Under Armour Reviews


Under Armour Reviews

Under Armour Micro G Valsetz Boots

4.5 star rating Nice boots, super lightweight

Have been looking at getting a pair for a couple years, not disappointed. One of the few boots available in 2E width. Very comfortable and supportive. Light weight to the point of feeling odd, took me a little while to get used to the weight, more like a pair of running shoes. Weather is not hot yet, but seems to be vented pretty well, also.

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by Tom Bomb

Under Armour Freedom Tech T-Shirt

5.0 star rating Great Product! Fast delivery! Mission accomplishe!

Comfortable and fits perfectly my XXL size. TG rocks! I’ll certainly be back for more!

Verified Buyer

by Robson D

Under Armour Tac Loadout Boots

5.0 star rating 4 years and still good


by m ksa

Under Armour Stellar G2 Wide (2E) Boots

5.0 star rating Great fit and wear.

Feels comfortable and has a good support system for all day wear.

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by Tim B

Under Armour Stellar G2 Boots

5.0 star rating Great boots so far

Haven't had them too long so cannot comment on durability just yet but as far as fit and feel, the boots are comfortable and fit true to size.

by Andrew Z

Under Armour Tactical Tech Long Sleeve T-Shirt

5.0 star rating G2G 👍👍

Nice shirt, actually works as it says it will, definitely moisture wicking. I wear them all the time.

Verified Buyer

by Steve-o

Under Armour Micro G Valsetz Side-Zip Boots

5.0 star rating The perfect choice

Was a great deal and a great product, very comfortable. Thanks

Verified Buyer

by Daniel Miranda

Under Armour Stellar G2 Side-Zip Boots

5.0 star rating Great tac boots!

Really can't go wrong with these. Super fast shipping at reasonable rate. Entire company is top notch

Verified Buyer

by Stephen M

Under Armour Charged Maven Trek

2.0 star rating Very narrow

I really like the look of these shoes but unfortunately they are much more narrow than other under armour boots and shoes that I own. I don’t even normally wear wide shoes but for these it’s a must but they don’t have these in a wide. They also are very squeaky and make a lot of noise. I’m hoping once I break them in more they get more comfortable but I’m not sure if I can even wear them to find out as they hurt my feet

by Cameron Y

Under Armour 6" Stellar G2 Boots

5.0 star rating Amazing Boots!

These boots are very high quality and comfortable to travel in any weather. I’m also amazed how easy it is to put on without struggle like other boots. I’m a customer for life.

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by Mary J

Under Armour Tactical Tech Tee

5.0 star rating Comfortable, Indestructible

These used to be issued to TSA. They’re lightweight, comfortable in all weathers including 115-degree heat, and virtually indestructible. They last forever, with no pilling, seam separation, color loss, misshaping, etc. They just stay near new in box over dozens and dozens of washings and wearings. Buy once, cry once.

by Anthony F

Under Armour 6" Stellar G2 Side Zip Tactical Boots

5.0 star rating Just what I expected from under armory, great prod

Very comfortable, and lightweight

Verified Buyer

by Gilbert M

Under Armour Tactical HeatGear Comp V-Neck Tee

4.5 star rating Where have you been all my life?

My whole life I've suffered because of particularly large man boobs. My chest size alone keeps me from wearing what would be my true size (LARGE). I have to order EXTRA LARGE in everything, even though my shirts looks like I'm wearing a tent. This product works to pull in my boobs so that I'm able to wear my true size. Very grateful!

Verified Buyer

by Stan R

Under Armour HOVR Infil Boots

5.0 star rating Really great lightweight boot.

Don't give feedback often; I am jealous of my time and resent being asked for it. I wasn't asked. I own a pair of top of the line ASOLOs, and also a pair of Georgia Boot "comfort zone" 9". I just bought a pair of these Under Armour Infil HOVR boots. They are way better than I expected. And I like UA, so I was expecting good. Really solid platform, minimal flex if any between sole and body of shoe. Great traction from mini lug patterned sole. These were a good choice, times are good. At this price, which I get it, is the high end of "no leather" all synthetic, you won't be sorry. Good luck, be well. Robert.

by Robert D

Under Armour Tech Polo

5.0 star rating Love ❤️ this shirt!

Nice looking shirt, comfortable and good fit! I own several.

Verified Buyer

by Thomas L

Under Armour Micro G Valsetz Mid Boots

5.0 star rating Working on my 2nd pair

Working on my 2nd pair. They feel great during my 12 hr shifts. I'll be ordering a 3rd pair soon.

by Richard M

Under Armour Charged Bandit Trail 2 Storm Running Shoes

5.0 star rating Great Product

These shoes feel great while I'm working out.

Verified Buyer

by Damien C

Under Armour HOVR Infil Waterproof RO Boots

4.5 star rating “Rest of my life” boot

Fit amazing. Awesome boot that is comfortable from the start. Thinking about ordering another 2 pairs so I can make sure I have them for the next 10yrs, really an awesome boot. I’ve have 2 pairs of the Valsetz , that I enjoy, and these blow those out of the water as far as comfort go.

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by Adam R

Under Armour Enduro Cargo Stretch Ripstop Pants

3.0 star rating Not what I’d hoped for

I was excited to try Under Armor’s tactical pants, but was somewhat disappointed with how they feel on the skin, especially at and above the knee. They tend to catch my knee caps and cling. Even though they do articulate at the knee, this is still uncomfortable. The material traps moisture like crazy in the heat and is surprisingly loud. All in all, I think Under Armor makes great clothing, but they dropped the ball on this one. I would not trade in a pair of my 511’s for 2 of these.

Verified Buyer

by Joseph E

Under Armour Charged Assert 8

4.5 star rating One of the best shoes ever

This shoe is one of the best that I have ever owned. They are quick drying, very comfortable, and sharp looking. I have 3 pairs of them, 2 of which are still in the box waiting to be worn.

Verified Buyer

by Anthony P