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Bags and Packs Resources

  • Tactical Backpack Sizes
    Not all tactical backpacks are the same size; their volume varies, and while some bags are pretty small, others can be quite large.

  • Backpack Load Management
    Poor load management can result in high fatigue and even serious injuries. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to understand how to carry your gear properly.

  • Backpack Access and Opening Styles
    There are many different access and opening styles a tactical backpack might have. Each style comes with its own unique set of advantages.

  • Backpack Organization
    There are plenty of ways to organize your gear to ensure easy, uninhibited access. Learn how to make the best use out of the storage space your pack offers.

  • Backpack Materials
    Backpacks are likely to see a lot of rough treatment, they must be made of the toughest materials available so they don't rip or fall apart during critical situations.

Recent Bags & Packs Reviews

Maxtacs Classic E.D.C Recon Backpacks

5.0 star rating Nice pack far a good price

I really like this bag. It was smaller than I expected, which makes it perfect for everyday wear

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Nathaniel S

First Tactical Specialist 3-Day Backpack

2.5 star rating Solid pack - but with a major design flaw

We gave this pack a shot, hoping to find something as an option rather than their direct competitor’s pack. Even though there are a LOT of similarities in design & quality, this ‘3-Day’ is slightly larger than the ‘72’. What made me want to try it out, was the ‘hang thru’ system which allows you to essentially strap your soft rifle case/drag bag onto your pack, and in a manner that is ergonomically sound as well as POSSIBLY distributing the added weight evenly & vertically. To my knowledge this is the first pack I’ve seen allowing you to do this - other than some very higher-end packs for hunting and custom packs I’ve seen being used in the military. It’s an outstanding design idea, and one that passes the ‘Why has no one thought of THIS before’ test, because it literally made me say that. The ‘issue’ is this - It seems durable enough to give you a good long service life & really good quality for a pack at its price point, with materials/straps/buckles/zippers/attachment points all passing muster. To put it another way, it’s pretty well made and pretty well designed. HOWEVER... while it hangs well on the shoulders with good weight distribution & a nice width that should fit 95% of the people who would use it - it should NEVER gotten past the design department of the manufacturer without the addition of waist straps. And waist straps that are padded equally as well as the shoulder straps. If you were to ruck any considerable distance carrying this pack, presuming there would also be a fair amount of weight in the pack, it would destroy your shoulders and upper back. ESPECIALLY if you’ve also strapped your rifle & rifle bag onto the pack using the ‘hang thru’ system. With any real weight for any real distance, you’ll be at the chiropractor so much you could get your mail there. It’s a great pack, it really is... but the glaring omission of such a critical feature as a waist strap is a flat out mistake. What allows a person to comfortably carry a weight on their back over any sort of distance is weight distribution. Do it right, and you can carry a lot without any side effect other than fatigue. Do it wrong and you can really hurt yourself. Maybe it something a person could add-on or attach themselves, but I don’t know. You’ll have to be the judge. I really really wanted to love this pack. I almost did. But to be honest it’s probably a 4/10.

by StreetDoc

Condor Elite Frontier Outdoor Pack

5.0 star rating execelent

i traveled with this backpack a lot to south america,perfec for travel and adventure over seas

by angel G

When it’s go time, you need to be ready. Let us help you stay organized and prepared at a moment’s notice with our wide range of tactical bags, including backpacks, range bags, luggage, pocket packs and more. Whatever your gear-carrying needs, we have the style, brand and color that will suit you. Don’t skimp on the special features; load up on padded shoulder straps, accessory attachments and a wealth of zippered pockets that can hold up to the stress of combat, tactical operations, hunting trips and more. Whatever your mission requires, keep all your gear at the ready with a durable, action-driven tactical bag.