The Adidas logo, with its 3 ascending stripes angled to look like a mountain range, communicates a challenge—push yourself to the limit. For decades, Adidas has crafted shoes that have helped athletes do just that. Though the company didn’t take the name Adidas until 1948, the sports shoes got their start in the 1920s when Adi Dassler started selling shoes out of his mother’s laundry room. Dassler’s footwear skyrocketed to prominence soon after when track-and-field athlete Jesse Owens won 4 Olympic gold medals wearing the shoes. Adidas continues to supply athletes with shoes that boost their performance. Tactical operators need rugged, athletic footwear as well. Our selection of Adidas provides public safety professionals with low-profile, performance-driven footwear. With the 3 bold stripes on your tactical shoes, you’ll have the confidence to push yourself to new levels of excellence.