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Oakley Headquarters

Oakley has consistently been a market-leader in optical technology since its establishment in 1975. That's why the brand is easily recognized in the tactical industry for its mission-ready eyewear. The company developed a familiarity with serving world-class athletes and operators with innovative products, so it wasn't a stretch for the brand to branch out. Oakley takes this dedication to advancement and applies it to tactical clothing, equipment and footwear as well. We carry not only high-performance Oakley optics, but also apparel, bags, packs, accessories, footwear and more. Consider us your Oakley headquarters.

Oakley Reviews

Oakley SI Caps MK2 MOD

5 out of 5

Reviewer: L. Gosnell | Hot Springs, NC
Date: 7/31/2015

Outstanding in every way. Would highly recommend buying this hat to anyone!!!!

Oakley Fuel Cell Cerakote Limited Edition

5 out of 5

C'mon they are Oakley
Reviewer: WOLF 7 | Fairbanks, AK
Date: 7/30/2015

Just like every type of Oakley shades out there, these are high quality and worth the money. I've worn countless Oakley frames in the Infantry, especially during deployment. They offer the best comfort, fit, clarity, and durability. These particular pair have a great camouflage Cerakote finish, outstanding clarity whether it's cloudy and raining, blindingly sunny outside, they are polarized and even BOOST the ability to see during the sunrise/sunset times of the day. Rugged build yet great fit, I have boxed up the rest of my Oakley Collection and only leave these out for daily use.

Oakley Fuel Cell Cerakote Limited Edition

5 out of 5

Great Glasses
Reviewer: Nathan | Clearfield, PA
Date: 7/30/2015

I have been wearing my last pair of Oakleys for 14 years, and they have never let me down. So I decided it was time for a new pair and went with these cerakote fuel cells.. The fit is great if you have a medium to large sized face and head. They are extremely comfortable because they don't pinch the sides of your head and face like some of the smaller frame glasses. The polerized lenses are by far the best high definition lenses I have ever looked through. And the cerakote looks great, and seems like it will be very durable.