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TG Tactical Pen
Air Craft Grade Aluminum

air-craft grade aluminum

Emergency Glass Breaker

emergency glass breaker

Extra Black Ink Cartridge

extra black ink cartridge

"the best tactical pen on the market"

We know you'll love our premium, intelligently engineered tactical pen so much,
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Air-craft Grade Aluminum

Air-craft grade aluminum
Engineered for outstanding strength.

Air-craft Grade Aluminum
Emergency Glass Breaker

Emergency glass breaker
Break glass in case of emergency.

Emergency Glass Breaker
Extra Ink

Extra black ink cartridge
Includes extra replaceable ballpoint cartridge.

Extra Black Ink Cartridge
TG Tactical Pen
TG 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In 2015, TacticalGear.com launched the TG brand with the firm belief that our customers deserve the best quality gear at the best possible value. By skipping the middleman with a factory direct business model, we deliver exceptional quality without an overwhelming price tag. TG is so confident in this gear, every product is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

tg tactical pen

Danger can be anywhere, at any time, so you always need the proper tools on hand. That's why the TG Tactical Pen is invaluable. Lightweight and low profile, it incorporates easily into your everyday carry. It may look like a regular pen, but it's anything but ordinary. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and equipped with an emergency glass breaker, this pen is engineered for strength and can be used to break glass. Whether you're writing a quick note, or in a compromising situation, you'll be glad you kept the TG Tactical pen close at hand.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Emergency glass breaker
  • Diamond-thread handle for superior grip
  • Sturdy pocket clip
  • Replaceable ballpoint cartridge
  • Extra black ink cartridge included

Tactical Pen

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TG Tactical Pen

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  • 5 Star Review Big Honking Pen
    Reviewer: Richard F. 2/6/2018
    It's big, sturdy, and the rear tip probably could be used to shatter glass. But the reason I got this was because it so large and noticeable, no one is going to walk off with it if they borrow it.

  • 4 Star Review Works and Feels Heavy
    Reviewer: S. M. 2/6/2018
    I can't ask for better in this pen. It is heavy, writes well, and the clip is very sturdy. After a few wears there w4as a tiny bit of wear - some of the black on the grooves started coming off. Same with the previous pen from a different manufacturer. Pity they can't do better in keeping the color permanent on it. Only reason it lost a star.

  • 5 Star Review Great Pen
    Reviewer: Billy 12/13/2017
    Comes with an extra ink cartridge and very strong. I lost it on location and ran over it with my one ton truck. Went back and found it in the gravel, picked it up and nothing wrong with it.

  • 5 Star Review Great pen for the Money!
    Reviewer: Wm Palmer 12/6/2017
    I have had several different varieties of this type of pen....and this one is one of the best. Strong, easy to use as a pen and the ball point portion is a quick turn in and out...much better than some others.

  • 4 Star Review Not a bad product.
    Reviewer: Justin Bigham 11/1/2017
    Writes well, heavy and fine for my large hands. Do not like the gripping texture around the clip as it is also under the clip of the pen and could really wear down pants or shirt pockets over time. the price for this one is about as good as they come for the use you get.

  • 5 Star Review Good solid pen
    Reviewer: Don Weber 10/25/2017
    Good product for my vehicle. I need to have a pen with me at all times and this is one that I do not have to worry about breaking. Good solid weight and a large size that is perfect for my hands.

TG Tactical Pen

Tactical Pen

$19.99 | Just Pay Shipping

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