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Ridge Packin' Tee System

Ridge Packin' Tee System @ TacticalGear.com
Ridge Packin' Tee System @ TacticalGear.com

Always stay protected with the ridiculously affordable Ridge Packin' Tee. Designed for comfortable concealment, it keeps your firearm and accessories within reach without restricting your movements. Meant to be worn as an undershirt, the 100% pre-shrunk cotton fits tight and has a low-profile design.

Due to a super-strong hook and loop fastening system, one side accommodates a holster and the other can hold either a magazine pouch or accessory pouch. There are a variety of holsters that are tailored to specific firearms, which ensures a secure fit—for you and your firearm. If you have a CCW permit, the Packin' Tee was made for you!