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Military Boots

Military Boots

The Military Boots Leader

Every service member knows that a good, rugged pair of military boots can be life changing. The boots you lace up affect your speed, agility, accuracy and your ultimate performance. When they aren’t up to par, every obstacle is even more overwhelming. During a tough training or in a hostile environment, you need boots you can rely on.

Luckily, finding that perfect pair of military boots has never been easier. At TacticalGear.com, we offer a complete collection of footwear manufactured by world-class engineers at major military footwear suppliers. From Army-authorized coyote brown boots to the sleek sage boots Airmen favor, all branches can find an option that caters to them specifically.

Plus, every style is embedded with cutting-edge technologies designed to keep feet comfortable and, above all, protected. Your footwear should never hold you back. Stay on top of your game by shopping the best military boots on the market.

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Recent Military Boot Reviews

    • Reebok 8" Hyper Velocity

    • 4.0 star rating
    • Great price
      Reviewer: Matthew


      Great price very lite weight I normally wear 13 but orderd 13w wish I didn't 13 regular would of been better. All in all great price and a good product

    • Belleville 340 DES ST

    • 5.0 star rating
    • Very comfortable boot
      Reviewer: Paul Mathes


      As soon as I had put the pair on, I instantly felt the comfort and support. After one week of on-the-job use, the dependability had really been noticed. Love love love this pair!

    • NIKE 8" SFB Field

    • 4.0 star rating
    • Worth it
      Reviewer: J


      Very worth it, comfortable, lightweight and decent size-wise. YES, GET THE HALF SIZE UP. I typically have trouble getting anything to fit right (long, narrow feet - yay). My issued Belleville boots never fit right, nor do the Rocky brand SO.... tried these on a recommendation from some JTACs. I ordered the half-size up, much as I would with Nike running shoes vs any other brand and the length was appropriate. My foot still doesn't fit the volume of the boot (situation normal for me) so I put in a set of New Balance Pressure Relief Memory Foam inserts. The inserts plus GOOD BOOT SOCKS took up the remaining space (I like a secure fit all around, no lateral movement). There is a hard piece of plastic at the rear which chafes at first. The boot socks (I used Blackhawk winter wool socks for break-in) will help with this. After wearing them for light duty for about a week everything was broken in and comfortable. If you wear your boots to a fit like mine I recommend good boot socks and not super-thin, lightweight socks. Overall, I'm very happy with these and they beat the heck out of my Belleville 790 giants crap-kickers. Not flight-approved though, so take that for what it's worth. Had then for about three weeks now and looking forward to seeing how they do in the desert southwest summer.