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Rocky S2V GTX

Item Number: 101-1

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    • Lace up a pair of military boots made right here in the USA. Rocky S2V GTX boots are Berry Compliant and feature proprietary high-walled Vibram soles. The rugged boot is coated with PTFE in order to resist flames along with 1,000 Denier Codura with a padded collar. Along with waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabric, the S2V GTX has flash- and water-resistant leather uppers to ensure your foot will stay dry no matter the mission.

      • Desert Tan style is AR 670-1 Compliant
      • 400 Grams of Thinsulate Insulation
      • Made in the USA, Berry Compliant
      • Proprietary High-Walled Vibram Soles with Perforated Airport Cushion Footbeds and PU Midsoles
      • PTFE coated for flame-resistance
      • 1,000 Denier Cordura with Padded Collar
      • Durably waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex Fabric
      • Flash and water-Resistant leather uppers withstand fire hazards and rigors of Sea-to-Land warfare

    Reviews: Rocky S2V GTX

    5 out of 5

    Reviewed by 9 customers

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    • Awesome!!!

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 11/9/2014
      Reviewer: | Mount Vernon
    • 5 out of 5 Awesome

    • Excellent Boot

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 5/28/2013
      Reviewer: | Independence MO
    • 5 out of 5 Well made boot. Im in Afghanistan and these boots are excellent. Received them a couple weeks ago to replace the issued boots. Big change in the comfort of my feet. The cost of the boot was worth it.

    • Great Boot

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 8/10/2011
      Reviewer: | NY
    • 5 out of 5 I got a pair of these prior to deployment, they broke in really fast and are incredibly light and comfortable, and they also dry out quickly. Its a summer weight boot, so i keep in might what environment you'll be using it in. The soles have started to degrade slightly, but overall are holding up great.

    • Great boots for military

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/20/2011
      Reviewer: | Claremont, ca
    • 5 out of 5 I have worn multiple boots include danners, bates, corocan, oakley and these Rockys. These are hands down the best combat boot I have ever used and will buy them again if they aren't issued, and most people who have them will say the same. The sole lasts long and doesn't slip The oakleys I was wearing prior to this were easily torn and very slippery. I have personally written 2 medical boards for guys with herniated discs and one of the exacerbating factors was them slipping on the aircraft or pavement . . . they were wearing oakleys I have not had any issues with these rockies from a physician perspective

    • a little small

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/22/2011
      Reviewer: | nashville
    • 4 out of 5 The boots are comfortable. They run a 1/2 size small though, so I suggest buying at least 1 size up if you like insoles in your boots!

    • Great boots

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/5/2011
      Reviewer: | Attica, NY
    • 5 out of 5 The day I got these boots I ran 8 miles in them with issued wool socks. The next day I was in a 10 mile ruck march with only a 35 pound pack so I ran that as well. I completed both of these wearing these boots brand new without so much as a hot spot, I find that impressive for a brand new boot. I can not attest to these boots durability seeing as I have not had them long enough. However, I will say that from what I can see the construction of these boots seems to be very well thought out and I trust that they will last me quite a while. While they are relatively expensive and are not accepted at some schools i.e AAST they are worth the extra penny. They have already out lasted my Altama 8" exospeeds which cost me about $90.00 and lasted only 6 month due to land nav in semi rough terrain. The vibram sole is very durable. I have put almost 200 miles on them now (running or rucking) and have not seen any signs of wear. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    • Comfortable

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 6/2/2011
      Reviewer: | Iraq
    • 5 out of 5 This is the most comfortable boots out of the box i have ever worn. Once the boot was worn for several weeks it became as comfortable as my running shoes. It has definitely stood up to the harsh conditions in Iraq. I was initially very skeptical going away from my Danner Acadia boots. This boot has made me a believer. Buy them, you wont be disappointed!!!

    • Most comfortable, durable, easy to walk in boot!

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 3/11/2011
      Reviewer: | Iraq
    • 5 out of 5 Sole is stiched, triple stitching throughout the boot. Better than advertised! I recommend this boot to anyone. Whether you are doing foot patrols in Iraq or Afganhistan, sitting behind the desk on the FOB, or on your feet anywhere; this boot is for you. True size, very comfortable, breathes very well. Easy to walk in sand, loose rocks, and wet terrain. It seems like the price is steep; just hit Submit, you won't regret it.

    • excellent boot for any application

      Customer Rating
    • Date: 7/29/2010
      Reviewer: | williamston N.C.
    • 5 out of 5 true to product advertisement

    Rocky S2V GTX Tan

    Available Colors

    • Rocky S2V GTX Tan
    • Rocky S2V GTX Sage Green

    • Rocky S2V GTX

    About Rocky

    Rocky collage Beginning in 1932, Rocky Shoes sprang from the minds of two brothers who found themselves out of a job during the Great Depression. Although the company has switched hands throughout the years, its footwear has always been renowned for its durability and ruggedness. It places high value in waterproof shoes and boots that actually work. It is one of the largest customers of Gore-Tex waterproof fabric for footwear. As the first manufacturer to market an all-Cordura nylon fabric hunting boot, Rocky incorporates this technology in a number of styles. No matter their intended purpose, Rocky boots can withstand some of the harshest conditions while providing comfort and protection.
    U.S. & Canada Europe Mexico Japan U.K.
    M W M W M W
    3.5 5 35 21.5 21 3 2.5
    4 5.5 35.5 22 21.5 3.5 3
    4.5 6 36 22.5 22 4 3.5
    5 6.5 37 23 22.5 4.5 4
    5.5 7 37.5 23.5 23 5 4.5
    6 7.5 38 4.5 24 23.5 5.5 5
    6.5 8 38.5 5 24.5 24 6 5.5
    7 8.5 39 5.5 25 24.5 6.5 6
    7.5 9 40 6 25.5 25 7 6.5
    8 9.5 41 6.5 26 25.5 7.5 7
    8.5 10 42 7 26.5 26 8 7.5
    9 10.5 43 7.5 27.5 27 8.5 8
    10.5 12 44 9 28.5 28 10 9.5
    11.5 13 45 10 29.5 29 11 10.5
    12.5 14 46.5 11 30.5 30 12 11.5
    14 15.5 48.5 12.5 31.5 31 13.5 13

    NOTE: These boots run true to size, so there is no need to order a size up or down.
    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Rocky S2V GTX Tan Tan, Medium, 7
    SKU: 101-1-7M
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 7.5
    SKU: 101-1-75M
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 8
    SKU: 101-1-8M
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 8.5
    SKU: 101-1-85M
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 9
    SKU: 101-1-9M
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 9.5
    SKU: 101-1-95M
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 10
    SKU: 101-1-10M
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 10.5
    SKU: 101-1-105M
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 11
    SKU: 101-1-11M
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 11.5
    SKU: 101-1-115M
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 12
    SKU: 101-1-12M
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 13
    SKU: 101-1-13M
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 14
    SKU: 101-1-14M
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Medium, 15
    SKU: 101-1-15M
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 7
    SKU: 101-1-7W
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 7.5
    SKU: 101-1-75W
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 8
    SKU: 101-1-8W
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 8.5
    SKU: 101-1-85W
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 9
    SKU: 101-1-9W
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 9.5
    SKU: 101-1-95W
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 10
    SKU: 101-1-10W
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 10.5
    SKU: 101-1-105W
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 11
    SKU: 101-1-11W
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 11.5
    SKU: 101-1-115W
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 12
    SKU: 101-1-12W
    Backorder $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 13
    SKU: 101-1-13W
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 14
    SKU: 101-1-14W
    In Stock $278.99
    Tan, Wide, 15
    SKU: 101-1-15W
    In Stock $278.99
    Rocky S2V GTX Sage Green Sage Green, 7, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-7M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 7, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-7W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 7.5, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-75M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 7.5, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-75W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 8, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-8M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 8, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-8W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 8.5, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-85M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 8.5, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-85W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 9, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-9M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 9, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-9W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 9.5, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-95M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 9.5, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-95W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 10, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-10M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 10, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-10W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 10.5, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-105M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 10.5, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-105W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 11, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-11M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 11, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-11W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 11.5, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-115M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 11.5, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-115W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 12, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-12M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 12, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-12W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 13, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-13M
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 13, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-13W
    Backorder $278.99
    Sage Green, 14, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-14W
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 15, Medium
    SKU: 103-1-15M
    In Stock $278.99
    Sage Green, 15, Wide
    SKU: 103-1-15W
    In Stock $278.99 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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