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We proudly support our military with name brand boots in every style and color. Partnering with every major military footwear supplier has positioned us to offer the web's most complete selection of military and combat boots. Regardless of which branch you serve, finding that perfect pair of boots for your next mission has never been easier.

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Rocky C5 Combat

3 out of 5

Poor Quality
Reviewer: BR | Katy
Date: 11/23/2014

I bought these Rocky C5C's thinking they were an upgrade to the C4T, but I was disappointed. As soon as I opened the box to take out the stuffed paper to try them on, I noticed 3 hard nail tips on the inside of the toe tip. I thought it was only the one shoe, but I stuck my fingers to feel the other shoe tip, and the nail tips were there as well. I tried the boots on and walked around the house to see if my toes would rub/touch these metal nodules, but didn't feel anything. I opted to go ahead and return them. Just didn't feel too confident about them. I ordered the C4T's instead. I tried them on at a local store and they felt much more comfortable. I hope Rocky pays attention to their manufacturing quality as they come up with better boots.

Original SWAT Classic 9" CT SZ

5 out of 5

this summer one boot will change it all
Reviewer: Josh | Newbury
Date: 11/23/2014

This pair of boots. Let me tell you this pair of boots will change your view on walking, running, door kicking and general foot like things. Comfy, check. Durable, check. Cool? Heck yeah, double check.

Tactical Research Mini-Mil

5 out of 5

Great footwear!
Reviewer: van | san diego
Date: 11/23/2014

Excellent workbook! Good quality materials and construction.... Fit wonderfully--right out of the box with no "break in" time.... Have used the boots in rugged terrain and during search and rescue training. As a female, the sizing was a question mark as i considered purchasing the boot---but using the measurement chart and ruler gave me a "fits like a glove" result with my purchase. Will wear these as long as they are manufactured! - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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