TacticalGear.com and The Mission Continues

Many veterans struggle to find purpose at home without the structure, mission and camaraderie of a military unit. The Mission Continues is the only national nonprofit challenging post-9/11 veterans to rebuild purpose through community service. The organization empowers veterans to serve once again in their communities through a 6-month service fellowship at a nonprofit organization. Their Fellowship Program is reshaping the way this country welcomes home our veterans by showing that these men and women are tremendous assets whose leadership and skills can be vital to their community's improvement. By empowering them to serve as civic leaders, their service gives them purpose and strengthens their communities.

We've been proud partners with The Mission Continues since 2012. This amazing nonprofit gives veterans the chance to serve their country in entirely new ways. The Mission Continues was formed around the intuitive concept of fulfilling veterans through service, with programs that utilize veterans' specific strengths and skills by placing them at a nonprofit in their community. Through its fellowship program and service projects, this organization helps veterans find a purpose and camaraderie beyond the battlefield.

The Mission Continues