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  • Types of Hiking Boots
    The length of your trip, weight you're carrying, terrain you'll be on and the weather you may encounter are just a few aspects that should determine your footwear.

  • Hiking Boot Components
    Examining the components of a hiking boot will offer an explanation into what makes them operate so well.

  • Fit Tips
    Once you navigate your options and finally find the perfect pair of hiking boots, the final step is making sure your boots fit.

Recent Hiking Boot Reviews

Lowa Zephyr GTX Lo TF

4.5 star rating Outstanding

No complaints. Very happy with them.

Verified Buyer

by Phil R

Rocky Creek Bottom Boots

5.0 star rating Good Trail Boot

This is my second pair of these boots. They are comfortable and ready to go right out of the box. They are not urban boots. On concrete they will wear very quickly. But on the trail they are outstanding. The grippy deep-lugged sole will handle all manner of dirt, mud and rocks. All for a very good price.

Verified Buyer

by Doug B

The North Face Hedgehog Futurelight Waterproof

3.0 star rating Little to no arch support

I've been wearing these shoes daily for about 2 weeks now and I'm fairly pleased with these shoes. The build quality is good, overall look is good but they don't really have any arch support. I find if I wear these out on the range for more than 2 hours my feet and knees start to ache pretty badly. This is because these shoes have little to no arch support at all. The footbed is nearly flat causing my ankles to roll inward forcing my knees together and also causing arch and heel pain. I had to add a set of extra high arch supports in place of the factory insoles. That seems to have alleviated most of the problem. One other thing about these is that they're loud! The soles have a tread pattern that makes them loud walking over tile or low pile carpeted floors. Not too much of a downside I suppose

Verified Buyer

by Sam D

Hiking Boots

Take on any terrain, any weather, any time of year. When you’re sporting the right hiking boots, you can clear any obstacle that comes across your path. Whether you’re interested in light hiking or serious backpacking, you can find supportive boots packed with special features and advanced technology. Some of our styles come with shock absorption, water resistance, moisture-wicking, secure lacing and rugged traction that will stabilize you on any trail. With our intuitive site filters and large selection, you can find the perfect fit. Hit the trails in the most advanced hiking boots on the market from brands like Salomon, Asolo and Lowa.