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  • 5 Star Rating

    "Great prices, great sales and an awesome selection of quality gear. To top it all off, their shipping times are crazy fast! I will be doing a lot more business with"

  • 5 Star Rating

    "Easy navigation throughout the website. They had the items I wanted at one of the lowest prices. Shipping was fast!!! I will definitely buy from them again!!!!!!!"

  • 4 Star Rating

    "It was an overall good experience, the only thing that bothered me was they said i would get an email when shipped and i never did, just came home one day to find my package. On a positive note the quality is exactly what should be expected"

  • 5 Star Rating

    "TG really does have great gear at good prices. I’ve been shopping with them for a couple of years now and finding what I wanted was hit and miss like most web sites. But now they really do have what I want and at a price that doesn’t make my wife (too) mad."

  • 5 Star Rating

    "Excellent service and quality. Delivers befor expected well packaged. Great to do business with every time I ordered from them. Great selection of products in sizes that fit"

  • 5 Star Rating

    "Pants fit very well; shipping was very fast and they are equally as good as 5.11 with a much lower price. I couldn't be happier and wouldn't hesitate to purchase again."

  • 4 Star Rating

    "Best gear. They cut the middle man which helps the consumer save money. I've gone to the post exchange and the prices for gear are almost twice as much. Ive been using tactical gear since late 2016. Never had a problem and gear is up to standard."

  • 5 Star Rating

    "Have ordered several products now and have not paid shipping once. The products are very good and have not had to pay extra charges for shipping which makes ordering by mail very affordable and convenient."

  • 3 Star Rating

    "It's been ok. I've been ordering from them since 2011 but recently I place two orders and one of them I haven't got any confirmation at all I call them and they said it was going to be shipped but I haven't got any confirmation, only because of that I just giving them a 3 star."

  • 5 Star Rating

    "Great! Always a large variety of gear at great prices. Everytime I’m looking to get something whether it’s clothing, a new hat, gloves whatever it's always in stock. Fast on delivery also. Thanks,guys"

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Tactical Gear Reviews

Propper Nylon Tactical Belt

5.0 star rating I love this product

Love it

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Luis

Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants

4.0 star rating If only i was able to get a 28×29

I like the pants

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Luis

TRU-SPEC Scorpion OCP 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt

5.0 star rating On the fly Purchase.

Needed something quick, got from a team mate. If you havent been there in it dont judge. Fit was as good as ever better than issue. After the same crap for 14 hrs it held up to the carrier and belt. Bought one for myself and replacement after 3months in still holding up.

by PaPaBear

TRU-SPEC BDU Basics Pants

3.0 star rating You Get What You Pay For!

I saw the price and thought, well this is worth looking at. So I read the reviews and though I was good to go. They are long in the crotch, so if you pull them up to fit in the crotch they will be above the navel. So I let them down to fit at the natural waist and the pull tabs on the sides to tightened them up, sometimes they stay and most time the don't. They would be great in the winter, but not summertime BDU weight. And as others have said, the zipper is nice but that button above it is a pain in the thumb and other fingers. Even pulled up as high as possible they are too long by about 4 inches. And yes I read the the size chart well, I'm 69 and a US Army vet. and know how pants Should fit!! I like the company but will have to look at a different style pant. Can't recommend even for the price. When I was active duty, we wore fatigues that actually fit and later in the National Guard it was BDU's. Really roomy, but at least the side pulls stayed in place. Sorry guys!!

by Buckshot69

Vertx Hyde Shorts

4.0 star rating Durable Shorts

These shorts are nicely made. Material seems very durable and even a bit water resistant. Pockets are a bit snug and can be difficult getting items in and out of them. Overall a nice pair of shorts.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Jarrod M

TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series Eco Tec Knit Camp Shirt

5.0 star rating Excellent product

Perfect cut wear outside pants

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by steven m

TG Hellfox Fingerless Gloves

5.0 star rating Custome

They feel awesome, fit snug, and great quality. For the price, these gloves are worth it.

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Joshua H

Propper Cotton Ripstop BDU Patrol Caps

5.0 star rating Neat look

Nice fit went size larger as advised

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by steven m

Propper Uniform Lightweight Tactical Pants

5.0 star rating Perfect spring summer wear

Light weight material spacious pockets

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by steven m

Under Armour Tactical Guardian Cargo Pants

4.5 star rating Great pants!

Showed up quickly after order. These pants are very comfortable and while I’ve only worn 2 days in a row while working around the house, I can tell they are very durable. Length seems right, waist is a little smaller

Verified Buyer Verified Buyer

by Jacob S