Oakley Eyewear


Often imitated but never outperformed, Oakley eyewear delivers unmatched fit, performance and, above all, safety. At TacticalGear.com, we offer a sizable collection of Oakley safety glasses, shooting glasses and sunglasses, making it easy to select the eyewear that best serves your needs. Lightweight and durable, the impact-resistant frames are made to sit comfortably without slipping or pinching. Some frames also have slip-resistant material at the ears and nose to stay in place even when you sweat. The durable lenses are made with high-purity, optical grade material for clear vision at all times. You can also find polarized lenses, as well as lenses that are fog and scratch resistant. Whether you need ballistic eyewear for the range or casual sunglasses for days off, Oakley has you covered.