Winter Tactical Gear

Winter 2017 Tactical Gear

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Don't let ice, snow and frigid temperatures slow you down this season. Our winter tactical gear features top products from bands you trust. From insulated jackets to tough boots with aggressive treads, you'll be ready to take on the winter.

We've hand selected the best of the best to keep you warm and prepared for whatever the season throws at you. Stay toasty and dry in parkas from 5.11, Propper and Tru-Spec, and take on tough ice and snow with tactical footwear designed for winter weather. Brighten up frigid nights with tactical flashlights built to last. Whatever gear you need, we've got the top cold-weather technology.

Winter is coming. Shop our 2017 winter collection early so you're equipped to face the freeze fearlessly.

Product Spotlight

5.11 5-in-1 Jackets
5.11 5-in-1 Jackets

5.11 5-in-1 Jackets

"Extremely well made. Sewing is perfect, zippers are heavy duty and the configurations possible just never seem to stop. NO wind get through this one. Do not believe you will find better anywhere at any price." Bigeye | Dearborn, MI
  • Waterproof outer liner
  • Fleece-lined inner with removable sleeves
  • Removable hood


5.11 5-in-1 Jackets