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Bags and Packs Resources

  • Tactical Backpack Sizes
    Not all tactical backpacks are the same size; their volume varies, and while some bags are pretty small, others can be quite large.

  • Backpack Load Management
    Poor load management can result in high fatigue and even serious injuries. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to understand how to carry your gear properly.

  • Backpack Access and Opening Styles
    There are many different access and opening styles a tactical backpack might have. Each style comes with its own unique set of advantages.

  • Backpack Organization
    There are plenty of ways to organize your gear to ensure easy, uninhibited access. Learn how to make the best use out of the storage space your pack offers.

  • Backpack Materials
    Backpacks are likely to see a lot of rough treatment, they must be made of the toughest materials available so they don't rip or fall apart during critical situations.

Recent Bags & Packs Reviews

Hazard 4 Deluxe Strap Pad

5.0 star rating Great pads for plate carrier.

Well made and fit good on my carrier.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Jeffrey B

Mission Made Sling Bag

3.0 star rating Good quality. Bad strap.

Bought 2 of these. I like the size of the bag, not too small, not too big. If I wanted a big bag, I would use my backpack. Not too small either that can only fit little stuff and looking more as cute. If I hop into my bike and want to bring a small camera, with an extra lens, this is the perfect size. You can put a pair of sneakers inside. The bag has a black plastic liner in the inside similar to a tarpaulin - can easily be wiped down, and adds a level of water resistance. The quality of the materials used is similar to my SOG backpack, never expected that on a lower priced bag. There is a large pocket on the rear that is lined by a thick-rubbery material with a button to keep it shut. Pretty good for a handgun. The rubbery material breaks the outline of the firearm and even hard to tell if there’s something large inside it. Doesn’t even look like a pocket. Despite of this, the strap is the flaw. First, they made the strap so long. I am 5’ 9”, 170 lbs, and even at the shortest setting of the strap, the bag dangles on my lumbar region instead of resting on the upper 1/3 of the back (like all sling bags). You can’t fix this unless you want to break the strap’s stitching, cut the desired length and stitch the strap back together. But even if you do that, the width on the strap on the shoulder is too wide that when carrying the bag, it ends digging into the side of your neck. The wide end of the strap is stiff - maybe lined with cardboard or plastic, so it doesn’t really contour to your shoulder and just slides and the rough edges of the strap just digs into the side of your neck. Maybe this bag is designed for taller people like 6’ or above that’s why the strap is still very long on the shortest adjustment, and the strap is too wide on the shoulder. I hope the company can re-design the strap, use more flexible material for it to be able to conform to the shoulder better and shorten the strap length. Then, this bag will be perfect.

by Joe

Under Armour Undeniable Duffel 4.0 Medium

5.0 star rating Great product

Great price ,love the size, good material

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Joshua S

When it’s go time, you need to be ready. Let us help you stay organized and prepared at a moment’s notice with our wide range of tactical bags, including backpacks, range bags, luggage, pocket packs and more. Whatever your gear-carrying needs, we have the style, brand and color that will suit you. Don’t skimp on the special features; load up on padded shoulder straps, accessory attachments and a wealth of zippered pockets that can hold up to the stress of combat, tactical operations, hunting trips and more. Whatever your mission requires, keep all your gear at the ready with a durable, action-driven tactical bag.