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Tactical Knife Resources

  • Blade Materials
    It's a fact — blade material is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a knife. Discover the differences to make an informed decision about what you need.

  • Blade Styles
    Like other knife qualities, you should choose the blade style based on what the knife will be used for. Learn about what each type of blade is best used for.

  • Fixed vs Folding
    Fixed and folding blades each offer distinct advantages for different scenarios. Learn about what makes these two types unique, and what they're best suited for.

Recent Knives & Tools Reviews

Ka-Bar Sharpener

4.5 star rating I've not used this yet.

I think this product will prove to be great. I wanted the knife and bought this to keep it sharp as I use it. I've not used the knife yet.

Verified Buyer

by Ray P

Gerber Slimsada Folding Knife

5.0 star rating Awesome folding knife

Good material, use daily for my duties

Verified Buyer

by Ricardo M

Leatherman Raptor Response

5.0 star rating Good value

I bought this for my emt kit that goes in my bug out bag. The Raptor is a beautiful design and very comfortable to use. It's easy to unfold and sharp out of the box. Defiantly a good tool.

Verified Buyer

by John P

Columbia River Knife & Tool M16 Tanto Special Forces Folding Knife

0.5 star rating Over priced

It's a good knife for midsummer sized hands. My hands a really big so I found it hard to manage. You can get the same knife at Walmart for$30.00. So with this website for the first time, I've done business with them really over charged for a product.

Verified Buyer

by John P

Having the right knife or tool is essential in any situation, and no matter your need, we’ve got you covered. From fixed blade tantos to lightweight foldaways, our sizeable collection of tactical knives makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. We also offer the best in multi-tools, including styles designed specifically for first responders, EMTs and military personnel. Our forced entry tools provide a valuable resource for law enforcement officers and special operations teams to save critical minutes in emergency operations. Since every good blade needs to be kept sharp and stored securely, we also offer a variety of sharpening tools and accessories to keep your knife mission-ready.