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Tactical Research Kiowa

Item Number: TR303

  • Clearance: $99.99
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  • Tactical Research's Kiowa boots boast a special lightweight design that improves agility and mobility. Pronounced like the state Iowa with a "K," the 8-inch, soft-toe Kiowa features a low profile outsole seen often in wrestling or motorsports footgear. The boot is tailored for U.S. soldiers involved in tactical operations where lightweight footwear is critical.


    • 8" soft-toe boots
    • Sleek, low profile outsole for improved feel and mobility
    • Multi-directional lug design for uneven terrain
    • "Over-lasted" EVA midsole for shock attenuation
    • Stabilizer strap for heel and ankle
    • Lightweight

Reviews: Tactical Research Kiowa

4 out of 5

Reviewed by 64 customers

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  • Great Boots

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 4/22/2015
    Reviewer: | Philadelphia
  • 5 out of 5 Right out of the Box

  • superb

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 1/20/2015
    Reviewer: | san antonio
  • 4 out of 5 these boots were overall superb. i used them brand new without break-in on a desert mule deer hunt that involved a lot of climbing. no problem. the only complaint is the eyelets make unlacing tedious

  • Discontinued???

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 12/30/2014
    Reviewer: | Raleigh
  • 5 out of 5 These boots look good and are super comfortable. I like the sage green color. This is my third pair. The only issues I've had are with some of the stitching. There is a lot of stitching. I've had the seams separate. But, I'm rough on these boots. They were advertised on clearance. I hate the boot is being dropped. The delivery was quick. Thanks.

  • Perfect light weight boot

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 12/29/2014
    Reviewer: | Naples
  • 5 out of 5 Spent two days after break in walking a major theme park, most comfortable boot I have worn.

  • nice looking

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 10/2/2014
    Reviewer: | Snohomish
  • 5 out of 5 Uncomfortable,hard but durable. make sure you buy insoles the stock ones are made of Kevlar or something...

  • Stitching concern...

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 9/11/2014
    Reviewer: | Lafayette, Colorado
  • 4 out of 5 Have worn these boots for a year now and have to say they fit me like a glove. Spray them with Rustoleum Boot water repellent and your good to go in any weather. Only reason I didn't rate 5 star is because of stitching. The Quality Control folks in China need to get on top of this, please! Have had to take to shoe repair and get re-stitched in several places.

  • great boots

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/22/2014
    Reviewer: | burlington
  • 5 out of 5 had these for a few mths now...and every day they get better and better.seems the more you wear them the better they fit...i will buy these again..

  • Dissapointed

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/30/2014
    Reviewer: | camp verde
  • 2 out of 5 I liked the style and fit of these boots, but after only a couple of weeks walking the casino floor in them they are coming apart. The fabric is tearing away fro the leather on the lower section right foot. Not happy at all, unfortunate because the boot has great potential.
    We're sad to hear the boots didn't work out for you. If you let our customer service team know, they will be able to help you with a return and offer any additional assistance you might need. - TacticalGear.com

  • 3.5 years later and still kicking!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/27/2014
    Reviewer: | Fort Shafter, HI
  • 5 out of 5 So this is a follow up review as I get ready to buy a new pair of boots- after 3 years of ranges, schools, motorcycles rides and miles of marching, these boots are less than garrison pretty, but still kicking, even with my lopsided stride! The laces have always been too short, and the eyelets have shaved the outer layers, but the outer construction is solid. The only issue is the inner liner came/tore loose in the toe box- but its only noticeable when I wear thin socks. I'm going to try a different style for my next pair, but not for any fault of these work horse performers!

  • 2 weeks of use

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/7/2014
    Reviewer: | Fort Sam Houston
  • 5 out of 5 The boots have delivered everything they have promised.


    Customer Rating
  • Date: 4/28/2014
    Reviewer: | Sodus
  • 5 out of 5 Wear these boots religiously. They are light, rugged, look great, and are a superior buy for the money. Not sure why people are complaining about the stiffness and difficulty getting into them. Didn't even have to wear them in the shower and walk them dry. Put them on right out of the box and the stiffness was gone by the end of the first wearing. Great boot and will order more just to have them ready.

  • Kona

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 4/1/2014
    Reviewer: | Kent
  • 5 out of 5 I will wear them out they fit the bill

  • WOW

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 3/26/2014
    Reviewer: | Destin
  • 5 out of 5 When I ordered my boots I was planning it to arrive later as it posted but to my surprise it arrive quickly an the price was the best of all. Thank you

  • TR Kiowas

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 3/11/2014
    Reviewer: | Auburn
  • 4 out of 5 They fit well and are pretty comfortable. I have been in them for 2 months now and no problems. The soles are very tough. Was hoping that they would loosien up a little more but they are still very nice boots.

  • Excellent, very happy, great option. Thanks guys.

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 3/7/2014
    Reviewer: | Afghanistan
  • 5 out of 5 I'm currently deployed. I never cared much for a commercial boot while in uniform. I noticed a contractor who was a crew chief with our helicopters was wearing them, they got my attention and I asked about them. He highly recommended them. I liked the look so I gave it a shot and ordered them. They arrived to me in Afghanistan in under 3 weeks which was excellent. I really like them, they're comfortable, light weight and better constructed then our standard issue. I will order another pair once it's time to head home. Online purchase was fast n easy, the entire process was exactly what I expect, nothing but the best. The product is great, the service regarding shipping and processing, EXCELLENT..I'll be placing my next order soon. Thanks guys..

  • TR 606

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 3/6/2014
    Reviewer: | McKinney Texas
  • 5 out of 5 Customer service help me find the right proper boot very helpful tr 606 is very comfortable

  • Amazing

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 3/4/2014
    Reviewer: | Round Lake Beach
  • 5 out of 5 These boots are incredibly comfortable, as if each were made specifically for my feet,

  • Nice boot

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 3/3/2014
    Reviewer: | Cresco
  • 3 out of 5 Very comfortable when you get them on. Very light weight . Great traction. I hope they get easier to get in to.

  • Great Choice, Great Value

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 1/6/2014
    Reviewer: | Brevard County
  • 5 out of 5 I was very pleased with this order. My boots look great and are true to size. They offer good ankle support and are extremely comfortable. Great boots for the money.

  • Very happy with militaryboots.com

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 12/31/2013
    Reviewer: | Palm Springs
  • 5 out of 5 Very pleased with my entire experience and the boots. I am ready to shop more.

  • Great boot at a great price

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 12/20/2013
    Reviewer: | Raleigh
  • 5 out of 5 I love this boot. I work in landscape and outdoor living space construction. My feet used to kill me. These boots stopped that. Working in rough construction sites then on to concrete blocks and pavers these boots are light and supporting. They give the support of a boot but wear like sneakers. This is my second pair. My first pair started separating at the seams but I still wear them. Read all the reviews. Most of the comments are spot on.

  • Tac Research Kiowa

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 11/4/2013
    Reviewer: | Anchorage
  • 5 out of 5 Comfortable boots are hard to comeby... Pros: 1. So far a perfect fit! That itself gives this boots a 5 rating. 2: All around support 3. Traction (Find out more how good traction holds up Alaska winter) 4. Overall look is awesome Possible improve 1. Speed lace 2. Vent (my feet always hot; I wouldn't be able to wear these boots in the desert)


    Customer Rating
  • Date: 10/18/2013
    Reviewer: | Gardena CA
  • 5 out of 5 These boots are very comfortable and have a lot of ankle support. I ail definitely buy another pair when these wear out.

  • Long Needed

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 8/12/2013
    Reviewer: | Knoxville
  • 5 out of 5 I've worked in construction for many years and always had sturdy and reliable boots. At 58 years old I didn't believe there was a need for a heavy boot. I've worn out dozens of pairs of boots, sneakers and casual shoes and only increased damage to previously injured feet, knees and hips. I wear these boots for everything. The construction and strength lends stability and comfort on the street, trail and are great for working out.

  • mileage boot for military

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 8/9/2013
    Reviewer: | nashville
  • 5 out of 5 I'm a field mp in the guard, I bought a pair of these boots after my first deployment, and I wish I had them on my first one. Soon after I got redeployed, within 3 months being home, went back to Iraq and was constantly walking running and jumping in them... they were a little warm... no wear in time needed...and my feet never hurt when I got my down time to take them off... the only negative is they were warm.. the seams and sole fell apart some what in places, super glued them back at times, had to make due...but I had them for 3 years... gonna buy 2 more pair today... i cant see myself buying any others accept these...they have holes in the sides of them now and they are STILL comfortable, my dad wears them around the house with ankle socks...they are just really comfortable, but you do need to know your feet and what best fits them...but i wore them over seas almost 20 hours a day on patrols outside the wire....

  • Very comfortable boots

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 8/2/2013
    Reviewer: | Los Angeles
  • 5 out of 5 Size was off (had to get 11 instead of 11.5), but no problem with exchange, very fast delivery and great customer service.

  • Damn good boots

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 7/26/2013
    Reviewer: | SW Arizona
  • 5 out of 5 just ordered my 4th pair in 6 years and i wear almost nothing else, i keep one for good and the rest for field use and i don't mean just walking the dog. I recently gave my oldest pair (still ok after hundreds of miles) to a homeless guy who mistook them for high dollar almost boots. I went on home in my socks, truly blessed, knowing i still had a new pair at home

  • 2nd pair

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 7/2/2013
    Reviewer: | north country, ny
  • 5 out of 5 love these comfortable/stylist boots.

  • Good Boot

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/11/2013
    Reviewer: | Kansas
  • 4 out of 5 Just got 'em but so far, so good. Good fit, true to size, comfortable and quality seems above par so far. Good price and shipping was timely.

  • Do not buy these boots

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/7/2013
    Reviewer: | TX
  • 1 out of 5 These boots are the worst and cheapest made boots I've ever owned,in 1 day they ripped near the ankle. I have a pair of corcorans that I've owned for 2 years and beat up tremendously and they are still going strong. I would not recommend these boots to anyone.

Tactical Research Kiowa Desert Tan

Available Colors

  • Tactical Research Kiowa Desert Tan
  • Tactical Research Kiowa Sage Green

About Tactical Research Kiowa

  • Gain a strategic advantage when wearing Tactical Research Kiowa boots. These boots feature a soft toe, lightweight design and low-profile outer sole. The result is a boot that feels more like a running shoe and offers enhanced agility for confident maneuvering in tricky situations. On uneven surfaces, the special lug pattern ensures a sure-footed grip, and the EVA midsole absorbs punishing shocks. The heel and ankle are secured by stabilizer straps. Attack the terrain in this tough yet lightweight boot designed for stealth and agility.

About Tactical Research

Tactical Research collage As one of the most trusted military specification footwear producers, Belleville has a long history putting boots on soldiers' feet since World War I. Originally, it manufactured men's and boys' shoes, but soon found its stride in combat boots. Many Belleville boots are made in the USA. However, some processes are not readily available here so Tactical Research was launched. This allows for the introduction of new construction techniques and a lower price tag for individuals sales. Built to the strictest quality standards, the line includes footwear that can be worn by military personnel, police officers and civilians that require superior foot protection.
Standard Width Belleville Width
B Narrow (N)
D Regular (R)
EE Wide (W)
EEEE Extra Wide (XW)

Belleville boots tend to run a full size large. We recommend ordering a full size down. This means if you wear a size 10, you should order a size 9. Women's boots run true to size.

Belleville does offer many boot styles that are specifically manufactured for women. If a particular style of boot is not available in women’s sizes, we recommend ordering the boot 2 full sizes smaller.
Styles Availability Price/Each
Tactical Research Kiowa Desert Tan Desert Tan, 3, Medium
SKU: TR303-3M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 3, Wide
SKU: TR303-3W
In Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 3.5, Medium
SKU: TR303-35M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 3.5, Wide
SKU: TR303-35W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 4, Medium
SKU: TR303-4M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 4, Wide
SKU: TR303-4W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 4.5, Medium
SKU: TR303-45M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 4.5, Wide
SKU: TR303-45W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 5, Medium
SKU: TR303-5M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 5, Wide
SKU: TR303-5W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 5.5, Medium
SKU: TR303-55M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 5.5, Wide
SKU: TR303-55W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 6, Medium
SKU: TR303-6M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 6, Wide
SKU: TR303-6W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 6.5, Wide
SKU: TR303-65W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 7, Medium
SKU: TR303-7M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 7, Wide
SKU: TR303-7W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 7.5, Medium
SKU: TR303-75M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 7.5, Wide
SKU: TR303-75W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 8, Medium
SKU: TR303-8M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 8, Wide
SKU: TR303-8W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 8.5, Medium
SKU: TR303-85M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 8.5, Wide
SKU: TR303-85W
In Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 9, Medium
SKU: TR303-9M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 9, Wide
SKU: TR303-9W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 9.5, Medium
SKU: TR303-95M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 9.5, Wide
SKU: TR303-95W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 10, Medium
SKU: TR303-10M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 10, Wide
SKU: TR303-10W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 10.5, Medium
SKU: TR303-105M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 10.5, Wide
SKU: TR303-105W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 11, Medium
SKU: TR303-11M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 11, Wide
SKU: TR303-11W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 11.5, Medium
SKU: TR303-115M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 11.5, Wide
SKU: TR303-115W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 12, Medium
SKU: TR303-12M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 12, Wide
SKU: TR303-12W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 13, Medium
SKU: TR303-13M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 13, Wide
SKU: TR303-13W
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 14, Medium
SKU: TR303-14M
Out of Stock $99.99
Desert Tan, 14, Wide
SKU: TR303-14W
Out of Stock $99.99
Tactical Research Kiowa Sage Green Sage Green, 3, Medium
SKU: TR606-3M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 3, Wide
SKU: TR606-3W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 3.5, Medium
SKU: TR606-35M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 3.5, Wide
SKU: TR606-35W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 4, Medium
SKU: TR606-4M
In Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 4, Wide
SKU: TR606-4W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 4.5, Medium
SKU: TR606-45M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 4.5, Wide
SKU: TR606-45W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 5, Medium
SKU: TR606-5M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 5, Wide
SKU: TR606-5W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 5.5, Medium
SKU: TR606-55M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 5.5, Wide
SKU: TR606-55W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 6, Medium
SKU: TR606-6M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 6, Wide
SKU: TR606-6W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 6.5, Medium
SKU: TR606-65M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 6.5, Wide
SKU: TR606-65W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 7, Medium
SKU: TR606-7M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 7, Wide
SKU: TR606-7W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 7.5, Medium
SKU: TR606-75M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 7.5, Wide
SKU: TR606-75W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 8, Medium
SKU: TR606-8M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 8, Wide
SKU: TR606-8W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 8.5, Medium
SKU: TR606-85M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 8.5, Wide
SKU: TR606-85W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 9, Medium
SKU: TR606-9M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 9, Wide
SKU: TR606-9W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 9.5, Medium
SKU: TR606-95M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 9.5, Wide
SKU: TR606-95W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 10, Medium
SKU: TR606-10M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 10, Wide
SKU: TR606-10W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 10.5, Medium
SKU: TR606-105M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 10.5, Wide
SKU: TR606-105W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 11, Medium
SKU: TR606-11M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 11, Wide
SKU: TR606-11W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 11.5, Medium
SKU: TR606-115M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 11.5, Wide
SKU: TR606-115W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 12, Medium
SKU: TR606-12M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 12, Wide
SKU: TR606-12W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 13, Medium
SKU: TR606-13M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 13, Wide
SKU: TR606-13W
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 14, Medium
SKU: TR606-14M
Out of Stock $99.99
Sage Green, 14, Wide
SKU: TR606-14W
Out of Stock $99.99