How To Choose Tactical Pants

How to Choose Tactical Pants

Embedded in every pair of tactical pants are features designed specifically to cater to military and tactical lifestyles. However, certain styles are better suited for specific operations. We're here to help you zero in on the pants that will work for you. To do that, we've outlined what you need to consider before investing in a pair.

1. Hot or cold?

What environment will you be wearing your tactical pants in? The top tactical pants brands carry fabric types that are climate-specific. Do you spend your days in the unforgiving heat of a warmer environment? You'll want to choose from our wide selection of lightweight tactical pants. Made from breathable, synthetic fabric, these pants weigh in at only 6.5 - 7.5 oz. per square yard, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

When winter rolls around, you'll want to be rocking a thicker, heavier fabric. Our original weight tactical pants are made from either a full-bodied cotton or poly-cotton blend. The 8 - 8.5 oz. fabric weight will keep you toasty when there's a chill in the air.

2. How active are you?

The more active you are, the more you'll want a pant with an athletic construction. Look for pants with a ripstop fabric. This specialized weave prevents tears throughout the garment. A gusseted crotch also works well for operators who are always on the move. Several pant manufacturers use a diamond-gusset or elongated-gusset design. This means added fabric (typically in a rhombus shape) is sewn into the crotch to prevent blowouts and add flexibility and comfort. In addition, look for styles that utilize bartacks, specialized stitches and reinforced areas. All of those features are known to keep you moving freely and extend the expected lifetime of your pants.

3. Stealthy or tactical?

What look are you going for? You can recognize aggressively tactical pants by their large exterior cargo pockets and magazine holders. Make it clear you're carrying when wearing one of those styles.

The newest trend is the low-profile style. After an increasing demand for a stealthy design that can pass for regular pants, tactical brands began manufacturing pants with hidden pockets and sleek designs. If your objective is to fly under the radar while secretly packing, these are the pants for you. Look for styles with covert, classic or jean-cut in their names.

4. Let's talk prices.

You know the old saying, "You get what you pay for"? It is definitely true when it comes to tactical pants. The higher the price, the more life and functionality you'll get out of your pants. Higher-priced styles boast characteristics such as ripstop fabric weaves, sturdier zippers and water-resistant treatments. Just remember when picking out your perfect pair that spending more means getting more.

After answering those questions, you should be a little closer on the journey to find your perfect pair. To compare the characteristics of all our tactical pants brands at a glance, check out our Tactical Pants Comparison Charts.