Tactical Lights Buyer's Guide

Tacitcal Lights Buyer's Guide

When stakes are high and threat is imminent, it's essential to see everything around you. Our collection of lights allows citizens and professionals to protect themselves with the press of a button. Our lights have features that increase accuracy, catch the enemy off-guard, function underwater and simply light the way to victory. Find out what each brand can offer to your mission.

5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical is best known for its tactical pants. The brand was the first to make this trouser style, and it quickly caught on with special teams and FBI professionals. The company's popularity with the tactical market inspired it to branch out to other types of tactical gear. In 2012, 5.11 began making tactical lights.

5.11 uses top-quality case materials, gold-plated contacts, top-bin Cree high-output LEDs and regulated circuits to provide users with reliable, long-lasting lights. With a product line that includes penlights, rechargeables, tactical lights and headlamps, the brand provides its customers with plenty of options for various applications.

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As a former Navy SEAL, Blackhawk founder Mike Noell is familiar with how the quality and usability of gear can make or break an operation. That's why Blackhawk's ultimate mission is to create intuitive gear designs that military and tactical professionals can rely on.

The brand's tactical lights demonstrate those principles as well as meticulous attention to detail. Blackhawk's weapon-mounted lights install to nearly any rail weapon mount and are compatible with all Blackhawk light-bearing holsters. Its water-resistant flashlights are designed to be a reliable tool for our country's operators and come in a variety of weights and lumens.

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Crimson Trace

Established more than 20 years ago, Crimson Trace specializes in laser sighting products and weapon lights. Its loyal fan base includes law enforcement, security personnel, sportsmen and women, shooting enthusiasts and defense-minded citizens. Each design offers precision performance because the brand knows its customers lives might depend on it.

Its gear has become vastly popular in the tactical market because of the increased clarity, accuracy and confidence each model provides the shooter. If you're serious about upping your shooting game, we suggest checking out one of these products.

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A customer favorite, Fenix has won multiple awards and recognitions since its inception in 2004 for its exceptionally crafted LED lighting tools. In fact, numerous media and users voted its very first flashlight style, the L1+, as flashlight of the year in 2005. Talk about starting off strong!

Its products are not exclusively suited to the military and tactical industries. In fact, you can find them being used in a variety of outdoor sports as well. The brand places a focus on its flashlights. Its high-quality models are available in water-resistant and even waterproof styles., ensuring functionality wherever your operation might take you.

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Nebo Tools

Nebo Tools, a division of the Alliance Sports Group, is a manufacturer of tactical lights and equipment and an official licensee of the U.S. Army. Even still, the company is still family-owned and family-run.

Whether you need an innovative flashlight, a weapon light or a lantern, Nebo produces a product to meet your tactical needs. Most models feature an aggressive face and are built from ultra-durable anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. When you want a powerful light with a defensive style, select a Nebo style.

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Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec was established in 1975 with the purpose of designing and developing lights for divers. As the company grew, its market changed from not only underwater operations, but also tactical operations.

The company now works directly with the U.S. Army to provide American-made modular lighting systems and durable headlamps to our nation's troops. Most famously, Princeton Tec lighting tools were used by SEAL Team Six during the 2011 raid on Osama Bin Laden. If you want a battle-tested tactical light, gear up with Princeton Tec.

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Streamlight exclusively produces lighting systems and tools. The company takes pride in the fact that it has been a hands-on company since its inception in 1973. Employees take firefighter training and courses in low-light shooting. They're outdoor sports enthusiasts who spend time fishing, hunting and shooting, all while using their own products.

This real-world experience allows employees to get a thorough understanding of what customers need and adjust Streamlight products to reflect that. Any tactical light role you can imagine, Streamlight manufactures a model built specifically for it. TacticalGear.com carries spotlights, penlights, weapon lights, flashlights, keychain lights, lanterns and light accessories, all with the trusted Streamlight branding.

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SureFire was founded in 1969 by Dr. John Matthews, an engineer with a Ph.D. from Cal Tech. His intention was to harness the power of the laser and utilize it for industrial applications. In the decade following the company's inception, business bloomed, and Matthews began to shift the brand's development focus to involve his passion of shooting. This led to the invention of the very first laser sight.

The brand continues to revolutionize the industry with its large selection of products. Today, SureFire designs and develops weapon-mounted lights, hand-held lights, laser sights and force-option tools that temporarily disorient a threat. When you purchase any of these options, expect world-class engineering and unparallelled innovation.

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Additional Categories

Lights manufactured for tactical applications vary largely in the way they're designed. Each light we carry is engineered with carefully chosen characteristics to suit a specific purpose. Don't know which type of light caters to your operation? Read our detailed description of each type.

Handheld Lights

This category includes compact lights carried by hand, including flashlights, spotlights and penlights. Not only used to brighten dark conditions, but also many models include a strobe feature that can disorient the enemy. Handheld lights stow easily into a bug-out bag or tactical pants pocket, making them ideal for EDC. When selecting one of the compact options, keep in mind smaller models typically pack less intensity than larger lights.


Worn across the forehead and attached with an adjustable band or onto a helmet, headlamps offer operators a hands-free lighting solution. Durable and lightweight, these lights project focused wide beams. This provides the user maximum area lighting all while being able to keep two hands on a weapon.


Camping out? Whether it's for an extended operation or a family trip, you'll want to invest in a lantern. Rugged, compact and portable, lanterns are the perfect tool to provide 360 degrees of light in remote, poorly lit areas. No preparation kit is complete without one.

Weapon Lights

Enhance your shooting skills with a product that increases sight and accuracy. Weapon lights are an essential tool in getting the upperhand over your opponent. These high-intensity options mount to your weapon and quickly switch on and off. Some models even come with a strobe feature.