Proven to protect in extreme conditions, Reebok’s tactical line delivers the durability of a military boot with the performance of athletic footwear. Reebok traces its long history back to 1890, when Joseph William Foster began crafting running shoes with spikes. This performance-boosting design quickly grew in popularity and J.W. Foster & Sons, Inc grew with it, eventually taking the name Reebok in 1958. In 1979, Reebok became an international brand and made a name for itself with colorful fitness apparel and footwear. The company crafts quality footwear for tactical athletes as well. Reebok tactical footwear incorporates athletic technology that boosts agility and responsiveness and provides all-day comfort. Many Reebok styles are made in America and meet military compliance. In training and in the field, you can go the extra mile with Reebok tactical footwear.