Gould & Goodrich

Whatever equipment you need in the line of duty, Gould & Goodrich has your back. Holsters, mag cases and baton holders are just a few of the items you can find in this extensive collection. Each piece of gear is skillfully crafted with rugged materials and performance-focused designs. The duty holsters and ankle holsters secure your firearm in place while holstered and allow for a rapid release when the need arises. You can also find sturdy duty belts that can support all your gear while remaining comfortable enough for all-day wear. You can find cases and holders made with non-glare hardware to help you maintain a low-profile, as well as styles with abrasion-resistant materials and streamlined designs to improve performance in the field. Designed with rigorous quality and safety standards, Gould & Goodrich duty gear will never let you down in the field.