans when it was the first to introduce its Original Ripple Sole Boots for civilian use. These combined elements provide the versatile support soldiers require when on duty in various types of environments.

    Reviews: Men's Altama Original Ripple USA

    3 out of 5

    Reviewed by 3 customers

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    • Better Designs

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 4/10/2014
      Reviewer: | Vacaville CA
    • 3 out of 5 Vibram ripple soles look like they will hold up for a long time. Top portion of fabric feels kind of cheap compared too other boot brands. Boot is heavy/stiff and will need a good break-in period. You will also need a full size smaller than your normal size. No vent holes or so called water drainage holes so whatever gets in won't come out unless you take the boots off. The 10 inch ankle height is a bit weird to get used to at first. As the headline reads there is better designs out

    • Good Boot

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 1/18/2014
      Reviewer: | Deployed
    • 3 out of 5 Make sure to get these a half a size smaller, I wear a 12 shoe but had to buy a 11 1/2 for these. My pair have been used in mostly deployment and some garrison. They are 7 months old and look like they could last at least another year. They are also 10" boots not the standard 8" and have helped keep sand out when stepping in soft pits. Pros: -surprisingly comfortable, fits my foot shape nearly perfectly and the ripple sole adds a slight spring further helping with comfort especially on rough terrain and when carrying heavy loads. -construction is tough yet requires almost no break-in time! I am yet to get a blister in these boots. - the ripple sole grips sand, dirt, gravel very well. I didn't even notice how it glides over this kind of terrain till I tried my other boots and was sliding around in the sand and dirt. - Made in the USA! It gives peace of mind knowing I helped even if a minute amount to help the economy for the country and countrymen I swore to serve and defend. It does matter! Cons: - having 4 eyelets at the bottom half makes it easy when in a hurry to accidently get too tight a fit. When this happens the second eyelet from the bottom on my particular pair comes down and smashes the bootlace down onto the bones of my feet. It's not too noticeable at first till a few hours of wear and quickly escalates in discomfort - there are no drainage vents (it rains in the desert too,) however you could also say it keeps the soft powdery sand from entering through the vents. Overall: Good boot but could be improved, however the meat and potatoes are there. I recommend them and will be buying another pair when these ones wear out. I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for the eyelet problem I've encountered and the lack of drainage vents.

    • Love ripple soles

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/31/2012
      Reviewer: | North Carolina, USA
    • 3 out of 5 I've owned two pairs of these boots and I love the soles. My first pair, my ankles wore through on both sides after only 6 months ( half garrison, half Iraq ). Soles held up great! My second pair lasted me 8 months when alternated with another pair or two. This pair had no issues and saved my big toe when some razor wire cut through the leather. Boots are extremely heavy though and with such a tall sole, ankles can be rolled easily in uneven terrain. Sole isn't great laterally in slippery environments for obvious reasons. I would reccomend these boots but I have moved on from them. Hope this review was helpful. Go Army!

    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Men's Altama Original Ripple USA - Sage Sage, 7, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-7M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 7, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-7W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 7.5, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-75M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 7.5, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-75W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 8, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-8M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 8, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-8W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 8.5, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-85M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 8.5, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-85W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 9, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-9M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 9, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-9W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 9.5, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-95M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 9.5, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-95W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 10, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-10M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 10, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-10W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 10.5, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-105M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 10.5, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-105W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 11, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-11M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 11, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-11W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 11.5, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-115M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 11.5, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-115W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 12, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-12M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 12, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-12W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 12.5, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-125M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 12.5, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-125W
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 13, Medium
    SKU: AT8577-13M
    In Stock $139.99
    Sage, 13, Wide
    SKU: AT8577-13W
    In Stock $139.99
    Men's Altama Original Ripple USA - Desert Tan Desert Tan, 7, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-7M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 7, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-7W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 7.5, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-75M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 7.5, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-75W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 8, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-8M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 8, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-8W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 8.5, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-85M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 8.5, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-85W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 9, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-9M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 9, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-9W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 9.5, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-95M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 9.5, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-95W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 10, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-10M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 10, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-10W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 10.5, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-105M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 10.5, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-105W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 11, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-11M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 11, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-11W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 11.5, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-115M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 11.5, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-115W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 12, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-12M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 12, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-12W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 12.5, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-125M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 12.5, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-125W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 13, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-13M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 13, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-13W
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 14, Medium
    SKU: AT5777-14M
    In Stock $139.99
    Desert Tan, 14, Wide
    SKU: AT5777-14W
    In Stock $139.99 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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