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Tru-Spec was established in 1996 by the legendary military gear manufacturer Atlanco. The goal was to take Atlanco’s vast experience in the industry and use it to create versatile, rugged apparel designed specifically for tactical professionals. Its name stands for “true specifications.” The brand was inspired by the idea of meeting military specifications. Each product is engineered to meet strict standards, ensuring long-lasting performance from any gear branded with the Tru-Spec name. From military-grade uniforms to combat-ready bags, you can find the best Tru-Spec gear at TacticalGear.com.

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Tru-Spec Poly / Cotton 1/4 Zip Tactical Response Combat Shirt

5 out of 5

Love it
Reviewer: Bryan | palmetto fl
Date: 7/28/2015

Well worth the money! I received this combat shirt a few weeks ago and it's awesome, keeps the heat of me better than and standard blouse with a plate carrier on, great quality durable would definitely recommend this to anyone semper fi

Tru-Spec Nylon / Cotton 1/4 Zip Tactical Response Combat Shirt

5 out of 5

Nice fit, great look
Reviewer: Bard | Miami
Date: 7/24/2015

I love the way this combat shirt fits - plenty of room in the shoulders, and sufficient "give" in the abdominal area. It appears highly-durable, and the nylon/cotton fabric suggests the shirt should maintain it's form/fit, even after multiple washings. Product is well-made, and quality is excellent. I wear a L/L (6", 195 lbs.); the L/R was too small, at least on me. I love the Multi-Cam Tropic pattern, too - it's very unique, albeit expensive, but worth the price. If you prefer a snug fit, maybe the M/L is a better choice (but with the L/L, I can still wear a breathable undergarment without compromising the combat shirt's movement/comfort).

Tru-Spec Nylon / Cotton Ripstop TRU Coat

5 out of 5

Great Ripstop TRU-SPEC coat
Reviewer: Bard | Miami
Date: 7/24/2015

I really love this coat. I'm a civilian, so I can only critique fit versus tactical usage. I'm 6", 195 lbs. - I prefer the L/L if wearing over a t-shirt (it's the same as a 34/35" shirt sleeve length); if wearing over anything thicker (e.g., a combat shirt, or something of equivalent thickness, such as a coat), I prefer an X-Long/Long (which is the equivalent of a 36/37" shirt-sleve length). TRU-SPEC tends to run a bit larger/longer than other labels. I wish this coat came with a conventional collar (vs. tactical), if only for the "breathability" aspect. Nevertheless, a 5-star product.