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Condor Shemagh

3.0 star rating Tan is Brown

As far as quality it appears ok, especially for the price. I bought the Tan for use in hot/direct sun conditions, but it is not tan - it is brown. It is darker than my coyote-colored Tru-Spec tactical pants. As a darker color will absorb heat from direct sun, guess I will use it during cooler/cold months in direct sun..... If the color had been a light tan (like the pictures show) would have given 5 starts.

by Gregory J

Condor Rover Pack

5.0 star rating Quality materials in this pack

I bought one of those smaller multi-compartment packs that sells under every name out there and have used it for years. But little by little, I began breaking zippers and losing buckles and starps. Finally pulled the trigger on this one. I wanted a compact unit that would hold a bladder and this is perfect. As an RSO, I always carry extensive first aid and the fold down outer portion holds everthing I need and folds down for quick access. The main compartment is large and doesn't unzip all the way, stays in a bag shape, so stuff doesn't fall out when you zip too far. And I use the lacing on the back to carry sweaty outer layers to dry.

Verified Buyer

by Steven W

Condor Base II Mid-Weight Drawers

2.5 star rating Swallow me up whole. Way TOO big.

I wear 32” all day long, but these swallow me up whole. These ar]re more like 36” then 32”. Not happy with them at all, but had to keep them. I wore them and washed to try to shrink them a bit, failed. Still way too big. But, warm they are.

Verified Buyer


Condor Headquarters

Condor Outdoor takes its name from the largest flying land bird in the Western hemisphere. The massive wingspan on the condor makes it extremely efficient. With a couple beats of its wings, the bird soars to a moderate elevation and coasts as it searches for prey. Condor strives for a similar efficiency in its designs. The company started out producing camping gear with its focus mostly on storage. As the company expanded its focus to tactical and military operations, it realized storage wasn’t enough. Durability and functionality are key. Servicemen and women rely on Condor’s rugged, performance-boosting designs. From body armor to hydration systems to packs, Condor covers all the gear an elite operator needs in the field.