Tactical Lights Comparison Charts

Tactical Lights Comparison Charts

Depending on the requirement, the lights we carry can differ greatly in features and intensity. The most prominent tactical light types can be difficult to navigate, especially considering the wide spectrum of gear brands present in the industry. We broke down our most popular lights in multiple categories, so you can quickly determine which models meet your specifications.

Handheld Lights

The lights on our site do more than just brighten things up a bit. Built to be an operator's aid on an intense mission, some of them can last up to 140 hours and even function underwater. Want to know what your tactical light is capable of? Discover how our best-selling lights stack up at just a glance with our convenient side-by-side comparison.

5.11 Tactical XBT A2 Flashlight Blackhawk Night-Ops L-2A2 Compact Handheld Flashlight Fenix PD35 with Battery Nebo C SI Edge 50 Streamlight MicroStream LED Pen Light SureFire P2X Fury
Battery Type AA (2) AA (2) 18650 rechargeable Li-ion (1) or CR123A (2) AA (1) AAA (1) 123A (2)
Light Output(max output) 225 lumens 150 lumens 950 lumens 50 lumens 28 lumens 500 lumens
Weight 8 oz. 6.1 oz. 3.03 oz. 2.86 oz. 1.04 oz. 5.7 oz.
Run Time 4 hours 1.5 hours 1-140 hours (depending on setting) 5 hours 2.25 hours 46 hours (low output) / 1.5 hours (max output)
Beam Distance (in meters) 40 m 120 m on high, 80 m on medium, 35 m on low 185 m 45 m 52 m 274 m
Water-resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof No No Up to 2 m No Yes No

Weapon Lights

Used by elite operators and defense-minded citizens alike, weapon lights are designed to give you increased clarity and accuracy. This enhancement of your shooting skills provides an immeasurable advantage against your opponent, particularly in time-sensitive situations. Take a look at the characteristics each tactical light brand offers with their best-selling weapon lights.

Blackhawk Night-Ops Xiphos NTX Crimson Trace LTG-736 Lightguard Nebo Protec Elite HP190 Streamlight TLR-1 HL LED SureFire X400 Ultra Weapon Light
Battery Type 3-volt CR123A (1) CR2 Lithium Battery (1) CR123A Battery (1) 3-volt CR123A Lithium Battery (2) 123A (2)
Light Output (max output) 180 lumens 100 lumens 190 lumens 630 lumens 500 lumens
Weight 2.5 oz. 4.8 oz. 3.2 oz. 4.18 oz. 4.9 oz.
Run Time 2 hours 2 hours 3 hours 1.25 hours 1.5 hours
Water-resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes