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Tru-Spec XFIRE TRU Uniform Pants FR

Item Number: 1683

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      • Featuring the new Interlock™ fabric that sets a new standard in comfort and safety
      • Meets or exceeds the requirements of NFPA 2112-2007 standards on flame resistant garments for protection of industrial personnel against flash fires
      • 10-Pocket Design
      • 2-Easy Access Slanted Cargo Pockets With Drain Holes, 5"x5" Hidden Pocket and Elastic Drawstring With Cord Lock For Secure Closure
      • 2-Extra Deep Front Slash Pockets With Reinforced Openings
      • 2-Bellowed Lower Leg Pockets With Hook & Loop Closures
      • Hook & Loop Closure Pocket Flaps
      • 1" Wide Belt Loops With 2-1/4" Openings
      • Drawstring Waist With Button Fly
      • Reinforced Seat
      • Reinforced Internal Knee Pockets For Knee Pad Inserts With Easy Access External Hook & Loop Openings
      • Improved "Stay Tied" Heavy Drawstring Leg Ties

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    Tru-Spec XFIRE TRU Uniform Pants FR Khaki

    Available Colors

    • Tru-Spec XFIRE TRU Uniform Pants FR Khaki
    • Tru-Spec XFIRE TRU Uniform Pants FR Midnight Navy
    • Tru-Spec XFIRE TRU Uniform Pants FR Sage
    • Tru-Spec XFIRE TRU Uniform Pants FR Universal


    About Tru-Spec

    Tru-Spec collage Atlanco may have started as a small, regional distributor of military surplus items, but it would eventually grow to be one of the leading clothing manufacturers in the industry. Although the company continued to buy and sell military surplus, the Atlanco brand became known throughout the public safety sector. In 1996, the company's leaders realized the need for an ambitious, functional approach to military and law enforcement apparel. They created Tru-Spec. The name displays its commitment to only producing gear and apparel that meets U.S. government "true specifications" of utilizing mil-spec fabrics. Designed to perform, Tru-Spec is trusted by operators throughout the world.

    XS24" - 26"
    S28" - 30"
    M32" - 34"
    L36" - 38"
    XL40" - 42"
    2XL44" - 46"
    3XL48" - 50"
    4XL52" - 54"
    5XL56" - 58"


    Note: these measurements have a tolerance of +/- 1/2 inch and are designed to sit lower than the natural waist.

    Styles Availability Price/Each
    Tru-Spec XFIRE TRU Uniform Pants FR Khaki Khaki, Extra Small Short
    SKU: 1683042
    Backorder $99.95
    Khaki, Extra Small Regular
    SKU: 1683002
    Backorder $99.95
    Khaki, Small Short
    SKU: 1683043
    Backorder $99.95
    Khaki, Small Regular
    SKU: 1683003
    Backorder $99.95
    Khaki, Small Long
    SKU: 1683023
    Backorder $99.95
    Khaki, Medium Short
    SKU: 1683044
    Backorder $99.95
    Khaki, Medium Regular
    SKU: 1683004
    Backorder $99.95
    Khaki, Medium Long
    SKU: 1683024
    In Stock $99.95
    Khaki, Large Short
    SKU: 1683045
    Backorder $99.95
    Khaki, Large Regular
    SKU: 1683005
    Backorder $99.95
    Khaki, Large Long
    SKU: 1683025
    In Stock $99.95
    Khaki, Extra Large Short
    SKU: 1683046
    Backorder $99.95
    Khaki, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 1683006
    In Stock $99.95
    Khaki, Extra Large Long
    SKU: 1683026
    In Stock $99.95
    Khaki, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 1683007
    Backorder $104.95
    Khaki, 2X Large Long
    SKU: 1683027
    In Stock $104.95
    Khaki, 3X Large Regular
    SKU: 1683008
    Backorder $104.95
    Khaki, 3X Large Long
    SKU: 1683028
    Backorder $104.95
    Khaki, 4X Large Regular
    SKU: 1683009
    Backorder $104.95
    Khaki, 5X Large Regular
    SKU: 1683010
    Backorder $104.95
    Tru-Spec XFIRE TRU Uniform Pants FR Midnight Navy Midnight Navy, Extra Small Short
    SKU: 1681042
    In Stock $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Extra Small Regular
    SKU: 1681002
    In Stock $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Small Short
    SKU: 1681043
    Backorder $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Small Regular
    SKU: 1681003
    In Stock $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Small Long
    SKU: 1681023
    Backorder $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Medium Short
    SKU: 1681044
    In Stock $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Medium Regular
    SKU: 1681004
    Backorder $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Medium Long
    SKU: 1681024
    Backorder $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Large Short
    SKU: 1681045
    Backorder $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Large Regular
    SKU: 1681005
    Backorder $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Large Long
    SKU: 1681025
    Backorder $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Extra Large Short
    SKU: 1681046
    In Stock $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 1681006
    Backorder $99.95
    Midnight Navy, Extra Large Long
    SKU: 1681026
    In Stock $99.95
    Midnight Navy, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 1681007
    Backorder $104.95
    Midnight Navy, 2X Large Long
    SKU: 1681027
    In Stock $104.95
    Midnight Navy, 3X Large Regular
    SKU: 1681008
    Backorder $104.95
    Midnight Navy, 3X Large Long
    SKU: 1681028
    Backorder $104.95
    Midnight Navy, 4X Large Regular
    SKU: 1681009
    Backorder $104.95
    Midnight Navy, 5X Large Regular
    SKU: 1681010
    Backorder $104.95
    Tru-Spec XFIRE TRU Uniform Pants FR Sage Sage, Extra Small Short
    SKU: 1682042
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Extra Small Regular
    SKU: 1682002
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Small Short
    SKU: 1682043
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Small Regular
    SKU: 1682003
    In Stock $99.95
    Sage, Small Long
    SKU: 1682023
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Medium Short
    SKU: 1682044
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Medium Regular
    SKU: 1682004
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Medium Long
    SKU: 1682024
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Large Short
    SKU: 1682045
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Large Regular
    SKU: 1682005
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Large Long
    SKU: 1682025
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Extra Large Short
    SKU: 1682046
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 1682006
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, Extra Large Long
    SKU: 1682026
    Backorder $99.95
    Sage, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 1682007
    Backorder $104.95
    Sage, 2X Large Long
    SKU: 1682027
    Backorder $104.95
    Sage, 3X Large Regular
    SKU: 1682008
    Backorder $104.95
    Sage, 3X Large Long
    SKU: 1682028
    Backorder $104.95
    Sage, 4X Large Regular
    SKU: 1682009
    Backorder $104.95
    Sage, 5X Large Regular
    SKU: 1682010
    In Stock $104.95
    Tru-Spec XFIRE TRU Uniform Pants FR Universal Universal, Extra Small Short
    SKU: 1684042
    Backorder $99.95
    Universal, Extra Small Regular
    SKU: 1684002
    Backorder $99.95
    Universal, Small Short
    SKU: 1684043
    Backorder $99.95
    Universal, Small Regular
    SKU: 1684003
    Backorder $99.95
    Universal, Small Long
    SKU: 1684023
    Backorder $99.95
    Universal, Medium Short
    SKU: 1684044
    In Stock $99.95
    Universal, Medium Regular
    SKU: 1684004
    Backorder $99.95
    Universal, Medium Long
    SKU: 1684024
    Backorder $99.95
    Universal, Large Short
    SKU: 1684045
    In Stock $99.95
    Universal, Large Regular
    SKU: 1684005
    In Stock $99.95
    Universal, Large Long
    SKU: 1684025
    Backorder $99.95
    Universal, Extra Large Short
    SKU: 1684046
    In Stock $99.95
    Universal, Extra Large Regular
    SKU: 1684006
    In Stock $99.95
    Universal, Extra Large Long
    SKU: 1684026
    Backorder $99.95
    Universal, 2X Large Regular
    SKU: 1684007
    Backorder $104.95
    Universal, 2X Large Long
    SKU: 1684027
    Backorder $104.95
    Universal, 3X Large Regular
    SKU: 1684008
    Backorder $104.95
    Universal, 3X Large Long
    SKU: 1684028
    Backorder $104.95
    Universal, 4X Large Regular
    SKU: 1684009
    In Stock $104.95
    Universal, 5X Large Regular
    SKU: 1684010
    Backorder $104.95 - Your Tactical Gear Superstore

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