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Used by law enforcement, security personnel, tactical operators, medical professionals and many others, tactical boots stand out from the pack. Usually black, these boots are stacked with features designed to excel in tactical operations. From lightweight synthetic options to heavy-duty composite-toe models, our tactical boots have the ability to cater to a range of roles. Confused at where to start? We’ve done you a solid and categorized each style by the occupation and features that set it apart. Browse our extensive collection, and find your perfect pair.

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Bates 6" Strike SZ WP

4 out of 5

Satisfied customer
Reviewer: Jeff | Burlington
Date: 7/2/2015

Advertised information about the boot was accurate and informative. Time of order placed to product arrival was less than a week! First time wearing this brand so not sure what to expect.

Salomon Quest 4D Forces

4 out of 5

Well made, hard cushion, not cool boots
Reviewer: CY Kim | Erlm park
Date: 7/2/2015

Good boots, good support But these was not GTX I suppose these boots will be breathable than GTX model But these was more hot, and have low sweat absorbability... I had Lowa Z-8S nongoretex model with inner lining of DRI-LEX (DRI-LEX® linings provide a quick-drying, superior cooling system for hot, desert climates) I thought these boots will provide same effect(quick-drying, cooling effect, But these boots) This is my fault! I cannot find These model's lining material.....I suppose that was Dri-lex or similar material, Not that material But these boots are well made

Bates 6" Strike SZ WP

3 out of 5

No back finger loop
Reviewer: Greg | Covington
Date: 6/30/2015

Boots wear well, but difficult to pull onto foot no loop attached to back to assist.