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Men's Propper Tactical Pants

Item Number: F525282330

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    • The Propper Tactical Pants are made of a durable 65% Polyester /35% Cotton canvas fabric. This fabric is said to be superior to Cotton by 100 percent. Resistant to fading, wrinkling and shrinking, these pants can handle the elements whether natural or man-made. Extremely durable, they have a sturdy snap closure with French fly and double seat and knee. For extra joint protection, pads can be inserted into the openings at the knee. Its nine-pocket design, D-ring and pocket-in-a-pocket wallet pockets provide limitless storage for the operator on the move.


      • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Canvas
      • Fade, wrinkle, and shrink resistant
      • DuPont Teflon treatment resists liquids and stains
      • Sturdy snap closure with french fly
      • Heavy-duty double seat and double knee
      • Internal knee pad insertion openings
      • Action stretch waistband
      • 9-pocket design
      • Handy D-ring to carry keys and tools
      • Pocket-in-a-pocket wallet pockets on seat
      • Free belt included
    Men's Propper Tactical Pants - Olive

    Available Colors

    • Men's Propper Tactical Pants - Black
    • Men's Propper Tactical Pants - Khaki
    • Men's Propper Tactical Pants - Olive
    • Men's Propper Tactical Pants - LAPD Navy

    • TG - Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants - Manufacturer

    About Propper

    Propper collage Founded in 1967, Propper International has produced high-quality clothing and gear for soldiers, first responders, tactical operators and the public. Since its first government contract for "Dixie cup" hats, Propper's apparel line has grown to include flight suits, parkas, chemical weapons suits, flight gloves and many additional combat pieces. To date it has manufactured more than 120 million garments for the U.S. Department of Defense and is the largest official supplier for the United States military. Its reputation for high-performance, durable gear and clothing has also won over the commercial market. Patrolling city streets to fighting on the front lines, Propper's clothing is battle ready and can withstand the toughest mission.

    Reviews: Men's Propper Tactical Pants

    5 out of 5

    Reviewed by 33 customers

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    • Great pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 12/20/2013
      Reviewer: | WIchita Falls, Texas
    • 5 out of 5 I origionally bought these for playing Airsoft, something with magazine pouches, and all these pockets for carrying my gear. I prefer my leather belt to the belt that they came with, but have had no issues with it. Overall, I am a large guy, and I have a hard time finding pants long enough, while at the same time fitting my waist size. I ordered the largest pair available and they fit very nicely. Since buying my first pair, I have been wearing them all the time. I wear them to work, I wear them to play, Every application. They look sharp, they hold up great. The reinforced crotch is awesome as I usually blow out the crotch of pants inside a few months of owning them. All in all I love these pants, and Intend to order more colors for everyday wear and more for playing airsoft! I recomend thse pants!

    • Great Pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/14/2013
      Reviewer: | Bemidji Mn
    • 5 out of 5 fit perfect very comfortable great choice

    • Pretty much the only pants I wear.

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/9/2013
      Reviewer: | Oregon
    • 5 out of 5 I'm a field scientist and discovered these pants about eight years ago. They're tough, functional, and socially passable. I wear them in the field, in the snow, on the boat, in the lab, in the machine shop, and in the lecture hall. I don't think I've actually worn a pair out, but all of mine have accumulated a few stains and minor frayed edges. One ripped in the crotch a bit - they're not quite as accommodating for vigorous activity as are gusseted BDUs. The pocket fits my iPhone perfectly. I don't use the wallet pocket-in-pockets. I actually find them a bit annoying, and my wallet doesn't fit into them, but I do use the ones in the front pockets. Instead, I'd rather have the PiP or some organizing loops in the cargo pockets. And as some of the other reviews noted, there seem to be some sizing issues lately - the last pair I ordered was too large in the waist and too short on the inseam. The knee pad pockets are a real lifesaver in the field and in the garage!

    • Great pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 4/17/2013
      Reviewer: | Eugene
    • 3 out of 5 I have been buying these pants for years. Very durable and great fit. I'm very tough on my clothes with my job and can count on these pants to last. Only problem, as the previous reviewer noted, is that they must have changed factories. Last two pair of pants did not fit right at all and had to be returned. I ended up going with a similar pair of pants from 5.11

    • factory changed sizes

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/6/2013
      Reviewer: | NoVA
    • 3 out of 5 The older pairs that I have are pretty much bombproof, but they're starting to show their age after nearly 4 years. I ordered more in the same size, but they appear to have changed factories or something, and now the same 34 waist is much tighter than the older pants I have with 34 waists. A 36 waist will fit, but then the rest of the pants are too baggy. Off to find another brand that makes pants with a 36" inseam....

    • Tough

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 12/24/2012
      Reviewer: | Roanoke, VA
    • 5 out of 5 I wear these to work with a tie, they look great, and they have replaced jeans for casual wear. I have had two motorcycle accidents, the first time i was wearing these and only had a little not noticable fuzzy hole. I was able to continue to wear them and after 4 years still wear them. In the second accident I had the lightweight ripstop version, these left horzintial threads, but did not get through the second layer at the knees. I perfer the cotton canvas, but still like the other.

    • Great Pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 11/13/2012
      Reviewer: | Pennsylvania
    • 5 out of 5 Have had several pairs of these pants over the years, excellent wear. They look great right out of the dryer. Way better than the canvas 5.11s. Would like to see the same pant without the BDU pockets on the side for a more casual looking pant.

    • They are as good as you've read!

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 11/7/2012
      Reviewer: | Ohio
    • 5 out of 5 I'm a professional photographer, and as such I need to have a wide range of movement from my clothing. Kneeling, laying prone, climbing, all of these things are a normal part of many photo shoots. These pants are PERFECT for looking professional and still being rugged and durable enough to get the job done. I may never buy jeans ever again.

    • Like the pockets, but refinements needed

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 8/3/2012
      Reviewer: | Soutwestern Alaska
    • 4 out of 5 I am a bush pilot in Alaska and wear these in lieu of Carhartts. The pockets are useful: good size and placement. The cell pocket fits a Leatherman nicely. The pocket (on the right side) and the key pocket (inside the right pocket) are much appreciated. The fabric is sturdy and is well suited for the cool days in Alaska. Three refinements are needed: the kneepad pockets do not hold pads centered on the knees (they wind up on the inside of the leg, so you have to put in a seam to keep the pads centered on the knee cap) and their placement is too high (so you have to order longer pants in order to get the knee pads to ride correctly). I'd like to see the snap on the waist replaced with a button.

    • Tough, Rugged, Long-Lasting

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/22/2012
      Reviewer: | Erie, PA
    • 5 out of 5 I purchased two pairs of these back in 2008. I have worn them in jobs ranging from food service to my current job as a machinist. They have been soaked with food, industrial solvents, cutting oil, blood, dirt and grime over the last 4 years. Though the bottom hem has started to fray and the front hand pockets have worn through, they come clean everytime and show very little signs of wear or fading. By far the best money I've spent on work wear ever.

    • strong and light ,buy next time

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 12/29/2011
      Reviewer: | lakeland fl
    • 5 out of 5 for me was good i have them for almost 2 years 10 hours a day

    • Excellent All-Around Pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 12/19/2011
      Reviewer: | NY, USA
    • 5 out of 5 I ordered a pair of these pants about 1 year ago and was at first disappointed by the fact that I had to keep cutting away the belts fray wear over and over. The pocket design was awkward for me and cell pocket didn't look like it would hold my device. However all but the belt were a problem. Nonetheless, after cauterizing the belt to a length and texture to not fray, these pants are still my go-to's for any activity in which I know I need durability and comfort.


      Customer Rating
    • Date: 12/9/2011
      Reviewer: | San Diego, CA
    • 5 out of 5 I own 4 pair of these pants, 1 of each color...I have had them for 2 years and wear each pair at least once a week for work & travel... No issues with them at all...

    • The best work pants I ever bought !!!!!

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/23/2011
      Reviewer: | San Antonio Texas
    • 5 out of 5 I can wear out a pair of pants in no time,but this pants are different story.I love them. Thank you, I"am going to buy two more pairs of them.

    • Great Feel

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/28/2011
      Reviewer: | Salisbury, NC
    • 4 out of 5 I just got these pants and at first, they felt like burlap sacks on my legs. After 3 days of wearing them, they are breaking in nicely and have cooled down. I have worn 5.11 for the past 2 years and these feel just as good. The only issue is it has one less pocket on the right leg than the 5.11 and I miss that.

    • Not too Happy

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/28/2011
      Reviewer: | Poynette
    • 2 out of 5 I have wore them three times and while doing training, they ripped in the crotch region. 'Im not too happy

    • Great Pants; especially for the money

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/18/2011
      Reviewer: | Georgia
    • 5 out of 5 I bought a couple pair of these about two years ago. I wear them all day, every other day for 10-12 hours a day, in all types of weather... Indoor and out, I've had good service from them.

    • Nice Pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/9/2011
      Reviewer: | Rio Rancho, NM
    • 5 out of 5 Really good fit, the belt was a plus, and the cell pocket, while looking small, fit my 3.5 in screen cell phone just fine. Overall happy.

    • Propper Tactical pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 5/15/2011
      Reviewer: | usa
    • 4 out of 5 These pants were just as described. They are comfortable and wash well. The only issue was that the belt on one of the pairs was frayed on the end. Minor detail to repair.

    • Good for the price

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 4/5/2011
      Reviewer: | Albuquerque
    • 4 out of 5 These are great for everyday wear and on the range with one exception: The pants need an additional belt loop on the side. A holster sags if worn in the 3 o'clock to 4 o'clock position even if on a good gun

    • Great Pants!

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/9/2011
      Reviewer: | Santa Fe, Texas
    • 5 out of 5 Very good quality for the money! I actually could use the next size smaller than I usually wear. Free shipping also!

    • WOW. Great Pant, great price

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/7/2011
      Reviewer: | Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    • 5 out of 5 I purchased these pants from about 6 months ago. After many washings and many adventures....they are still going strong. I love the fact that they are heavy-weight....making the longevity of these pants and added bonus. They are heavy pants, yes. But, the pants deliver on their quality, no rips/tears or other evidence of wear. I took these to the summit of a mountain and they were perfect....albeit i did carbo-load and packed on like 5 pounds making the wasteband a little uncomfortable. If there is anything negative to say about them, it's this: The color 'Olive' is not what I thought it'd be. I assume OD, like that military color...Olive actually is more like the dark color of the US Army ACU....almost a very subtle blue.

    • Almost perfect

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/4/2011
      Reviewer: | Kentucky
    • 4 out of 5 Just got it in the mail today. Fits perfect, feels good. Fast shipping. Was doubtful because of price at first, but am very happy. Only drawback, cellphone pocket is a little small. Fits my LG perfectly, however a lot of the newer touch phones won't fit. You would need to use one of the lower knee pockets for that.

    • Excellent Pants For The Price !

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 2/19/2011
      Reviewer: | Paradise, Ca
    • 5 out of 5 I bought several pairs of these in the twill fabric a couple years ago and they are still going strong ! I bought the black color for obvious reasons and the color combined with the Teflon/ NIR teatment has been a life saver on many rainy nights for me. FYI, the Teflon will slowly start to rinse out after several washings or so. So if you want to retain the water resistance properties make sure you keep a bottle of Nikwax TX Direct 2.0 wash-in formula around your washing machine. Also don't ever use powdered detergents on your clothes, as always they have a tendency to leave detergent stains on darker colored clothing so I don't use them, I use liquid detergents and dilute them in a large bottle of hot water before I put them into the bottom of the washing machine as it is filling up.

    • Geat pants, even better sevice

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 2/19/2011
      Reviewer: | griffin, GA
    • 5 out of 5 I love this site and I will use a lot more often! Don't listen to the inaccurate reviews about how these pants run, they actually run a little big, so order a size SMALLER than you normally would. But, all in all, great pants, and great service from this site!

    • Just about Perfect

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 1/22/2011
      Reviewer: | Wauconda ,Illinois
    • 4 out of 5 I've been looking for a good pair of pants for awhile and found Tactical by a click of the mouse. Great site all the top brands in one place so you can compare and read reviews. Based on the reviews and price I ordered 2 pair. Got them today, fast delivery and Wow! Fit was same as my jeans size , great belt included. Fabric is very comfortable even without washing the newness out . They look great and because they have a pleated front unlike all the other brands which have flat fronts, when you wear them out to dinner you don't look like you're going to war. Took my wife to dinner wearing the grey which is lighter in color than the picture and she thought they looked nice. Top quality everywhere , stitching , pockets and plenty of room in the crotch when you squat or kneel . I liked them so much that I'm ordering another pair and I would have said they were perfect if I could slide a Magpul 30 straight up in the cargo pocket, although it fits straight up in the side slash pockets. One more thing I got the lightweight and some of the reviewers said they were comfortable in hot climates, well it was 2 degrees today in Illinois and when I went out I was just as comfortable as I would have been in slacks or jeans. As I said to my closest friend " buy them , you won't be disappointed."

    • Comfortable, Versatile & Tough

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 1/14/2011
      Reviewer: | Georgia
    • 5 out of 5 Absolutely love these pants! The material is tough and great for chilly to cold weather. I have worn these outdoors, working, and socially, since they look great! They are machine wash, but always come out looking pressed. The pockets are huge, but are situated so that items are not cluttered or lost, which is useful if you need things quick. Caveat-waist size is unforgiving, but the elastic makes them comfortable. Con-No brown or coyote colors, and the OD Green is a strange shade.

    • Good Pants

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 12/14/2010
      Reviewer: | Plano, TX
    • 5 out of 5 Got these shipped fast. They seem to be durable and for $30 you can't beat the price. I like the nylon belt that is included. These are lightweight pants so don't expect them to keep you warm in the winter.

    • An Excellent Value

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 10/26/2010
      Reviewer: | Fishers, IN
    • 5 out of 5 I wore these pants most of the time during a recent camping trip. They were comfortable while hiking and crouching and shed water well when I took an accidental step into a stream. I spent some time kneeling on the dusty ground by the fire and the dirt and dust just brushed off. Not bad for $29.99 AND a free belt!

    • perfect fit

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/7/2010
      Reviewer: | eliot, maine
    • 5 out of 5 comfortable right away. i am impressed for the money. nice deep pockets and heavy belt loops. i will give them a good out canoing the rivers of maine.

    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Men's Propper Tactical Pants - Black Black, 28 x 37
    SKU: F52528200128X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 30 x 30
    SKU: F52528200130X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 30 x 32
    SKU: F52528200130X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 30 x 36
    SKU: F52528200130X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 32 x 30
    SKU: F52528200132X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 32 x 32
    SKU: F52528200132X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 32 x 34
    SKU: F52528200132X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 32 x 36
    SKU: F52528200132X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 34 x 30
    SKU: F52528200134X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 34 x 32
    SKU: F52528200134X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 34 x 34
    SKU: F52528200134X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 34 x 36
    SKU: F52528200134X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 36 x 30
    SKU: F52528200136X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 36 x 32
    SKU: F52528200136X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 36 x 34
    SKU: F52528200136X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 36 x 36
    SKU: F52528200136X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 38 x 30
    SKU: F52528200138X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 38 x 32
    SKU: F52528200138X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 38 x 34
    SKU: F52528200138X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 38 x 36
    SKU: F52528200138X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 40 x 30
    SKU: F52528200140X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 40 x 32
    SKU: F52528200140X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 40 x 34
    SKU: F52528200140X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 40 x 36
    SKU: F52528200140X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 42 x 30
    SKU: F52528200142X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 42 x 32
    SKU: F52528200142X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 42 x 34
    SKU: F52528200142X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 42 x 36
    SKU: F52528200142X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 44 x 30
    SKU: F52528200144X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 44 x 32
    SKU: F52528200144X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 44 x 34
    SKU: F52528200144X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 44 x 36
    SKU: F52528200144X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 46 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528200146X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 48 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528200148X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 50 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528200150X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 52 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528200152X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Black, 54 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528200154X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Men's Propper Tactical Pants - Khaki Khaki, 28 x 37
    SKU: F52528225028X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 30 x 30
    SKU: F52528225030X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 30 x 32
    SKU: F52528225030X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 30 x 36
    SKU: F52528225030X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 32 x 30
    SKU: F52528225032X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 32 x 32
    SKU: F52528225032X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 32 x 34
    SKU: F52528225032X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 32 x 36
    SKU: F52528225032X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 34 x 30
    SKU: F52528225034X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 34 x 32
    SKU: F52528225034X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 34 x 34
    SKU: F52528225034X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 34 x 36
    SKU: F52528225034X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 36 x 30
    SKU: F52528225036X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 36 x 32
    SKU: F52528225036X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 36 x 34
    SKU: F52528225036X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 36 x 36
    SKU: F52528225036X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 38 x 30
    SKU: F52528225038X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 38 x 32
    SKU: F52528225038X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 38 x 34
    SKU: F52528225038X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 38 x 36
    SKU: F52528225038X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 40 x 30
    SKU: F52528225040X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 40 x 32
    SKU: F52528225040X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 40 x 34
    SKU: F52528225040X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 40 x 36
    SKU: F52528225040X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 42 x 30
    SKU: F52528225042X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 42 x 32
    SKU: F52528225042X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 42 x 34
    SKU: F52528225042X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 42 x 36
    SKU: F52528225042X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 44 x 30
    SKU: F52528225044X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 44 x 32
    SKU: F52528225044X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 44 x 34
    SKU: F52528225044X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 44 x 36
    SKU: F52528225044X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 46 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528225046X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 48 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528225048X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 50 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528225050X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 52 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528225052X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Khaki, 54 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528225054X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Men's Propper Tactical Pants - Olive Olive, 28 x 37
    SKU: F52528233028X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 30 x 30
    SKU: F52528233030X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 30 x 32
    SKU: F52528233030X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 30 x 36
    SKU: F52528233030X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 32 x 30
    SKU: F52528233032X30
    Backorder $39.99
    Olive, 32 x 32
    SKU: F52528233032X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 32 x 34
    SKU: F52528233032X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 32 x 36
    SKU: F52528233032X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 34 x 30
    SKU: F52528233034X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 34 x 32
    SKU: F52528233034X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 34 x 34
    SKU: F52528233034X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 34 x 36
    SKU: F52528233034X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 36 x 30
    SKU: F52528233036X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 36 x 32
    SKU: F52528233036X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 36 x 34
    SKU: F52528233036X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 36 x 36
    SKU: F52528233036X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 38 x 30
    SKU: F52528233038X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 38 x 32
    SKU: F52528233038X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 38 x 34
    SKU: F52528233038X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 38 x 36
    SKU: F52528233038X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 40 x 30
    SKU: F52528233040X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 40 x 32
    SKU: F52528233040X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 40 x 34
    SKU: F52528233040X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 40 x 36
    SKU: F52528233040X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 42 x 30
    SKU: F52528233042X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 42 x 32
    SKU: F52528233042X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 42 x 34
    SKU: F52528233042X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 42 x 36
    SKU: F52528233042X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 44 x 30
    SKU: F52528233044X30
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 44 x 32
    SKU: F52528233044X32
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 44 x 34
    SKU: F52528233044X34
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 44 x 36
    SKU: F52528233044X36
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 46 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528233046X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 48 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528233048X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 50 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528233050X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 52 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528233052X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Olive, 54 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528233054X37
    In Stock $39.99
    Men's Propper Tactical Pants - LAPD Navy LAPD Navy, 28 x 37
    SKU: F52528245028X37
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 30 x 30
    SKU: F52528245030X30
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 30 x 32
    SKU: F52528245030X32
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 30 x 36
    SKU: F52528245030X36
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 32 x 30
    SKU: F52528245032X30
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 32 x 32
    SKU: F52528245032X32
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 32 x 34
    SKU: F52528245032X34
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 32 x 36
    SKU: F52528245032X36
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 34 x 30
    SKU: F52528245034X30
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 34 x 32
    SKU: F52528245034X32
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 34 x 34
    SKU: F52528245034X34
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 34 x 36
    SKU: F52528245034X36
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 36 x 30
    SKU: F52528245036X30
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 36 x 32
    SKU: F52528245036X32
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 36 x 34
    SKU: F52528245036X34
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 36 x 36
    SKU: F52528245036X36
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 38 x 30
    SKU: F52528245038X30
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 38 x 32
    SKU: F52528245038X32
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 38 x 34
    SKU: F52528245038X34
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 38 x 36
    SKU: F52528245038X36
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 40 x 30
    SKU: F52528245040X30
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 40 x 32
    SKU: F52528245040X32
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 40 x 34
    SKU: F52528245040X34
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 40 x 36
    SKU: F52528245040X36
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 42 x 30
    SKU: F52528245042X30
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 42 x 32
    SKU: F52528245042X32
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 42 x 34
    SKU: F52528245042X34
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 42 x 36
    SKU: F52528245042X36
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 44 x 30
    SKU: F52528245044X30
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 44 x 32
    SKU: F52528245044X32
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 44 x 34
    SKU: F52528245044X34
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 44 x 36
    SKU: F52528245044X36
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 46 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528245046X37
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 48 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528245048X37
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 50 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528245050X37
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 52 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528245052X37
    In Stock $39.99
    LAPD Navy, 54 x 37.5
    SKU: F52528245054X37
    In Stock $39.99 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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