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5.11 Tactical Reviews


5.11 Tactical Reviews

5.11 1.5" TDU Belt

5.0 star rating quiet and lightweight

Love that it has a plastic buckle makes it a nice lightweight and quiet belt for hunting purposes

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by Robert P

5.11 Legacy Hoodie

4.0 star rating It's a hooded sweet shirt.

Comfortable, bought two.

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by Paul R

5.11 Flex-Tac Short Sleeve Shirt

4.5 star rating Nice shirt and true to size

Good quality and cut. Fits wells and true to size.

by Anthony T

5.11 Tactical Fleece

5.0 star rating Lightweight (compared to leather) but warmer.

Plenty of pockets. I especially love the one in the sleeve.

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by CThomas M

5.11 Stryke Pants

4.5 star rating 5.11 Stryke Pants

I love the pants the best ever wear really good. Comfortable good quality.

by Max B

5.11 GEO7 Fast-Tac TDU Pants

2.0 star rating Terrible

The fabric of these pants is very thin and somehow weirdly loud and crinkly. They are super baggy. Like hammer pants. Very disappointing. I was hoping they would be similar to the geo7 stryke pants, which I also own and like, but they’re not even close.

by Michael P

5.11 Twill PDU Class A Pants

4.0 star rating I love this product as of to date.

I really didn't know what to expect. I was pretty sure that the quality would be better than some of the other trousers I've purchased. Initially I found them a little stiff. But after a washing they've softened and I will be purchasing another pair very soon. I'm very happy with the order I made.

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by Reginald N

5.11 GEO7 Stryke TDU Pants

5.0 star rating Great pants

Light weight, very comfortable. Well built, definitely worth the price. True too size. Plenty of pocket space.

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by Steve-o

5.11 Taclite Pro Pants

5.0 star rating 511 Pants

I am a big fan of the 511 pants I've been wearing them for the past 15 years. I generally wear them while competing in matches at the range.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Danny P

5.11 Bravo Pants

4.0 star rating Great pants for daily duty

I have two of these and just ordered another pair. They aren't for everyone, but if you need a daily durable pair of pants these are great. The fabric is stretchy and very breathable. I use it and the loops are well built for carrying a riggers belt and gun everyday. pockets are good and well positioned. no worry about items falling out. The description is very detailed so your getting what you buy if you pay attention.

by Tower

5.11 Rapid Assault Shirts

5.0 star rating Great product

Great fit

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by Bjoern L

5.11 36” VTAC Mark II Double Rifle Case

5.0 star rating Backpack double gun case

Love it. I can place 2 rifles and clips in this bag then wear it like a backpack. Frees up my hands. Love it. I bought two.

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by SC

5.11 Taclite Pro Pants

4.0 star rating Perform well

I like these pants. They are pretty true to size , a little baggy in the seat and thigh, but easily lived with. They perform well under extreme conditions, weather and terrain. Good storage pockets for clips and anything else you need to carry.

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by Zina C

5.11 Fast-Tac Urban Shorts

4.5 star rating Look good and function well

I needed some new shorts that would work in a summer casual sitution like golfing going to Mass, or to outdoor parties. Problem was all my old shorts forced me to put my cell phone in a front or back pocket. either sit on the phone or have it punch you in the groin whenever you drive a car or sit down. this solves the problem. These shorts do not look like I am going on safari, they look smart and formal, yet are comfortable and can handle the cell phone. Well done.

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by shawn b

5.11 EDC PL 1AAA

5.0 star rating Great Compact Flashlight

Small, compact, and powerful flashlight.

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by Thomas K

5.11 Apex Pants

5.0 star rating Solid product

Very comfortable and functional pants.

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by John W

5.11 RUSH MOAB 6

5.0 star rating First aide like a pro

Awesome product. Great customer service. That's why I'm always shopping from this website

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by Anthony G

5.11 Fast-Tac Urban Pants

5.0 star rating Excellent

I have several pairs of these and they are perfect for work. They have a dressier look than other tactical pants and a neater appearance than cargo pants. These are super welcome when it’s hot and humid because they breath.

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by Robert S

5.11 Utili-T Shirts (3 Pack)

4.5 star rating Both Packs Great, Prefer the Second

Ordered with the confidence which comes with the 5.11 product line and this website's superlative customer service. First pack of three arrived and not disappointed. Ordered a second three-pack, same size XL. While the poor photograph doesn’t do the comparative justice, the second pack featured an inch longer tail and proportional larger arm holes. I’d order a third set if the same computer programmer cutting the material used the same dimensions as the second set. Reminds me of my WWII Army Captain Veteran Dad’s admonishment to “measure twice—cut once, and when you cut, leave the line”. So I conclude it’s “true to size”, but my long torso prefers “leaving the line” when cutting the material.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by CavDad

5.11 RUSH 72 2.0 Backpack

5.0 star rating 5 11 RUSH 72 2.0 backpack

Great backpack, very large, awesome quality Just what I was looking for.

by peter d