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  • Experience the perfect combination of style, longevity and comfort when you try women's Vasque Wasatch GTX hiking boots that feature a high, soft cuff and supportive polyurethane insole. The Vibram Contact outsole provides excellent balance and traction, and with the choice of three widths, these shoes suit anyone with a desire for durable, long-lasting hiking boots. Manufactured by GoreTex, the Wasatch GTX features an incredible fit, and at just 3.6 pounds, the Wasatch GTX is an understated, light-weight boot that lives up to its magnificent namesake mountain range. High-quality, comfortable and stylish, too, these popular, best-selling boots definitely live up to their rock-solid reputation.

    Manufacturer's Description

    The best-selling Wasatch is an understated, high-quality boot that lives up to its namesake mountain range. Incredible fit with the choice of three widths has earned this boot its rock solid reputation. Incredible fit with the choice of three widths has earned this boot its rock solid reputation.

    • GoreTex
    • Weight: 3lb. 6 oz. (1531g)
    • Outsole: Vibram Contact
    • Last: Summit
    • Midsole: Polyurethane

Reviews: Vasque Wasatch GTX

4 out of 5

Reviewed by 7 customers

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  • Unhappy Georgia Hiker

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 1/22/2013
    Reviewer: | Dahlonega, Georgia
  • 1 out of 5 My fourth pair of Vasque hiking boots. These are a new style for me. I couldn't find my old style. I bought Vasque again because I have always been able to wear them with no break in period. I hike trails in the north Georgia mountains, and the AT from Springer mountain. With these boots, I have hiked six times for ten miles each, in rain, up and down hills, over rocks and they have torn my feet up!! Especially the sides of my big toes. I ordered the same size I did in my other boots and have worn thick socks, medium, and regular (no, not at the same time.) Doesn't seem to matter. I'm afraid to wear them now for the backpacking hikes I have planned. In fact I'm ready to toss them. I am really disappointed in these boots, and the price I gave for them. They did keep my feet dry, but they are the most uncomfortable boot I've ever worn.

  • optimistic

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 6/9/2011
    Reviewer: | Downers Grove, IL
  • 4 out of 5 I've just taken these on a day hike at Starved Rock so far, but after a few miles with a pack on they still felt great. I'm a big fan of Superfeet which have given me amazing comfort. The only hot spot I had was on the top of one foot. With thicker socks and adjusting the laces I'm confident that these shoes will be comfortable on a week long backpacking trip I'm taking soon. These shoes are also much lighter than they look.

  • My big toes are very happy

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/23/2011
    Reviewer: | Seattle, WA
  • 4 out of 5 I have wide feet and had a terrible time finding boots that didn't squish my toes. I finally tried these in a 9 wide and they felt so much better than any of the others. I've backpacked 12 miles and day hiked 6 miles in them so far, and I'm very happy. It didn't take much to break them in, they are very comfortable, they provide lots of support, and my feet have stayed dry despite some muddy and wet trails. There is still a little friction on the tops of my pinky-toes by the end of each trip, but they are so much better than any of the other boots I tested out.

  • Great boots

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/14/2011
    Reviewer: | Pawcatuck CT
  • 5 out of 5 I bought these boots because i was backpacking the 100 mile wilderness in Maine (last 100 miles of the AT). about 2 weeks before i was supposed to leave i cut the front of my ankle and couldn't wear them in as much as i wanted they were still stiff when i headed out but i had no blisters. i did wear sock liners and Nikwaxed them as a precation. over 100 miles of roots rocks mud and streams through 2 days of rain i was the only one in my group that still had dry feet (i didn't even bring gators). my feet were sore down hill on all rock but i think that was more the weight of the pack i carried and not the boots i might get an insole for next time (or pack lighter) even when my feet swelled they were still comfortable.

  • Amazing!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 4/30/2011
    Reviewer: | West Virginia
  • 5 out of 5 With little to no break in, I wore these--blister free!-- for a two week trek through the Himalayan foothills. After hours of hiking uphill, downhill, through rain, mud, rocks, and sunshine, I was the only one with fresh, dry, blister-free feet. Even with a 35 pound pack, a pair of thick socks and the awesome arch support made it feel like I was hiking on air. I recommend these boots 100%+ and have nothing but great things to say about them!

  • I LOVE this boot!

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/19/2010
    Reviewer: | Fort Collins, CO
  • 5 out of 5 I've had other Vasque hiking boots, but these are the best. The high and cuff provides cushioned support for my ankles, the rigidity of the shoe along the shank, coupled with a really deep tread, make for excellent traction and balance, especially when hiking up and down a mountain. They've become my boot of choice and I recommend them highly.

  • Good so far

    Customer Rating
  • Date: 5/19/2010
    Reviewer: | Montana
  • 5 out of 5 I think these boots are great! They are new to me. There was no break in period. I started hiking in them around my home and expected some soreness of boots, but there was absolutely none. Additionally, and for me this is very important, these boots have kept my feet very warm, even in the teens in temps.

Vasque Wasatch GTX Moss Brown

Available Colors

  • Vasque Wasatch GTX Moss Brown

About Vasque Wasatch GTX

  • Streamlined and rugged, the Wasatch has earned a solid reputation for its endurance, which is a trait it shares with the Utah mountain range it was named after. Its Gore-Tex construction guarantees both waterproof protection and breathable comfort. Simple and effective, the lightweight boots weigh just over three pounds a pair. The Vibram Contact outsole and the waterproof polyurethane midsole ensure the footwear can work under any weather conditions and on any terrain. It comes in three different widths, so the boot will fit properly on everyone. The high-quality Wasatch delivers when it comes to comfort and performing out on the trails.

About Vasque

Vasque collage While traveling through the European continent in the mid-1960s, William Sweasy realized that the backpacking and hiking craze that had hit there would soon make its way to the United States. Focusing on the path that lay ahead, Sweasy quickly began developing a line of quality mountaineering and hiking boots. His preparation was not in vain. With an extensive selection of men’s and women’s hiking footwear, dedicated nature explorers will find styles tailored for their specific activities. Vasque has come far from its first boot, the Voyageur, and continuously challenges hikers to step out into the next big outdoor adventure.
USA Men's USA Women's European British
  4 34 1.5
  4.5 34.5 2
3.5 5 35 2.5
4 5.5 35.5 3
4.5 6 36 3.5
5 6.5 37 4
5.5 7 37.5 4.5
6 7.5 38 5
6.5 8 38.5 5.5
7 8.5 39 6
7.5 9 40 6.5
8 9.5 41 7
8.5 10 41.5 7.5
9 10.5 42 8
9.5 11 42.5 8.5
10 12 43 9
10.5   44 9.5
11   44.5 10
11.5   45 10.5
12   46 11
13   47 12
14   48 13
15   49 14
16   50 15

Styles Availability Price/Each
Vasque Wasatch GTX Moss Brown Moss Brown, 5, Medium
SKU: 07177-050M
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 5.5, Medium
SKU: 07177-055M
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 6, Medium
SKU: 07177-060M
In Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 6.5, Medium
SKU: 07177-065M
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 7, Narrow
SKU: 07177-070N
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 7, Medium
SKU: 07177-070M
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 7, Wide
SKU: 07177-070W
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 7.5, Narrow
SKU: 07177-075N
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 7.5, Medium
SKU: 07177-075M
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 7.5, Wide
SKU: 07177-075W
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 8, Narrow
SKU: 07177-080N
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 8, Medium
SKU: 07177-080M
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 8, Wide
SKU: 07177-080W
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 8.5, Narrow
SKU: 07177-085N
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 8.5, Medium
SKU: 07177-085M
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 8.5, Wide
SKU: 07177-085W
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 9, Narrow
SKU: 07177-090N
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 9, Medium
SKU: 07177-090M
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 9, Wide
SKU: 07177-090W
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 9.5, Narrow
SKU: 07177-095N
In Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 9.5, Medium
SKU: 07177-095M
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 9.5, Wide
SKU: 07177-095W
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 10, Narrow
SKU: 07177-100N
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 10, Medium
SKU: 07177-100M
In Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 10, Wide
SKU: 07177-100W
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 10.5, Narrow
SKU: 07177-105N
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 10.5, Medium
SKU: 07177-105M
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 11, Narrow
SKU: 07177-110N
Out of Stock $140.99
Moss Brown, 11, Medium
SKU: 07177-110M
Out of Stock $140.99