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Streamlight PolyStinger DS LED with AC/DC Charger

Item Number: 76813

Unavailable: Sorry, this product is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please Contact Us with questions or for an alternative recommendation.


    • DUAL SWITCH TECHNOLOGY – Access three lighting modes and strobe via the tail cap or the head-mounted switch. Switches operate independently
    • Three modes and strobe:
      • High for a bright super-bright beam: 26,000 candela peak beam intensity; 350 lumens; runs 2 hours
    • Strobe for disorienting or signaling your location; runs 5.5 hours
    • Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination; optimized electronics provides regulated intensity
    • C4® LED Technology. Shock-proof with a 50,000 hr. lifetime
    • Fits existing Stinger snap-in chargers; compact and mountable in any position
    • Super-tough, non-conductive nylon polymer with non-slip rubberized comfort grip
    • O-ring sealed, unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating 
    • IPX4 water-resistant; 3 meter impact resistance tested
    • 8.64" (21.95 cm) 11.9 oz (338 g)
    • Serialized for positive identification
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Assembled in USA

Reviews: Streamlight PolyStinger DS LED with AC/DC Charger

5 out of 5

Reviewed by 7 customers

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  • I Love this Light

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/29/2012
    Reviewer: | St. Louis, MO
  • 5 out of 5 I am a police officer and had been wanting a light that would replace the old maglight D-Cell. I wanted something bright, lightweight, rechargable, and small enough to fit on my belt. This light totally fit the bill. This light is amazing! I never take the maglight out of its holder in my patrol car anymore! This light is almost as good as the spotlight on my car. It shines just as far but does not lose its beam shape. I highly recommend this light if you are a police officer or need a really good, bright flashlight.

  • Doesn't get much better than this...

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 1/9/2012
    Reviewer: | Chicago, IL
  • 5 out of 5 This is a very nice light. Powerfully bright, wow. I love the adjustable, 3 levels of brightness. This is nice if you walk at night and want to conserve your battery power. The construction seems excellent, it's machined aluminum, no doubt tough, and it's not the fatiguing baseball bat that the old Mag Lite was. In fact it's really light and comfortable. It balances extremely well in your hand. So let's see in summary: super bright, long lasting led bulb, rechargeable battery, built-tough aluminum, fits like a Rolex in your hand. What's not to like?

  • Great Light

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 11/23/2011
    Reviewer: | Denver, CO
  • 5 out of 5 this light is great if you work in law enforcement. I recommend this light .It is not that heavy and you can recharge it .The light is very strong and is tough streamlight makes a good product.I love my light I use it for work and play hunting fishing and camping.

  • Great Light

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/9/2011
    Reviewer: | SFL
  • 5 out of 5 Use mine for work and leisure and could not be happier. Bright, powerful and good battery life. Feels well made should last a long time. I am tough on tools but this is holding up well. Worth the money in my humble opinion.

  • Great tactical light!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 4/25/2011
    Reviewer: | Kenai, Alaska
  • 4 out of 5 I'm a retired law enforcement officer and I wish we had these back in the day. I wish we had tasers too but that's how it goes. I think this would have incapacitated (the pulse feature not the light handle!) just enough to be able to subdue violent or potentially violent individuals. The light itself is powerful and easy to use.

  • LEDs are great

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 4/13/2011
    Reviewer: | Vermont
  • 5 out of 5 This is the best flashlight I have ever used. I am a volunteer fire fighter and this thing works great. The strobe also is a great feature for me while I am at car crashes for traffic control. I got the AC/DC charger I leave one at home and one in my truck. I had the flashlight plugged into my truck for 3 days without starting to see if it would drain the battery, and I had no problems at all it started right up. I don't like to pay over a 100 for a flashlight,but after I bought mine I would recommend it to everybody it is well worth the money. Also the lens does not get hot like the other regular stingers and will not melt the lens.

  • Bright, but doesn't fit in my holster

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 4/1/2011
    Reviewer: | RI
  • 4 out of 5 I bought this for a light that I can carry on my person. It is bright! Brighter than my full size Mag light and it lasts a long time too. The only thing that I don't like is it is slightly too thick to fit properly in my current nylon holster that was previously holding my Stinger XT. I have looked around for a holster for it, but couldn't find one for my liking. In the mean time I just jamb it in my current holster, but have a work to get it out

Streamlight PolyStinger DS LED with AC/DC Charger Black

  • Streamlight PolyStinger DS LED with AC/DC Charger

About Streamlight

Streamlight collage Pioneering the rechargeable flashlight industry, Streamlight's first products were created for NASA in the 1970s. Obviously not afraid of innovation, its employees are constantly brainstorming ideas for improved ideas and new products. In order to best know what their customers need, they take tactical training classes such as firefighter training and shooting courses. Valuing practicality, Streamlight flashlights are manufactured to solve a variety of problems. The bright, functional lights are used by law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, soldiers, hunters—really anyone who may need an unfaltering, handy flashlight. Long-lasting and durable, Streamlight products will never leave you in the dark.