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Extreme sportsmen, industrial workers and tactical operators require tools with purpose. The stakes are higher for these elite operators–one false move could be deadly. Petzl supplies rugged, advanced gear designed for pushing the limits. The company was founded by Fernand Petzl after he fell in love with caving in the 1930s. A mechanic by trade, he started designing and building tools that would help him go deeper and see better in the caves. His contributions, such as using nylon rope instead of rigid ladders, as well as climbing poles and ascenders, changed caving and made Petzl a legend. Petzl’s company continues his mission to “access the inaccessible” in caving, mountaineering, industrial work, tactical operations and more. We offer many Petzl headlamps, which have been built with durability, safety and ergonomics in mind. Get the inspiration to push further with Petzl gear.