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Combine tough, durable construction with powerful light and you’ve got an unstoppable tool. Each style in our vast selection of tactical flashlights match that impressive description. Every aspect of these lights is devoted to enhancing visibility and giving the user the upper hand. Some models even feature a built-in strobe function to disorient the enemy. From lightweight models for easy everyday carry to heavy duty styles designed for hard-use, we carry high-lumen tactical flashlights from the most innovative light brands in the industry. Browse our vast selection.

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Streamlight ProTac 2L Professional Tactical

5 out of 5

Must have light
Reviewer: Tom | DeKalb
Date: 10/20/2014

It has the same batteries as ProTac HL, but since it is designed for lower power output, the batteries last much longer. Being less robust than ProTac HL, it is considerably lighter and much less bulky. It does not feel out of place in the shirt or pajama pocket. It can still provide an advantage in confrontational encounter at close distance and on not-too-sunny day. Reliable, convenient, unobtrusive flashlight for everyday carry on-the-person, in briefcase, backpack, purse or toolbox, preferably all of these. Also a good companion/backup for its larger brother ProTac HL. What could be better: Clip: Lead-on at the tip can be longer. As it is, it is difficult to engage

Streamlight ProTac HL Professional Tactical Light

5 out of 5

Must have light
Reviewer: Tom | DeKalb
Date: 10/20/2014

Excellent for emergencies. Provides a solid advantage in possibly confrontational situations, even on sunny day. Feels solid in hand and gives you some assurance, when you need to break something, like a car window , for example, that it will do just that. It is best to carry in the provided holster, by my experience. I found, that for me, the pocket clip is too short and week to keep it securely in the pocket or on the belt when i move around a lot. After a little tumble, I did not know where it was. What could be better: A. Clip: 1. could be stronger 2. Lead-on at the tip can be longer. As it is, it is difficult to engage B. Flats on the perimeter of the head, that are supposed to prevent rolling, are not effective.

Nebo JAG 210

3 out of 5

Design Flaw
Reviewer: Frank Hunter | Colorado Springs
Date: 10/17/2014

The light itself works well, however, just out of nowhere, the spring supporting the Bezel popped off of the light with no way that I have found to re-assemble it. - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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