5.11 Reviews

5.11 Fast-Tac 24 Backpack

5.0 star rating Great product!

Very well made product. Love all of the compartments. Worth the money!

by Mariano C

5.11 Scope Hoodie

5.0 star rating You can't go wrong

I bought this hoodie and honestly one of the best buys ever. Its way warmer than I expected, the quality and build seem top notch and it just feels great in hand. Very soft but still tough. Would buy again for sure, in fact, I might as gifts!

by Walter

5.11 A/T Trainer

0.5 star rating Save $'s for Insoles

Nice lightweight trainer, day hiker. However, You're going to want to save some $'s so you can buy a set of insoles. I wore these for about 2 hours one day and my feet were killing me. No Cushion.

by Alan M

The 5.11 Tactical Headquarters

One of the original providers of military and tactical clothing and gear, 5.11 has innovation and resilience at its core. The company takes its name from rock climbing. The Yosemite Decimal System initially ranked the difficulty level of a climb on a scale with 5.0 as the easiest and 5.10 as the hardest. A climb that ranked as a 5.11 was considered impossible–but occasionally, someone did it. 5.11 wants all its tactical clothing and equipment to inspire this conquer-the-impossible mentality. The company first focused its attention on creating clothing tough enough for rock climbing, but dressy enough for work. This durable, all-day wear caught the attention of FBI agents, who started ordering it for tactical operations. 5.11 shifted its focus to providing servicemen and public safety professionals with everything they need to perform at their best in any situation.