Tactical Lights Frequently Asked Questions

Tactical Lights Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LED?
LED stands for light emitting diode, which simply means light is transmitted via a solid piece of matter. In this case, that is a semiconductor. When electrons move around, you see light. A huge plus of an LED light is its impressive lifespan. An LED's life far surpasses that of an incandescent bulb's. Additionally, an LED flashlight will continuously put out a strong beam, no matter how long it has been turned on. Because an LED is more efficient, it requires fewer battery changes.

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What is a lumen?
A lumen is the total amount of light an LED gives you. Lumens can range anywhere from two lumens, which you might find on a keychain, to upward of 200. Note that the more lumens a flashlight has, the shorter its battery life will be.

What is the difference between lumens and candela?
If a lumen is how much light an LED gives, then a candela measures the brightest part of the light's beam. One candela is the brightness that a candle will yield.

How will I know if a light is rechargeable?
If a flashlight is rechargeable, there will be a note on the product's page. View all rechargeable flashlights.

Why would I need a light that strobes?
Some flashlights come with a strobing feature. The flashing light will temporarily disorient whoever is looking into the light, thus giving you the upper hand in many situations.

Why would I want a rechargeable battery rather than disposable batteries, or vice versa?
Flashlights with disposable batteries will almost always be less expensive upfront. Plus it's easy to keep spare batteries on hand. With that said, disposable batteries' operating costs will be higher in the long run as you continue to replace the batteries, and they are not as environmentally friendly.

Why would I want a red or green beam, rather than white?
Although most flashlights emit a white beam for general use, some also display colored beams, such as red and green. A red beam is ideal for situations when you want to preserve your night vision or when you need to signal someone in an emergency situation. Additionally, a red beam cuts through smoke well. A green LED is night hunting because they won't spook your game. Additionally, they won't hinder night vision.

Are there any factors that will affect a flashlight's run time?
Yes. If the flashlight has multiple brightness settings, choosing the highest one will run down the batteries the fastest. Additionally, extreme weather (either hot or cold) can have an adverse effect on your batteries' life.