The All-new ACU in MULTICAM®

Approved for Official Use

Demand genuine MULTICAM®. Accept no substitute.

"According to Army testing, MULTICAM® outperforms Scorpion (OCP) in four out of five critical operating environments." — Eric Graves, Soldier Systems Daily

In early 2015 the U.S. Army took a compilation of comprehensive field-test data and soldier input, and incorporated it into a reinvented Army Combat Uniform (ACU) design. The new construction replaces noisy hook-and-loop pockets with more discreet closures and boasts a roomier upper-sleeve pocket, along with other function-focused updates. For the first time ever, this configuration is available in a premium, Army-approved MULTICAM® pattern. As the winning pattern in Phase IV of the Army's camouflage field tests, MULTICAM® sets the industry standard for effective camouflage. Make sure you’re getting the most protective uniform in the best camouflage available.

Changes to the Construction

  • Upper Sleeve Pocket' Upper Sleeve Pocket

    Now 1-inch longer with a zipper closure instead of a noisy Velcro closure for easy, silent access.

  • Elbows Elbows

    No more internal elbow pads and Velcro elbow patches. Both those characteristics were found useless in the field.

  • Collar Collar

    Swaps a Mandarin style for a traditional fold-down collar.

  • Sleeve Pen Pocket Sleeve Pen Pocket

    Only two pen pockets instead of the usual three.

  • Waistband Waistband

    After complaints that the drawstring waistband looks unprofessional, they have been removed.

  • Cargo Pockets Cargo Pockets

    Removed cord-and-barrel lock on the cargo pocket in favor of button closures.

  • Lower-Leg Pocket Lower-Leg Pocket

    Instead of a Velcro closure, it now features a silent one-button closure.

  • Knees Knees

    No more knee pads or patches.